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    Canon EOS 1Dx Mark III 4K Video takes up 256GB only gives 36 min. of recording, how can it sucks up that much? Click under Video SHooting...
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    Does Nero 10 (2010) support BD-R TL 100GB format?

    I have been using Nero 10 (back in 2010) on Dual Layer 50GB disc and it works fine. Today I got some Japan made BD-R TL 100GB disc, and I can't get the software to see the disc. It simply says "No disc inserted or drive not ready, " I've done several google search, I just can't find the...
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    What does it mean when the screen gone off for 2 seconds and come back on?

    So I just got this brand Viewsonic 43" VX-4380 last Fri., it's been 4 days, and the screen got black for about 2 sec., then come back on. Has anyone seen this before? I was simply using Firefox and Wordperfect, 2 screen open. Firefox has 4 windows, none of the windows has any video on it.
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    Need help: unable to install MS Office 2010 on new PC

    has anyone come across a case when you click the Setup.exe, the circle spins for a handful of seconds, and nothing happens? As I just setup this new PC, so far, this software, MS office 2010 will not even install Office 2010 install fine on other PC, the only thing about this PC is that the...
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    is it worthwhile to repair backlight failure?

    and if so, after the repair, is it as good as new, or will it dies say a no. of months later anyone has done backlight repair on LCD and how long does your repair last?
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    How can the PCB inside our car remote sustain -20 deg. C weather?

    for car manufacturers charging us $100+ for car remote replacement, how does the PCB inside able to sustain -5 deg. C or lower for the whole winter, year after year? in any PCB that we handle, there is a manual that says operating temperature around 5 to 40 deg. C. So when we uses these...
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    for PSU says 12V1 gives 13A, 12V2 gives 13A, and video card needs 20A, enough?

    I want to understand this: The 286W PSU said it gives 13A on 12V1 and another 13A on 12V2, does that mean it is giving 26A I only want to install 1 x GT 710, and their requirement is: min. 300W (w/ a min. 12V current rating of 20A), based on a PC w/ i7 3.2GHz (I think that is 130W) but: 1)...
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    for Blu-ray Pure Audio disc, if I only use PCM 5.1 mode, is there a difference vs. CD?

    So I'm reading the spec. of this music Blu-ray 50GB disc, it says 24 bit / 96kHz, and it plays at 3 modes: PCM 5.1/ dts-HD / Dolby TrueHD Suppose I only have a left / right speaker set and play this Blu-ray pure audio at PCM 5.1 only, in that case, is there a noticeably difference of the same...
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    what's a good brand of flashlight with high 10K+ lumen?

    is there other top notch brand name? as all I know is Fenix. I'm thinking of the TK72R or the PD35TAC for those who uses it, did you come across a better brand? or are you happy w/ this brand?
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    A Shark 3d printer created PC

    adv. to 6:44
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    Do we still need 4:4:4 chroma or color resolution w/ OLED?

    as OLED doesn't have backlight, so I wonder if the old rules still applies and if not, a OLED TV = OLED PC screen, there is no need to buy a PC monitor screen, any OLED TV screen will do?
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    can't find replacement cable from sound blaster ZxR 3.5mm to RCA cable

    I have the original sound blaster ZxR cable, the 3.5mm to RCA cable is so poorly build that it broke when I push the speaker towards the wall. i.e., the housing of the cable is weak So I want to buy a cable w/ better housing, but I can only find this ...
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    where do you people buy your speaker and XLR cables?

    if monoprice is at the lower end, and people like Chord cables is at the higher end, who's in the mid end? especially bi-wire speaker cable
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    if a system needs to reboot several times when start up, is it the MB or PSU?

    So I saw this PC, 3.5 yr. old, just out of warranty for 0.5 yr., Gigabyte Ultra Durable motherboard, when I press the power button, the DVD spins, then it seems to be in a very slow motion, nothing happens, NO BEEP sound, then eventually win 10 boots up. The motherboard is connects to a Intel...
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    Can you compare sound qualify of an active speaker to a passive, same brand?

    Say I can't find a demo show room of a pair of Focal Trio 11 Be. Say the dealer only have Focal Chorus, Aria, and Kanta, Sopra, and Utopia Mastro can I pick one from the above and get the closest comparison to Trio 11 Be? If not, is there a reasonable close model that I can pick for comparison?
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    who has try MX Vertical from Logitech and are you happy w/ it?

    the buttons are at an angle, so your hand is not parallel to the desk, but at an angle. Since 99% of the mouse, your hand is parallel w/ the desk, this strange design is either geniius or crazy also the G502 is 3 yr. warranty, but this one is only 1 yr.
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    Can't get Windows 10 to see GeForce 210 upgrade on old PCs

    So I'm bumping so older PC to win 10. With the first PC, I install the GeForce 210 first, then install Win 10, this is on a Asus motherboard, and the Win 10 CAN see the video card With the 2nd system, it's a Gigabyte Ultra Durable series, I install win 10 first, then install the GeForce 210...
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    Need Recommendation on mid to high end UPS

    So, this is what I need: a) 6 or more outlet b) fan is NOT on during regular period, that it's on during power failure or it's a silent fan c) easy replaceable battery or very easy to replace battery procedure, (the battery w/ my old Smart UPS is difficult to replace, very unfriendly), I just...
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    Is the 1st sign of a defective UPS battery that the cooling fan keep turn on?

