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    Heatware: SOLD - 2x MSI GeForce GTX 1080 $430 ea shipped. Includes original box and most accessories; however if you need a specific accessory PM me and I'll look to ensure it is included. ASUS ROG STRIX X99 GAMING $180 firm - comes with original box...
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    Running PC with a UPS on 220v in the USA

    Does anyone have any experience running their gaming rigs on 220v? I know many PSUs have a 220v switch, but my Cyberpower UPS does not do 220. The models that accept 220v still only output 110v from what I could see.
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    FS: 3x BNIB Samsung EVO 1TB SSDs

    FS: 3X BNIB, never opened Samsung 1TB EVO SSDs. I have one of these in my rig already, and the thing flies. Heat: 29-0-0 $599 @ Amazon $599 @ Newegg All three SOLD $565ea on ebay. Guess no one on [H] wants a SSD. Please do NOT lowball me. That's all I ask. Oh and please BUMP if you read...
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    HOT: 15% off Samsung SSDs @ Newegg with Promo Code

    Samsung EVO 1tb $509 with coupon BTEWXWS79. $90 savings on the top end ssd. 15% OFF SELECT SAMSUNG SOLID STATE DRIVES* (72 HOURS ONLY!) BTEWXWS79 *Up to a maximum...
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    Asus PQ321Q Firmware update

    I managed to get a hold of the firmware update from Asus. No more cold boot bug or black screen during post! But under MST mode, the post screen is limited to the left half of the monitor, which is a little weird looking. But overall much better than having no screen during POST.
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    FS: Asus Rampage IV Formula, GTX Titan and more

    All prices are shipped. PayPal only. Heatware:
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    SOLD This is from an EVGA RMA. It's still sealed in its original box. P/N:06G-P4-2790-KR Looking for $850 shipped Heatware 27-0-0 Pics of box (not sure why this thing is a fingerprint magnet)
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    FS: Asus GTX 680 2GB, Motorola Surfboard SB6120, Actiontec MOCA Adapters

    Heatware: Please BUMP if you read this thread!
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    FS: 2x Asus GTX 680 2GB

    I have one Asus GTX 680 for sale, excellent condition, being used in this PC as we speak. Never watercooled or modded, includes original box. $390 + $10 shipping. Obo No trades, 1x card sold. Heatware:
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    FS: Sprint Epic Touch 4G (Samsung Galaxy S2)

    comes in original box with ac adapter, manuals, phone and micro usb cable. I'll even include a casemate cover that I got with the phone and a 8GB microSD card. The phone itself is in good condition, no scratches, cracks or damage. Clean ESN - it was in use until last night. Looking for $250...
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    WTB SLI Bridge connector locally in MA

    Trying to see if anyone has one available, that I could pickup from without needing to ship and wait a week for USPS.
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    FS: 1x Sapphire 7970, 2x XFX 7970

    Currently running all three in Tri-Fire, but I'm being laid off and I need the cash. Great beasts of cards, easily hit max OC on both cards in CCC. The XFX come with a 2 year transferable warranty, and are registered at their website. Looking for $460ea shipped OBO. No low balls please, and not...
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    FS: Sapphire 7970, MSI Lightning 6970, Intel X-25M G2 80GB SSD

    MSI Lightning 6970, no accessories but if you need something specific let me know and I'll look. $290 shipped OBO - sold Sapphire 7970 - stock 1.112v, OCs to 1125/1575 @ 1.175. Comes with original box and all accessories. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just don't need 3 cards. My UPS...
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    Tri-Fire and Surge Protector

    I'm running 3x7970s, and I'm finding out that my UPS is pushing out 1kw when the three GPUs are at full load. This is without my monitor plugged into the UPS... It's only rated to 900w max, so it's not doable since the overload warning will sound. I'm using a Cyberpower 1500AVR 900w UPS that...
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    6970 crossfire bridge on 7970s causes flickering

    So just spent the better part of of two nights troubleshooting my two Sapphire 7970s, because whenever I would run a 3d game in full-screen with crossfire enabled, I would get massive flickering all over the screen until I quit the games. So, I've been using the MSI Lightning crossfire bridge...
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    FS: 2x MSI Lightning 6970

    Looking for $300 obo shipped - only one card left. Heat: Please bump if you read this thread! Edit: Uploaded pics:
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    Recommend UPS for 1.3kw PSU

    I have an Enermax MAXREVO 1325w PSU, powering a Core i7, 2x MSI Lightning 6970 a few HDDs and many fans, and it's peaking 720w when both GPUs are at 99% (like playing BF3). I currently have a Cyberpower 1500va 900w UPS...
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    Recommend UPS for 1.3kw PSU

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    WTB Saitek X52 Flight Control System

    Looking for Saitek X52 joystick, pls pm with price. Heatware
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    HOT: Asus Eee Pad Transformer: $399 w/free keyboard @ Newegg

    Free keyboard dock w/battery only $399, awesome deal. The keyboard sells for $120 with PRIME on Amazon by itself.
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    FS: 3x HP LP2475w Monitors

