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    BioWare reportedly in early stages of developing next Mass Effect game

    Meh... I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Gamestop won't close it's doors

    I could go both ways on this. Who cares if they are open, if nobody goes like there suppose to then it's not affecting anyone. Nobody could possibly go if, they were closed. The question is where does the responsibility for this begin, with the company or with the person. Chicken or egg first...
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    Really tired of Ubisofts crappy protection

    I received one as well, but instead of clicking the link I just logged in to Ubisoft and changed it.
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    Mobo pairing for CPU upgrade

    It would certainly depend on what features you are looking for... USB-C WIFI Overclocking PCI-E 3.0 or 4.0 The Tomahawk series from MSI gets great reviews but again, depending on what features you are looking for.
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    Seasonic has a new take on cable management.

    Still can't find it for sale My god I can't stand that guy Fast forwarded to the end and it does look much cleaner.
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    AMD Announces Ryzen 3000 CPU Promotion, $25 to $50 Off, Free Xbox Game Pass

    And if you were to purchase one I'm certain that all of you would use the [H] Amazon affiliate link -
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    Last of Us: Part II officially revealed

    Casting has got to be on point with this. If they cast some 20 year old millennial with no wrinkles and plucked/trimmed/waxed eyebrows as JOEL I will not be watching it.
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    Lian Li customer service

    Well you guys have sold me on who I am getting my next case from.
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    Seasonic has a new take on cable management.

    I believe that I read that the unit the PS connects to was magnetic. Not sure if you guys caught that. If so you just stick it anywhere that it fits. No need to hope for holes so that you can zip tie it.
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    Seasonic has a new take on cable management.

    I read this earlier and immediately went to find it for sale for a new PC and nothing yet. I have zero issues buying it since it is Seasonic. They were the ONLY PSU manufacturers to send [H]ardOCP retail units when doing reviews so they are the only units I will buy.
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    WTB: i7 2600 or 3770

    I also have a 2600. Buy mine and it will directly help the INAN PC fund, a worthy cause.
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    4K, 60FPS Footage of New York City in 1911

    Man that was AWESOME! Thank you! All of it really interesting to me. One thing that really caught my eye was at 6:19. Looks like two guys holding hands in plain view , in public which, I don't think was common back in those days. Al so it seems like hats were REQUIRED?
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    Windows 10 Hard Links

    Could you not just uninstall said app, reinstall said app and point it to E:\drive?
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    Fortnite crashing

    It may also be helpful for him to play almost any other game that's just as graphically challenging to verify that it's PC related and not a game/driver issue.
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    FS: MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio, complete in box

    Nice price so free bump for you. Was looking for one from a smoke filled, cat/dog infested home.
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Is that a website, a program? Must have, thanks.
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    [Epic Store] Faeria and Assassin's Creed Syndicate free now til feb27

    Downloading now. Thank you OP!
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    Decision between AM4 motherboards

    I'm personally going to try to do everything MSI when I do my new build. Only had one board with them but I was impressed and it's still going after several years. Hoping the MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk WiFi will be out by the time I'm ready which is 2 or 3 months.
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    Nvidia giving away 0077 Extremely Rare GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition GPUs

    Giveaway requires social media AND FRIENDS on your social media. :(
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    So glad you guys told me you can't buy it anymore as I have some limited edition at home with a silver Tommy and something else in it that I was going to sell. Think I will just hold on to it.
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    Will have pics tomorrow and a generous price drop bump. PS - Every time someone views this thread but doesn't make an offer a kitten dies. You guys don't like kittens?
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    Forum is too fast now

    Wow a user name of Byle_Kennett. That's GENIUS!
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    I was fortunate enough to bring my mother in law over from Cuba this past year. With the purchase of this laptop you can help me send her back, bump.
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    Id be happy to get 3 dogs from the local shelter and buy a carton of cigarettes if you would prefer this laptop to come from a smoke filled hair filled home bump.
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    Comes from a pet and smoke free home but drugs and alcohol rum rampant bump.
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    New build, Ryzen 3600 getting 95.5c max temps

    Wonderful video explaining thermal paste too much/too little
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    FS - Asus ROG G750JS 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    Purchased May 30 2014 new from Amazon. I used this as a desktop replacement so it is in perfect shape. None of your typical grease marks on any of the keys/spacebar as I hooked it up to a monitor and keyboard mouse. There is only one issue with it and that is that the battery is defective. So...
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    Suggestions for new build

    You said it yourself. You have a 10 year old rebranded Seasonic that is working fine. I would stay with them if looking for a new one.
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    New Build, Ryzen + nVidia SFF

    I watched this thread as I am going to build a similar system soon but with a regular mid tower ATX. Someone answer this mans question! :)
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    So now that W7 is EOL, can you still activate W10 with W7 keys?

    Did 3 at work in the last week. Just upgraded from Win 7, no key was needed.
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    Can't install KB4528760 Error: 0x800f0831

    If I remember correctly there is some sort of folder where windows updates are stored. It's a cached folder. Delete that folder and try Windows Update again. Sorry that I can't be more specific.
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    FS/FT: MSI Twin Frozr GTX 770 $55 shipped

    MSI Twin Frozr GTX 770 2GB still available?
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    FS: Gaming PC - Ryzen 2700X, Local Pickup

    Bump for you. I'm very close to Leesburg. Leesburg FL, or else I may purchase this.
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    Can you help me decide?

    I would go with ANY of the Seasonics as far as quality.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 17, 2020

    It would be nice if some of these companies Under Promised and Over delivered. Initial Statement - Cyberpunk to be released Sept 2020 Secondary statement - Hey guys we know its only April but it looks like we will be releasing Cyberpunk next month!
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    WallPaper/Desktop software users? I'm looking for specific functionality...

    I will check when I get home but I believe that Wallpaper Engine (STEAM), may let you do this.
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    Games that should be revived...

    Tribes, I miss that game.
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    Preparing a new Windows install for a new user, want to reset/delete all accounts.

    Why not just give him the credentials you create and have him change them. Create "Bob" with a password of bob and have him change the account name password when he does arrive.
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    Live Cloning

    Take a look at this. I've used their software in the past (although not the live clone feature) and it works well. "AOMEI Backupper provides the corresponding function of disk clone, which can clone one disk to another without breaking off the...
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    Old Noob Looking for DeathMatch FPS

    Half Life 2 Deathmatch. It is all that my brother and I play. Still active after all these years.