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    Whatkind of duallys do you have for 4K Plex usage? Advices?

    You can't go wrong with a pair of 2680 v2 if you can pick them up cheap and a board combo.
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    X8DAi power leads

    I'd be really careful when trying to only run 1 connector and would advise to pickup an upgrade PSU that will work properly with the motherboard. The additional power requirements are a must if you value stability. A friend of mine was trying to run 1 connector, when the mb called for two, on...
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    Best Places to buy parts?

    eBay, servethehome forums, and is pretty good if you're in the DFW area. Garland will work out some good deals if you just call them up and chat with their support.
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    dual cpu server questions

    Do you know what you want to run in FreeNAS because 8GB of RAM is the minimum recommendation but 16GB would afford you more in terms of how FreeNAS and ZFS will perform. A few jails or a VM or two would work just fine on 8GB but if you plan to build it out and run an entire suite of...
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    How picky are supermicro boards about ram?

    I know some of the older X8 boards are pretty picky but it seems the X10 series is a little easier to source good sticks for. The Rangeley and Avoton mini-ITX boards are a pain b/c they're so-dimm =/
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    WTT | FS: LaCie Blue Eye Pro Color LCD Hardware Calibration

    I have brand new / never used LaCie Blue Eye Pro up for sale. All hardware, software, and cables are unpacked and still in the factory seal. I'm asking $210 shipped CONUS OR willing to trade for a GTX 570 or better. I haven't sold much on HardOCP but I do have positive feedback on ebay as...
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    LaCie Blue Eye Pro *NIB*

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    LaCie Blue Eye Pro *NIB*

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    LaCie Blue Eye Pro *NIB*

    I have brand new / never used LaCie Blue Eye Pro up for sale. All hardware, software, and cables are unpacked and still in the factory seal. I'm asking $210 shipped CONUS. I haven't sold much on HardOCP but I do have positive feedback on ebay as pnot000 and also RCGroups...
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    Tri Channel RAM PSU's q6600

    What stepping is the Q6600?
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    zip in the clip but i'm in for the giveaway@!
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Corsair has been one of the top manufacturers since back in the day. When something works why change?
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    Media Server Build

    I just got my Adaptec 51245 in, flashed it, registered and it's running nicely in my desktop PC with a fan on it until my server parts arrive tomorrow! This thing is a beast and gets extremely hot if you skimp on the fan.
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    Media Server Build

    You can't go wrong with the NORCO mentioned here:
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    Media Server Build

    I'll probably order one up within the next week and by then my other parts should be in hand. I love the case and the mods to go with it are nice and it looks like a $400 investment once you get nice cables, the 120mm fan mod, and a couple of other items. I'm going to keep an eye on...
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    Media Server Build

    A small update... I pulled the trigger on the 51245 and it should be on it's way later on today and I've also order some cables for it. Newegg should be shipping me the MB, X3450, and the RAM today as well so everything is starting to come together. I went with the 3450 as there were...
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    Media Server Build

    I'll pick up the 51245 tomorrow then and save myself some $$ over the Areca and see how things go. I'm also going to team and load balance the onboard NICs and see how that works out and if need be i can throw an Intel quad in there for extra measure. That's good to know I can stream and...
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    Media Server Build

    I can get the adaptec's for $300/350 so I'm basically paying half price hmm
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    Media Server Build

    Any recommendations on the controller to use? On your site i noticed you had an adaptec 31605 and I was thinking about either picking one of those up or the 51245. The 51245 does have an external port for use with another array if i need it in the future. The 5 series is supposed to be their...
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    New Storage System - Any Thoughts/Feedback?

    I'm building a similar setup and wanted to know if i went with software RAID 6 with 6 2TB drives will there be enough throughput (drive read/write) to serve 2-5 media streamers playing BluRay at the same time? I'll be teaming / load balancing the 2 intel NICs for added throughput on the network...
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    Media Server Build

    That would indeed works as we use iSCSI all the time to host LUNs to our Virtual Machines. The only problem is I'd be looking at building two machines instead of one in order to facilitate my VM, PlayOn, and other windows applications. :( I can tell you from first hand experience that the...
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    Media Server Build

    While the state of Integrated services continue to be built upon for Hyper-V I wouldn't be comfortable virtualizing my storage array. I use Hyper-V here at work exclusively and it's a wonderful product as long as you stick to a windows based OS.
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    Is this file copy slow or fast?

    The nature of RAID 1 is that data has to be written to 2 disks instead of 1 so the overall performance is lower than if you were copying to a single disk or a RAID 0 array.
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    Media Server Build

    Yea that's what I've heard and the RAM is verified by a few members of another forum to work in the board. Thanks for the tip thou ;)
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    Media Server Build

    I must have missed the HT when comparing those CPUs earlier on Intels site so thanks for bringing that up! I went ahead and replaced the previous motherboard with this one because it has more PCIe slots and more of what I want. (avs member turned me onto this one). SUPERMICRO MBD-X8SIA-F-O...
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    Media Server Build

    I've been lurking on the [H] forums and have found many solutions to problems and great recommendations over the years and was hoping to get some advice on my current Media Server project. Server Role will require: 1. The ability to stream 2-5 BluRay movies at once in separate rooms in...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    What firmware do these come with and is there anyway, once purchased, to change the firmware?
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    Dell U2410

    Works with windows server 2008 R2 as well so it's definitely going to work on 64 vista
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    Dell U2410

    I've been playing around with my calibration and I have the standard preset working pretty good with great numbers but there seems to be a hint of blue over my whites even thou the calibration is almost perfect. Has anyone else come across this? I play a lot of games and while the color...
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    Dell U2410

    I've had this LCD for two days now and I can tell there is significant bleed bottom left and some on the right. I have also noticed that looking at the screen from an angle makes the entire LCD look glowing white... is that normal?
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    Dell U2410

    I got my monitor in and thankfully I've got no dead pixels and there's no tinting going on either. I did a quick calibration and came up with this which seems to be pretty good.
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    Best Color Calibration Software Under $150

    I've got the BlueEyePro and have had some odd behavior out of it so far and even after a call to technical support we're stumped. Basically the application (4.2.2 & 4.5.5) never popup a box or message stating when I've hit the optimal brightness or contrast. I can gauge the setting with my...
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    Dell U2410

    Thanks for breaking down all the options and tweaks!! I'll be mainly using it for surfing the web and gaming so I should probably skip using the ICM file correct? I do some photoshop and video editing so is it pretty easy to switch from the wide gamut back to normal? I also heard you can...
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    Dell U2410

    I just ordered my LCD last night and I'm hoping *fingers crossed* none of these issues are present. All of the information on these pages helped me make up my mind and has provided some serious tips so thanks to all those who have contributed! I was wondering if there is a checklist for...
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    DFI LP LT X48 T2R - CPU Vid issues

    I was one of the initial people to get my hands on this board early on and it's been a solid performer except for one problem that 4-5 of us are having. Anything over 1.26v to CPU VID and the board refuses to boot. I can manually add volts with special add vid but then i'm guessing at what...