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    WTB, Random stuffs.

    Hello old friends. Looking for a few older items for my collection. Post what u have. Wanted #4690k Found! #Shuttle SX79R5 Found! Thanks shuttle USA! //40gb Dell OEM WD raptors (need 2 with clean SMART report) Not worth the effort. #C602 dual cpu mobo (prefer supermicro) Found! If you...
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    Waterblock options for MSI RTX2070 Ventus 8g?

    Has anyone seen a full cover block for these cards?
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    WTB Z87 mini itx mobo.

    Post what you have, no rush.
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    SZ270R8 shuttle is HERE!!!

    Hey guys, Just a heads up, Ill be receiving my sample tomorrow!
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    FS: Lidless i7-6700k

    Pics on request, used for a few days in my htpc, upgraded to the 7700k, no longer needed. Ill send it with a lapped ihs. asking $250 obo
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    WTB- Lot of old school stuff.

    Looking for the following parts. 1 x s478 water block 3/8 barbs 1 x Turion s754 MT-40 2 x 512 OCZ PC5000 Platinum edition 1 x intel 661 s775 proc 1 x vapochill LS
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    WTB P4 661 cedar mill

    Looking for a couple actually. post what you have.
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    WTB Turion MT-40

    Needs to be in working order.
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    WTB high end s478 procs

    Gallatin core's are ideal, but if you have any sl6wk 30 cap chips id be interested. [/COLOR]
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    WTB Abit IP35 PRO XE

    needs to be a working board.
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    WTB OCZ PC5000 Platinum Edition

    Looking for the 2 x 512 kit. [/COLOR]
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    WTB IC7 MAX3

    working condition with OTES if possible.
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    WTB: Asus Z7S motherboard

    Let me know what you have.
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    WTB Lian-Li PC-75 (silver or black)

    Looking for one that's in great shape. Also looking for a D5400XS or asus Z7S motherboard (working)
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    WTB Vapochill LS working or not

    As it states, Looking for a old vapochill LS, does not need to be working.
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    Do you remember this psu? (2 x 500 or 550's in 1 case)

    I remember a psu from a few years back, that was ridiculously long, and housed 2 500w or so psu's tied together? I'm not interested in the guts, but the case for a current project. looking for any info regarding them, or if anyone knows of a psu that has a HUGE (bigger then my antec 1kw) case!
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    FS Panasonic SW-5584 Blu-ray drive/burner

    Used it for 2 or 3 hours watching a few movies, then got a deal on a set of sony drives, don't need this one. Heat under "4ghz hurtin ya" ebay under "7ghz" No scratches, dents, or any other fuckery, quality drive, quality trader. $75 shipped. sold!
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    3870x2 waterblock
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    WTT: I7 930 rig for D5400XS rig

    Looking to swap my P6T deluxe rig, w/i7 930 and 6 x 1gb corsair XMS3 1600 for your D5400XS motherboard, with QX9775's Ram needs to be at least 6gig's, but we can work that out later.. Ill toss in a like new TDX for s1366 if the new owner wants to go water cooled. PM me if your...
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    FS Turion x2 RM-74 65nm

    good used oem pull TMRM74DAM22GG 0904MFM $50 OBO shipped.
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    Samsung SyncMaster 215TW 21'' LCD

    Like new, used for 1 lan event (had a extra guy show up) comes in it's retail box, has no issues what so ever, dont even think we used the cables it came with. $200 shipped
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    FS Dell gx755

    Missing ram, cpu, hdd, machine was ran for 15~20 mins max. $125 shipped.
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    FS e8400

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    fs Q6600 g0

    $125 shipped.
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    Cleaning out the lan room.

    Heat under 4ghz hurtin ya ebay under 7ghz All prices are Shipped unless otherwise noted. 15 new/sealed OEM intel DQ965CO BTX C2D ready motherboards. $20 each 1 pair used once, still in the box. KOSS KTX6 headphones lifetime warranty! FREE with purchase of any other item. used once...
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    Anyone know mohare?

    He approached me wanting to buy my 30" dell lcd, he was prompt on PM replies, until I asked him for his contact info, cell/home phone, address ect. and I wanted him to use paypal so id be protected, since then he has stopped PMing me on the further details. If this is just a...
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    wtb vapochill ls

    working or not, as long as the controller is good.
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    FS dell 3007wfp a01 220ish days on warenty

    mint condition, no dead or stuck pixels! pics tonight. $700 shipped, comes with a free (new) 6' HDMI cable.
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    FS E8400 SLB9J E0

    OEM chip, pulled from a new OEM Dell. $120 shipped. with a HSF
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    WTB Old s939 gear

    Looking for 2 working (fully) ASUS/MSI/DFI S939 boards. let me know what you have, interested in 1gb sticks of DDR1 also.
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    WTT dell D820 laptop for 9800gx2

    Just like ti says, the dell is in great shape 1gig of ram, 60 gig hdd 15" lcd.
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    WTT 965xe i7 p6t motherboard 6gig's of corsair ddr3

    Looking to trade my spare i7 rig for a dual 9775 rig, shoot me a pm if your interested. Id like to have a 5400xs motherboard and 6 gig's of ecc mem, and 2 9775xe proc's ES chips are fine. my motherboard is the p6t deluxe
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    FS OEM T9300 & T9500 6meg L2 Socket P

    Upgrading proc's in my laptops, these have to go to new homes. They are OEM, fired once for post, and then pulled out of the systems. NO chips what so ever, not even a tiny one... all corners in tact, Ask around, my chips are clean and issue free. T9300, Newegg wants $324.99 Lets try...
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    FS like new 3870x2 OEM $200 shipped

    Just like it says, OEM Diamond card, Diomond relabels OEM BBATI cards so your getting a BBATI card, that can be registered and warranted through ATI directly. $180 shipped, no over clocking, stock cooler and all. even have the dvi to hdmi converter and the other cables. ebay 7ghz
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    FS 3870x2

    OEM card of sorts, used it for a few weeks, You can register it for warranty if you need. its a BBATI card, never OC'd, comes with stock HSF/un molested card. Asking $200 shipped.
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    FS 2 x T7300 socket P 800fsb 4m l2

    OEM chips pulled 2 days ago from my new lappy's. since they want to rape us for these new chips with starting prices in the $235 range, lets do each for $100 shipped shall we? both tested working, no chips,cracks, nicks in the core. SLA45 s code on both.
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    WTB 7950gx2

    Looking for a decent 7950gx2. Post what you have.
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    FS. Antec TruePower Quattro TPQ-1000 1000W

    New in box, never opened or used, full warranty, built my rig ended up with 1 more then i needed, newegg list for $199 + ship ill do $158 shipped. ebay 7ghz
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    q6600 fs

    G0 SLACR stepping, good clocker, few weeks old, with box and fan. $190 shipped.
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    FS Xeon rig parted out. Nocona 3.4's

    CPU : 2 x 3.4ghz Nocona Xeon $200 MOBO : Supermicro X6DAL-B2 $150 RAM : Kingston ECC Reg 2 x 512 $60 PSU : 1010watt OCZ $150 Video : ATI X1900AIW with remote wonder plus and all break out boxes. $200 all prices shipped In the US only. This is a working machine, Id take $500 shipped...