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    I voted Yes, but only because I dont see anything wrong with the NDA. Longer term NDAs are more common in my industry now. But I dont think this should be a poll, this should be up to your lawyer if the risk are out weighed by the reward.
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    Does a OS reboot affect the PSU?

    Long story short I am trying to run 3-4 mobos off of a single power supply (Intel Avaton C2550s so not very much power draw) They will be ESXi nodes for my traveling test lab. I would really like to be able to reboot them individually if needed without disturbing the other 2-3 boards. But I...
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    Is there a ZFS "For Dummies" Guide?

    Follow any of Gea's guides, if you aren't doing an all in one just skip the VM part Its basically: Install Openindiana or OmniOS Install Napp-it log into napp-it web gui initialize disks and create a pool Create the Share type you want (SMB/NFS/AFP) and the security settings Boom NAS
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    Scratch Build - Slim Aluminum Mini ITX SteamBox (formerly "m3a2")

    mind sharing cad files for it if you arent going to manu them? maybe a "how to" guide of materials and what you need done? are waterjet tolerances tight enough for the cutting?
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    WTB: 1155/1150 Mobo + K CPU +RAM and other random things

    Basically I need to upgrade my 1366 setup. I have been planning on buying a new setup 32GB RAM+4770k+ (something like) Asrock extreme6. To give you an idea of what I am looking at. I don't mind stepping back to 1155 as there is no real perf advantage I see. needs to be a K series i7...
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    The perfect ZFS home server motherboard.

    They show 23 in stock as of today, and there are several people on the home server forums that have ordered them recently.
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    The perfect ZFS home server motherboard.

    or this case.... I have been waiting for a board to fit the amount of drives...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    I run one into my ESXi all in one, OI/napp-it with a pass-through HBA. I have a local and cloud backup to be safe, but haven't seen any issues so far. I currently have 8 WD 1TB blacks in it, my #5 (or #4 if you start with 0) slot is weird to seat (left to right, top to bottom) and the power...
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    NAS/Media Storage what to buy??

    If it were me starting all over again I would look at what this guy has done: (look at his setup and the $500 build in the pop posts on the right) basically an all in one box that you could expand as needs arise If not I would look at something like a Synology...
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    help with LSI 3801e (1068e) only seeing 1st drive on each port!?

    Big thanks for the follow up with what you did, my 3801E just showed up and my shelf is here later this week.
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    FS/FT: Liberty's ever changing For Sale thread

    I am way too anal about personal monitor quality, sorry I was pretty excited for a min. If I dont have any other decent offers I'll let you know. I could actually use something like that for an incentive for one of my employees. Is there a warranty on this one?
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    FS/FT: Liberty's ever changing For Sale thread

    Extras/Spares/unused parts that I have laying around All prices include my choice of shipping to the lower 48 unless otherwise noted All prices are OBO unless noted Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 deluxe sound w/RCA daughter card-$100 (no software or the RCA/DVI cables) AMD/ATI FirePro v4800...
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    Grumpy Cat Gets Movie Deal

    Her.... Grumpy cat is a she :|
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    First look: Supermicro F617H6-FTL+ Ultra high density storage/cluster

    backplane speed in the chassis? This thing is awesome!
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    NetApp Performance - NetApp FAS3240?

    A) Check what MtnDuey posted B) doesnt look like you are using dedupe (you should IMO its one of the top 3 features of a netapp box) C) are your windows shares virtual? or is the FAS handling them? (I assume virtual as I dont see any CIFS traffic on your netapp) I personally prefer the netapp to...
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    Looking for something to replace NetApp FAS2020A for VMware storage

    You dont have to dedicate 3 drives for the root vol on a 2240 it can sit in the main agr of data (not best practice but afaik its supported), and depending on your load on the 2020 you have now you may be able to do an active passive. Do the machines besides VDI need flash pool? No snap...
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    WTB DDR3 ECC REG, matching 1366 socket Xeons

    Bump Procs are likely found, still looking for RAM and IBM card
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    WTB DDR3 ECC REG, matching 1366 socket Xeons

    I am looking for the follwing: DDR3 ECC registered ram, in 2 or 4gb sticks I need 16-18 1366 socket xeons matching pair, min quad core. must support VT-D I/O IBM 1015 sas card
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    Power draw limit on molex?

    As far as HDDs go, you get a high amp draw on start up, thats why enterprise level HDD controllers have spin up groups. Once spinning they aren't too bad. That is the only time I have ever had an issue with a PSU/wiring get pissed. I am assuming that you aren't going to have a double digit...
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    Is OI really the right storage solution for me?

    I am on the final stretch of building myself an all in one box, Basically just need the HBA and a Norco shelf. Am I missing any other OS/Distro/JBOD that I should consider? This box(s) will be taking the place of everything I have today in my rack: P4 powered -ClearOS i5 -WHS2011 w/7TB of...
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    2012 NVIDIA Video Card Driver Performance Review @ [H]

    as I started reading this all I could think is what a time consuming review this is... I cant wait to see AMD cards and their increases/downfalls. I have long bleed Green for the reasons this reviews shows. NV doesn't always win the hardware race but it seems like time and time again they have a...
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    Hitachi Warranty

    Had a similar issue with a Seagate I got from newegg, gray market from Germany. I provided proof of purchase and they ended up "one offing" the rma
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Just picked up a HP DL360 G6, planning on doing an all in one setup with a Norco shelf. Would it be unwise of me to use Engineering sample CPUs for this? Just looking in places to save some $$ and RAM and HBA aren't one of them, so I am hoping the CPUs could be?
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    Amazing overclocking, great cooling and doesnt rape my wallet. These contests are grass roots and anyone that reads a [H]ardocp review should know that Galaxy is tough to content with. Awesome card from an awesome company.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    Quiet and overclockable! love it
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    Farming Simulator 2013?

    @Droc I am still looking at the mod farm maps for that reason, I hate the layout of the stock one. There are mods that let you haul the harvesters on a tractor/trailer I also got the Scania truck/trailer pack, holy shit those things are fast!!! Driving anything now that I have my G25 setup is...
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    Farming Simulator 2013?

    Anyone else pick this up. I am normally a pretty hardcore FPS guy or sometimes wow. But I grew up on a ranch and the sale of steam of FS2k13 made me miss it. So I picked it up and have almost 20 hrs in a week in it so far. who would have known its a BLAST to play.
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    Single-Atom Writer a Landmark for Quantum Computing

    Well great, now its going to take forever to build one right side up... This is actually pretty badass
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    Video Game Quote of the Day

    I don't think so, his exact wealth isn't known but its expected to be at least half of that.. While I don't think he is a Larry Ellison I am sure he is quite content with where he is at.. He has a pretty damn successful software company with a culture that is 180* from the norm, a lot of the...
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    Project MonoBits

    What are the measurements for the top inside of the case (thinking about a 2x120mm rad there for mine)