    I have 3 lightly used HP LP2475w monitors. They all have a build date of Sep 2009 and should all be under warranty until Sep 2012. I believe I have 3 DVI cables, or at least a combo of DVI + HDMI cables. Let me know what cables you need and I will try my best to include them. I am looking for...
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    FS: Asus Xonar D2X PCIe

    Selling slightly used Asus Xonar D2X (PCIe 1x), looking for $100 OBO, free shipping. Heat:
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    overclocking MSI Lightning 6970

    Contrary to all the reviews, I am unable to get my OCs stable at anything say past 970MHz, even when pushing the voltage up to 1.3v in MSI afterburner. GPU gets to around 80C at 98-99% load, and then I get a hard lock in a few minutes requiring a reboot. I don't know how the reviewers were...
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    WTB: Asus Xonar D2X

    Heatware: Cash or would trade my Auzentech Prelude for it. Nothing wrong with it, just that I need a good PCIe sound card. PCI slot blocks airflow on my 6970
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    Comment on my WC Build

    This is gonna be my second time around building a WCing rig. I am going to be using a 3x 120MM rad, with MB block, mosfet, CPU and GPU with 3x Scythe S-Flex G fans on an Aquaero 4. This is all going to be going in on a Corsair 800D case with a EVGA Classified3 770 board, but don't know if a...
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    WTB/WTTF: BitsPower Black Freezer Classified WB & EVGA X58 Classified3 MB

    Looking for this MB specifically: And this WB: see my fs thread...
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    FS: PowerColor PCS+ 6970

    Card was used for a few weeks; it's in perfect condition. Only reason I'm selling is because I don't have room for Tri-SLI without blocking all the airflow in my case. This is the same card as : Do...
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    750w enough for 6970 crossfire?

    I am planning in adding a second 6970 for an eyefinity 5760x1200 setup, but I only have a Corsair HX750w PSU. Is this going to be enough? Specs: 4x HDD (two in raid1) 1x DVD-DL burner Core i7 @ 3.6 Intel 80GB SSD 6x 120MM fans, a waterpump (only cpu is watercooled) 1x Auzentech...
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    HP LP2475w on ebay $325 + S&H

    This is a "buy it now" type of auction, though the seller also lets you submit an offer. I just nabbed one for a second monitor for $300 which I think is a good deal, considering they retail for $560 on Amazon. There is 3 of them left...
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    FS: 2x Sapphire 5850

    It's the same card as this one: $125 ea shipped, or both for $240 shipped. Heatware under Sufu
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    C++ Gurus I need your help!

    This is a very simple error, but I don't understand how it can happen. I have two variables named sipRes, both are contained in separate If... statements. First one is a bool, second is a pointer (PyObject*), but MSVC9 compiler is throwing me an error at what (I think) should be valid C++ code...
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    Recommend a mousepad

    I have a logitech mx revolution I bought a few years ago, and a Ratpadz XT mousepad. I absolutley hate this mousepad, half the time the mouse slides off and falls to the floor, and the other half of the time my mouse has problems tracking the surface of it. I don't play any FPS, mostly stick...
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    FS: Heavy Rain for PS3

    Still in excellent condition box with dvd & manual. Looking for $45 shipped, paypal or google checkout works for me. Heatware:
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    WTB Thermaltake 6pin PCIE cable

    I need 1x of the red colored 6pin PCIE cable for a Thermaltake 750w PSU. I don't think it's even in production anymore as it doesn't even have 8pin PCIE cables :mad: I have lost one of mine somewhere in the great beyond (along hundreds of other pc junk), and need a replacement asap!
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    eVGA 758 PCIe order

    I have currently a 8800GTS and my Sapphire 5850 is on the way from newegg. I currently have this mobo: And since it says it can do 16x/16x/8x, I'm wondering if I can keep my 8800GTS on the first PCIe slot, and place my 5850 on...
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    Samsung WEP450 Bluetooth Headset - Free after $20 MIR & Free Shipping

    I searched and couldn't find any threads on this Samsung WEP450 Bluetooth Headset with 100 Hours Standby Time, Black Free after $20 MIR (shipping is free)
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    FS: E8500 E0, 4GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066, eVGA 750i FTW MB

    E8500 E0 stepping, owned for around 7months. Hits 3.8ghz @ 1.3v on my 750i watercooled, however YMMV. Looking for $120 shipped 48 states. - SOLD 2x 2GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066 (including the fan), looking for $60 shipped. - SOLD eVGA 750i FTW motherboard - $80 shipped and includes the...
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    Intel G2 SSD suttering on Win7

    Hello fellow [H] members, I need some serious help before my SSD ends up in the bottom of a lake! I recently bought the G2 80GB Intel SSD from newegg, and installed Win7 on it (let it install a new partition). Problem is I am getting a lot of stuttering every couple of min, lasting a few...
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    FS 3x NIB Scythe Slipstream 1600rpm 88CFM

    I have 3 unopened and never used Scythe Slipstream fans. These are the 1600rpm models which are 88CFM. Looking for $8ea + $2 shipping. They are all unsleeved. $23 for all three shipped. Heatware
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    WTB Auzentech Prelude

    I may entertain some trades, but rather pay instead. See my FS thread: