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    Build Check 3950x

    I had posted here a while back with a review of a 3960x build I was going to make. After listening to the suggestions, and going back and forth for quite some time I decided that even though I'm using the machine for Lightroom, Photoshop, and some video rendering the 3960x was just overkill...
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    Would this new Corsair AIO option cover an entire 3960x?

    Here is a's the new iCUE H115i, from says it has a larger surface area for TRs....but does that include the 3960x & 3970x? Does anyone know yet? Thanks
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    All other things in a build being equal, would 3600 CL18 or 3466 CL16 memory perform better?

    I'm trying to nail down some specs on a build I'm putting together. I'm debating between 3600 CL18 memory and 3466 CL16. Can someone explain which would deliver superior performance, particularly for photo editing and video rendering? Is the 3600 going to automatically be faster?
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    Is there any AIO solution for AMD's 3960x or 3970x coming?

    I figured Corsair or someone would have put something out by now, but so far all they have done is sold a bracket that lets their existing AOI cooling solutions cover sort-of-most-of the chip....not exactly what I'm looking for. I don't want to do a custom loop at this time, so I was hoping an...
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    All other things being equal, how much is the difference between 2 channels for memory and 4?

    So let's pretend everything is equal on 2 machines I'm building. One version of the processor has 4 memory channels, the other has 2. In each machine I use 4 sticks of RAM. How much better is the performance on the machine with the processor that has 4 memory channels, all other things being...
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    3960x build check

    I'm going for max performance in LightRoom / Photoshop and then some minor video rendering and gaming. When I do game on this I want near-max performance on the latest generation of games, although I don't game that often. Single monitor setup for now; 4k 27" IPS. I already have a monitor and...