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    Question for Antec 900 owners

    I understand that the total height for this case is about 18 inches. It seems that the height tapers down a bit towards the front of the case. Can anybody tell me what that height is, right at the front of the case? Thanks.
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    Empire Earth 2 vs Age of Empires 3

    Anybody play both? Any comments on either or both would be appreciated.
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    Session fixation error

    All of a sudden my Lite On 48x24x48 burner ain't cooperating with me. I've tried burning a couple of times, but nothing ends up on the media (Imation, never had problems in the past). I've printed out the error reports, it mentions a session fixation error. i've tried different files...
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    Bundled CDRW & DVDRW software

    This question is for those of you who added a DVD burner to a system that already had a CD burner. I have had a Liteon 48x and recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-A06. I have installed the new drive without difficulty, but I am uncertain about the software situation. Do I keep the software...