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  1. Pagan Wizard

    Looking for an iso of all the Win7 updates

    I had to replace the HD on an HP that is a few years old. I installed Win10 on it, and it is acting weird from time to time. Sometimes it will stop seeing the WIFI adapter. Other times while booting, it gets to the light blue MS logo and freeze up, reboot it and it boots up. I am just thinking...
  2. Pagan Wizard

    Windows 10 upgrade keeps crashing

    I am running Win7 Ultimate 64 bit on a Biostar MOBO with an AMD Phenom II 965 @3.4 Ghz. with 4 Gb memory and a terabyte HDD that is less than 20% full. When I try to upgrade to Windows 10 usuing Media Creation Tool, the upgrade locks up at "Getting Updates" in fact, I have left this machine run...
  3. Pagan Wizard

    Win 7 64bit .lnk issue after windows update

    Like the headline reads, after I recently did Windows Update on my computer with Win7 64 bit, I now have the dreaded .lnk problem. I can revert to my last saved restore point, but when I power down, it wants to redo the updates causing the problem all over again. I watched 4 or 5 YouTube...
  4. Pagan Wizard

    WTB: PCI-E video card with HDMI

    I am looking for a decent PCI-E video card that will deliver audio over HDMI but for a budget price. I want to put it in my HTPC and use an HDMI cable to provide sound/video to my LCD TV. My HTPC will be a socket 939 4200 (dual core) with 2GB's memory. 100% positive Heatware as "Pagan Wizard"...
  5. Pagan Wizard

    Question about Royale Theme

    I have a modified version of the Royale Theme that allows you to change the Start button to Zune blue. The problem I am having with it is that I just reformatted with XP - SP3, but the installer for the theme is not compatable with SP3. I used an XP CD with SP3 slip-streamed into it, so SP3 can...
  6. Pagan Wizard

    Calling all Antec 300 owners

    Do you want a windowed side panel for your case? I have an Antec 900, and am not really into the windowed look. The 300 and the 900 are the same chasis, with different bells and whistles added on. I am looking to trade my side panel for yours. I have had this posted in the FS/FT threads for some...
  7. Pagan Wizard

    Get a free bottle of Dr. Pepper

  8. Pagan Wizard

    Get a free bottle of Dr. Pepper

    I just heard about this on the radio.......on Sunday 11/23, go to and register to have a coupon for one free bottle of Dr. Pepper mailed to you. This offer will only be available on their site on 11/23. Yes I do realize that this is not an earth shattering deal, but it is...
  9. Pagan Wizard

    Pagan Wizard's house cleaning FS thread

    WTB - Inexpensive PCI-E 16x video card to be used for e-mail and YouTube. This will be used for someone who is not into gaming, but is in desperate need of an upgrade. I could go 1x, but I don't want to go that cheap. _________________________________________________ WTB - Inexpensive AM2...
  10. Pagan Wizard

    Show off your favorite WindowBlinds theme

    It doesn't matter if you DL'ed it or made it yourself. Show it off for everyone to enjoy, and, PLEASE include a link. Here is my current theme.
  11. Pagan Wizard

    Question about the CM STB-3T4-E3-GP 4-in-3 Device Module

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the black bezel on this can be removed so it can be installed into a CM Centurion 590 without it being noticed. I tried asking this in the...
  12. Pagan Wizard

    Question about the CM STB-3T4-E3-GP 4-in-3 Device Module

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the black bezel on this can be removed so it can be installed into a CM Centurion 590 without it being noticed.
  13. Pagan Wizard

    WTB AGP video card

    I have an older socket 754 MOBO in a secondary computer. My video card (an X800GTO) crapped out and I need to replace it. I want to replace it with nothing less than another X800GTO. The card I am looking for MUST BE PCI or PCI-E cards please.
  14. Pagan Wizard

    Two incredible builds

    These are not mine (I wish they were). I haven't been in the case modding forum in a long time. I found these while looking up something completely unrelated. Thought everyone here would appreciate these computers.
  15. Pagan Wizard

    Asus Crosshair & Audigy 2 ZS problem

    I have an Asus Crosshair & Audigy 2 ZS combined in my new rig, and when I do a clean install of 32bit WinXP Pro, add the MOBO drivers, then do all Windows updates, then install the video card drivers, and lastly the sound card drivers, I run into an annoying problem. All sounds play normally...
  16. Pagan Wizard

    Question about the ASUS Crosshair

    I recently picked up an ASUS Crosshair MOBO, and want to put it into my Silverstone TJ-06 case. I was wondering if the inverted mounting of the MOBO would have any negative effects on it. The reason I am asking is because of the heat pipe that cools parts on the MOBO, I am not sure if inverting...
  17. Pagan Wizard

    Best cooling for 8800GT Superclocked??

