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    Epic RTS Game?

    Homeworld series was the best, IMO. 100% true all 3D play, along with the fact that every single unit lost in battle stung because you always started a mission with the same ships you had at the finish of the previous mission.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I've been trying to get this fucking game started for that last half hour. I've about had it. Sometimes the updater stays up and ends up locking up. Sometimes I get as far as the demonic face in the middle of my desktop, and then it locks up. Sometimes, nothing happens when I click on the...
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    Diablo III is getting killed on Metacritic

    1st post in over 3 goddamn years, because of a game that I'm lucky to actually start up 65-70% of the time. If I shell out 60 dollars for a game I should be able to easily launch the damn thing 100% of the time, no matter what. And... I should be able to do it without doing this, this, and...
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    The Gamer’s Bill of Rights

    Yeah, some of those debunks are kind of a stretch. A couple in particular: 1. An assumption is made that the sole reason that a game does not run correctly is due to insufficient system requirements. 2. 2 points here: 1st, there has been times where the 'artists' may have been pressured...
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    whats your favorite gaming surface?

    '96 I believe. And to be honest, I'm not much of an aim when sober either. My counterstrike scores can attest to that.
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    CryEngine3 3-5 times Crysis

    The world is supposed to end in 2012 anyways, so what the hell difference does any of this make? :D
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    whats your favorite gaming surface?

    I'm pwnin' all u sumbiches with my special edition Duke Nukem 3D mouse pad. COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Corsair PSUs

    Corsair rocks!! My latest system has that exact PSU.
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    Coolermaster 590, Antec 300, or..

    I've been putting my own systems together for about 13 years now and the 690 is easily my favorite case. Not too tall, but still lots of room. Awesome airflow. Nice cable management features. My only knock, and it's a small one, is that 'front' USB, SATA, and firewire ports aren't really...
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    BenQ G2400W

    I spent about an hour this morning playing around with the adjustments on mine and no matter what I did, I could never get it to look as good as when I 1st plugged it in and turned it on. So, I set everything back to factory default.
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    This is my computer so far....what do we think

    I just put my new system together. I have that exact case and memory kit and am happy with both.
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    Which new mouse?

    Southpaw here, using the Razer Lachesis for the last several months. Ambidexterous, and 9 buttons.
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    BenQ G2400W hookup question

    Until I put my new PC together, mine is being powered by a Radeon 9700 pro and a 2.4 P4. No black borders. I'm using the entire screen. My desktop is at the native res, and Guild Wars works great. Counterstrike is running in full screen, but at a non-native lowere res. Can't comment about...
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    BenQ G2400W

    I took a ride to the TigerDirect warehouse and picked one of these up Saturday afternoon. I wanted to put it off until I was ready for my next pc build, but I couldn't wait. My Optiquest V95 crapped out on me finally after 11 years. My current pc is quite old, so there is no way in hell I can...
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    Three (3) Sequels you would LOVE to see made!

    A lot of the ones I'd like to see have been mentioned repeatedly already. However, one that hasn't is a sequel to what I think is one of the most underrated and underappreciated pc games ever: Sacrifice.
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    Question for Antec 900 owners

    Do you know the height from ground level? The reason I ask is I wanna be sure I can reach inside the area of my desk where the case is going to sit when I turn the thing on.
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    Question for Antec 900 owners

    I understand that the total height for this case is about 18 inches. It seems that the height tapers down a bit towards the front of the case. Can anybody tell me what that height is, right at the front of the case? Thanks.
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    I remember way back when viewsonic was the top dog...

    My Optiquest V95 is just now starting to give me issues. I bought it back in October, 1997, so I'd say I got my money's worth.
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    The game that made you jump...

    Doom 3 + Logitech Z-560's w. volume dialed up + all lights off = nice and scary.
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    Sacrifice - One of the most underrated PC games?

    Awesome game. Very underrated. At the time it was released, it was the graphics benchmark for PC games. It is also one of my favorites. I think a good description would be a fantasy version of the PC remake of Battlezone.
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    Greatest Game Ever

    Dungeon Keeper 2 is one of my all-time favorites. I never laughed at a game harder then when one of my trolls hit the jackpot in the casino and I saw all the guys in there line dancing while Disco Inferno was jamming.
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    Gaming downhill?

    pc gaming needs a new kick-ass space combat sim so bad, it's disgusting. RTS's and FPs's are way overdone. New ones are just prettier versions of older ones. My biggest wish is for a new Star Wars space combat sim set during the clone wars, but with the game play that made Tie fighter one...
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    Best game evar?

    TIE fighter was the single best game ever. It's story and gameplay are better than 99% of all the games that have been released since then.
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    Favorite RPG of all time?

    Tie between Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights. Spent most of my time playing those two. Baldur's Gate and KOTR are next.
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    Suggest some games plz

    I've got Civ3, Shogun:Total War, and Diablo 2 on my laptop. Lotsa good suggestions on this thread.
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    Best video card of all time?

    Based on purchase price, feature set at time of release, and longetivity, my choice is the 9700 pro. I paid $290.00 for it back in January of '03 and it is still in my primary machine. I am finally thinking of an upgrade in the next month. No other card I have owned has given me more bang for...
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    Best RTS ever?!

    Sacrifice was an outstanding game and it is ashame it doesn't get as much credit as it deserves. I think it gets looked over because it's more of a hybrid, like battlezone was. It's more than just an RTS. My favorites are the Homeworld games. The gameplay and graphics are awesome and I like...
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    Death of the Space Combat Sim?

    Tell me about it. Tie Fighter Collector's CD is one of the best games ever of any genre, let alone space combat. It's still one of my top 5 all time favorites.
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    What videocard/CPU combination do you use for gaming?

    I like how some of ya'll talk about needing an upgrade. 2.4 Ghz P4 + Radeon 9700 pro. How's that for a leet system?!!!! Put the system together over 3 years ago. Got more than my money's worth out of it.
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    All 3 were awesome. I would also suggest the STAR WARS: Warlords mod for HW2.
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    Empire Earth 2 vs Age of Empires 3

    Anybody play both? Any comments on either or both would be appreciated.
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    Alright Guys, Getting an MP3 Player Tommorow, what to get?

    I picked myself up a Rio Carbon and couldn't be happier. If you are looking in the micro-drive segment (5-6 gigs), this player is tough to beat. Best of all, Best Buy has them on clearance for $170.00
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    Anyone feel like helping me with my next game purchase?

    Esxcellent suggestion. You can get the platinum edition, which includes both expansion packs and about a half dozen mini modules for about $40.00.
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    PC RPG suggestions

    I picked up the Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition at Best Buy a couple of weeks ago for $40.00. It includes the original campaign, both expansion packs (Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark), and about a half dozen or so mini modules. It's an older game, but I'm having a lot of...
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    What's a good RTS?

    The Homeworld series is my favorite RTS. I also highly recommend Rise of Nations. Sacrifice is one of my all-time favorites. I played that game to the finish more than any other game I've played.
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    Anyone here play any of the Homeworld games still?

    Once in a while, I'll fire up HW2 and scrimmage against the CPU with the Starwars: Warlords mod. The mod continues to be polished up and works pretty good now. A whole bunch of ships from the movies and from everything else Star wars.
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    Will 2005 Set PC Gaming History?

    I think a genre that's been lacking for a while is the space combat simulators. Tie Fighter and X-wing Alliance are two of my favorite games ever.
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    Half Life 2 Fans Unite!!!

    I laughed so hard, I think I wet myself.