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  1. SereLaw


    MSI Gaming 5 GSkil 32gb EVGA 980ti 4790K $500.00 All or none. Payment however I don't get ripped off. Thanks for looking
  2. SereLaw

    Will trade my New Destiny 2 code for a New Wildlands code

    Will trade my New Destiny 2 code for a New Tom Clancy Ghost Recon PC Wildlands code.
  3. SereLaw

    FS: 2 290's, 2 7970's

  4. SereLaw

    Want to buy FC3

    Will buy far cry 3.
  5. SereLaw

    WTB Reference HD6950 That will Unlock

    WTB Reference HD6950 does 6970 bios I have $240.00 to spend. Thanks in advance
  6. SereLaw

    Will trade Saphire 5870 for 6950 2gig

    Will -----Tradeonly----- Saphire 5870Refrence for 6950 2gig that will do 6970 bios Or sell for $275.00 outright Come on bit mining guys here it is
  7. SereLaw

    Ban hammer on MW2 Today

    Vac bans thousands in MW2 today.
  8. SereLaw

    Left4Dead Speedup trick

    Add this to your launch string in Properties from your shortcut. +mat_queue_mode 0 (Default) +mat_queue_mode 2 (DualCore) +mat_queue_mode 4 (I have 4 cores) I-7 (Did not try 8 for HT) I can tell a diffrence in loading and playing smoother. Put -novid in your (R-click your Steam...
  9. SereLaw

    The CoDWaW Sizexull cvar hack

    The sizecull cvar command that lets players do this in game. Some servers are guarding against it now. But why the hell does pb not do something..:confused: What is Wrong with CodWaW
  10. SereLaw

    8800gt 512 won't work first time install

    BFG 8800gt OC p5rd1-v intel 775 650 new thermatake 500 w Ok as my friend lives 400 miles away I was doing the help thing on the phone. (Vonayge is great) Ok he then tells me he has a problem anyway with old nortons and registry stuff so off to msconfig we go and walla...The card works...
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    6800Nu16x6 lasted 1yr

  12. SereLaw

    CAn We unlock a 6800_gs Agp?

  13. SereLaw

    Any Microsoft Tetris cheats?

    Like in Freecell You can hit ShiftKey plus Ctrlkey and F10 @ the same time and win any freecell game by Dbl clicking on a card.. Tetris is a puzzle game invented by Alexey Pajitnov (last name sometimes transliterated Pazhitnov) in 1985, while he was working for the Academy of Sciences in...
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    CAn We unlock a 6800_gs Agp?

    Any word on going to 16 pipes with riva?
  15. SereLaw

    6800Nu16x6 lasted 1yr

  16. SereLaw

    Novalogic no confermation e-mail

    Man ,has anyone else had trouble with Novalogic? I bought Joint Ops and can't play the game. Can't get any confermation e-mail. CAn't get any help from support or calling them .. Any tips?
  17. SereLaw

    Where the heck is the faq?``

    Where is the code for the door? I read it somewhere can't find it now. Where is the thread for walkthrus so far?
  18. SereLaw

    What does Bump mean?

    TIA SereLaw
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    $179 9800 Pro@ Best Buy

    I want to delete this ....Maybe a Mod can do it for me Tia