    I notice the cooling fan of my UPS keep turning on lately. And the weather is not that hot at all is it the UPS battery? my UPS is a Smart UPS 1500VA from APC
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    could this be an omission: that a M.2 slot is NOT share w/ PCIe x 1 slots Could Asus make a typo? It says at the above that their M.2_1 slot shares bandwidth w/ the first 2 PCIe x 1 slots (slot 1 & 2) so shouldn't their M.2 _ 2 slot (the 2nd M.2 SSD slot) shares band width w/ their PCIe x 1...
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    need help: M.2 screw is too short when I added the SSD Heatsink on bought this useless piece of shit when I mount the heatsink w/ the black rectangle on it, the black metal increases the thickness of the M.2 SSD. So when I try to use the motherboard screw for that...
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    How do you create a dial hot key (or short cut ) on your main android phone

    I was using Nokia, and I have 2 hot key: Call forward to home, and Cancel call forward from home and this is done by adding the word "Home" as part of the caller list (People). And the dealer put these 2 square icons on my main screen as I boot up the Nokia phone Is there a way to do the same...
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    Is there a way to make your own Dremel sandpaper attachment for contour sanders this set is $14.5 The back side is a bunch of small hook, it's the way nylon strap strapped together w/ those micro hook on both sides I...
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    Macbook Pro can't recognize internal SSD, can't install OS

    I know almost nothing on MAC OS. I was following thru this video, I have a brand new SSD inside this mac, as the last one could be dead. I press the Option button as it boots up w/ that music sound I then see the symbol of Install Sierra OS. But I don't see the icon of MAC HD, so I thought...
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    Does Cooler Master RGB LED controller works w/ Phanteks Halos frame

    anyone owns the coolermaster RGB LED controller? Does the port 1 to 4 works w/ phanteks Halos frame? if so, some reviews said Phanteks Halos LUX has a "RGB Header adapter", but Phanteks Halos does not. So which ones can fit onto the Cooler master Controller box?
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    What's the difference on PCB on front side USB panel of cases c/w 1 yr. warranry vs. 3 yr. warranty?

    for brand names PC cases that only have 1 year warranty, what's the quality of the PCB of the front USB panel ? vs. some other brand name PC cases, in which their cases c/w 3 year warranty? I have seen just recenlty that Antec cases has PCB fail at the front USB panel, both in warranty case...
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    is there a way to remove hotkey links that I don't want to see?

    The browser, such as Firefox, store all the links that I ever use. So when I type in the first few character of the link that I DO want to go to, these unwanted links also shows up from the hotkey I type in Is there a way to remove these unwanted links?
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    can't find this site: Custom build transparent glass case

    I saw a website that the whole case is glass and it's transparent. it's a website that the designer does water cooling only but now I can't find this website and can't find it from my bookmark when I said it's glass, there is no metal plate for the mounting of motherboard, it's mont on the...
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    Can a burn out USB cable kill the front USB circuitry of the case?

    Well, this is the 1st time I've seen this: The client has a digital camera and connect his micro USB cable (on the camera side) to the USB port of the front USB of the case Windows 10 detects error in the connection, and about 2 min. later, there is smell of burning. So I eject the cable...
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    Why does manufacturer put dust filter on top outflow fan, but not on rear outflow fan?

    pick NZXT Phantom for e.g., there is dust filter to cover the top OUT FLOW 2 x 200 mm fan, but needless to say, the rear 1 x 140 mm fan, there is no dust filter Now, we all put dust filter on in take fan, that's normal. So what is the reason these manufacturer put dust filter at the top out...
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    do you guys still use air can to spray clean the case or you use compressor?

    I just heard you can use a small compressor to clean the inside of your case if you use a lot of air spray can if so, how does that work? does it take a few hr. to charge up or you just plug in to the wall? as I have a few client's case to clean weekly
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    Fancy scratch build case at Computex 2019

    It's very nice. But you spend all these time on a case. That case sits on your desk, in a few years, you get tired of seeing that case. Now you wasted all that $, what then? custom build another case? advance to 9 to 10 min. if you want to see the final product
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    Apple Safari saved password somehow CANNOT get into Chrome

    I'm not remotely versed in Apple OS. I just go w/ the instruction from places like youtube. I'm helping this person dumping a 5 yr. old apple laptop to Windows 10 PC. His Safari software has a "Preference" section that saved all the password. And currently he can get into Gmail and read...
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    need help: drill bit cannot puncture thru Aluminum Magnestium casing so after 7 mth. of delay, I finally have time to drill some holes on the above case. The material is confirmed to be Magnesium Aluminum Alloy. After spending 45 min., the drill bit won't go thru the case is Magnesium aluminum alloy. The...
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    What is a cheap solution for replacement / repair Nokia Lumia 920?

    I have a Nokia Lumia 920 for 5 year, the usage is about 6 min. / month. I also bought a Otter Box to protect it, that box is about $70 In the past few months, it takes a much longer time for the phone to get signal. So after the phone is boot up, it has no bar, sits at emergency mode for many...
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    did Yahoo kill the classic mail software

    is there a way to switch back? as I'm at the setting page, there doesn't seem to be an option that alllows me to switch back I get the blue one at the top
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    With high tariff war, any PC case NOT made in China?

    Is there any other out there begin to dig for PC case, among other components, not made in China? to save cost?
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    In win Computex 2019 cases

    are those really cases? they look like eggs in that Aliens movie, ready to hatch
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    can change the date cause Chrome to report website certificate out of snyc.?

    I set up a new PC. The day was ahead. At the time, it's May 31 at 4 pm. The computer said Jun 1, 2 am. So I change the date back to May 31, 4 pm. Now, I don't know if that ISP has server problem, or what the cause it is. But when I launch Chrome, a legi. newspaper website and facebook was...
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    Is there any wireless mechanical Keyboard + mouse combo set?

    I heard logitech G603 G613 works together, but it seems to be sold separately, so does that mean I need 2 receivers?