    I recently bought this card and was originally thinking about using this cooler knowing that the stock cooler on this card is crap. Today I just found this...
  18. Pagan Wizard

    Make WinXP look like Vista

    I'm not sure if this is a repost or not, but I thought some of you out there might like this. I found it on another forum and wanted to share it here. 1.) Download ALL 4 Packs (must have them all in one spot (ex: desktop) 2.) Run Create VTP 8 Now.exe It will then creat VTP.RAR run setup...
  19. Pagan Wizard

    Strange Audigy Issue

    I have an older Audigy2 ZS Platinum with an internal Live drive. The problem I am having (following a fresh install of XP Pro on a new HDD) is that the sound card will not play "Exit Windows" and "Start Windows" wav files, but it will play everything else. I have gone into control panel to...
  20. Pagan Wizard

    1337 LAN (Willowbrook, IL)

    Dates: Saturday September 22 2007 to Sunday September 23 2007 Start Time: 9:00am on 09/22/07 End Time: 3:00pm on 09/23/07 Duration: 30 Hours Age Requirement: *18 & Up Admission: $20.00 per person Pre-Pay or $25.00 per person @ the Door (*Children 6-17 are Welcome as spectators with...
  21. Pagan Wizard

    Security Pros Warn of 'Critical' Winamp Bug

    I found the following on a local lan parties web site, thought everyone here would like to know about this. Security Pros Warn of 'Critical' Winamp Bug Gregg Keizer, Computerworld Security companies Tuesday warned Winamp users that the music player application has a bug that could...
  22. Pagan Wizard

    New to PCLOS w\ATI X800GTO......needs help

    See my sig for system details. I just installed PCLinuxOS on a USB HDD. I also have WinXP on an IDE HDD, everything works flawlessly, but I cannot get drivers to work for my video card in Linux. For now, I am stuck with 800 X 600. I should also add that this is my first time trying Linux, and I...
  23. Pagan Wizard

    New to Linux w\ATI X800GTO....needs help

    See my sig for system details. I just installed PCLinuxOS on a USB HDD. In WinXP (IDE HDD), everything works flawlessly, but I cannot get drivers to work for my video card in Linux. For now, I am stuck with 800 X 600. I should also add that this is my first time trying Linux, and I know nothing...
  24. Pagan Wizard

    Program to recover deleted files

    I recently tried this software ( ) to recover deleted files. I was dissapointed to find that many of the MP3 files that were recovered, were broken up into much smaller MP3's, or fragments of the original MP3. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a better...
  25. Pagan Wizard

    Pagan's MicroFly redesign

    OK, so I got my SX6 from SFFStore, and as usual, I just can't leave well enough alone. Shortly after opening the box, I tore the computer case down to the bare chasis.
  26. Pagan Wizard

    GigLAN + USB2.0???

    Anyone know of any other cards out there?? I did find this one, but I really do not need the firewire, and it seems a bit pricey. The reason I want an all in one card is because this is going into a SFF case, and I only have 2 PCI slots on the MOBO. I don't want to use both slots and prevent...
  27. Pagan Wizard

    WTB Biostar TForce 6100-939

    I'm looking for the Biostar TForce 6100-939 board. This must be the board with 10/100/1000 onboard LAN. Would prefer retail, but if not, we can work something out. PM me with your price shipped to 60018 please.
  28. Pagan Wizard

    Very poor DSL speeds

  29. Pagan Wizard

    A new way to cut your case

    This might even give the good ol Dremel a hard run for the money. The link even has videos for both high speed as well as dial up.
  30. Pagan Wizard

    Post your favorite 3D and/or animated screensavers here

    Just like the title says "Post your favorite 3D and/or animated screensavers here" Some of my old favs came from, but that site no longer exists. I recently found a really cool one (free) at
  31. Pagan Wizard

    Pagan Wizards FS thread

    Rules for this thread:::::: Shipping is to CON48 ONLY, sorry, no AK, Hi, Canada, or over seas....shipping to those areas is too expensive. All computer components are in working condition unless otherwise mentioned. Non CC PayPal or USPS money orders are the only payment I will accept. I...
  32. Pagan Wizard

    WTB Socket 754 3700+ Clawhammer

    disreguard this thread.
  33. Pagan Wizard

    Anywhere in ConUS to order this BF2 map pack?? This looks pretty nice, but I really don't want to pay stupid amounts of $$$ to ship this from the UK to the US.
  34. Pagan Wizard

    PSU woes

    I toasted yet another PSU, I just got around to testing it today. I originally thought it was the MOBO after swapping out the CPU and still no post. This evening I went to remove my DVD/RW to use in another rig, and decided to test the of the lights on the tester...
  35. Pagan Wizard

    Illinois.....LANaholics RETURNS!!!! Nov 11th

    Thats right, I said we are back. Go to for all the details. We will be holding our reunion LAN at Walter Payton's Roundhouse (yes, our old stomping grounds) in Aurora Illinois. For those who might be interested, this is a resturaunt/micro-brewery/etc. etc/as well as home of...
  36. Pagan Wizard

    Is there an easy way to schedual audio recording??

    OK, I know this might sound noobish or whatever, but I have yet to find anything within my SB Audigy 2 Platinum sound card with this Live Drive What I want to do is connect my stereo to my computer and schedual audio recordings just like you would do when you want to record something with...
  37. Pagan Wizard

    Socket 370 cooling question

    Hi, I don't usually post in this part of [H], but have what some might think to be a silly question. Ever since I built my first rig, I have used AMD CPU's for every one of them. I was recently given an old Gateway with a socket 370 P3 733. The HSF on it is extremely noisey and I was told that a...
  38. Pagan Wizard

    Cooling for Saphire X800GTO AGP

    I recently picked up this card and am having a very hard time finding an Arctic Cooling HSF for it. Every site I look on has coolers for the R430 and R480, but my card has an R400. Any ideas??
  39. Pagan Wizard

    Question about the Saphire X800GTO card

    I just bought this card and was wondering which drivers would best serve me. In another forum someone else was asking about the same issue and was told the 6.1 Cats were the best for it. I just wanted your opinions. Before you ask why I got this instead of going PCI-E...........I am not yet...