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  1. Skripka

    Holiday family monitor shopping...27" class

    Curious what the peanut gallery would do. System for a family member needs a new monitor. Background hardware: Windows 7x64, older system. The box is still running an AM6400+ CPU actually on a K9N Neo motherboard 2GB of RAM I built 10+ years back. Has an ancient Nvidia 8500GT GPU I think...
  2. Skripka

    For fun/learnings: Blog post about rooting a tablet

    I saw this (before mods on r/Android nuked the post for being "too technical") and figured the techies here might enjoy a long somewhat-technical read as to how one fellow overcame his Asus tablet with no available root/TWRP and rooted it...even though it had an unlockable bootloader and could...
  3. Skripka

    PSA: FYI Android users, Bootloader unlock will cause SafetyNet to fail.

    For you all out there who like to mess with your phones...Google has changed SafetyNet. Now simply unlocking your bootloader is enough to cause failure to validate your device. This results in breakage of: -Android Pay, ofc. -Games like PokemonGo that use SafetyNet. -Your corporate email...
  4. Skripka

    Way to go FoxConn: Nice vulnerability you left wide open

    Someone had to have not had their coffee in the morning when they didn't lock this one down Critical vulnerability Pork Explosion revealed by jcase, cripples security on some phones
  5. Skripka

    2016 Android->iPhone migration Questions

    I'm getting fed up with Android and Android OEMs on many levels....a few questions, since I've read a variety of things: A) How well do iPhones actually run OS upgrades that come down these days (say the last 3 generations)? I've heard varying things from "fine" to "buy a new phone if you want...
  6. Skripka

    Microsoft Gives up on WinPhone: Builds Android Dataminer

    Sorry...header is me thinking out loud. Android notifications on Windows 10: Microsoft does the bare minimum Now you can somewhat mirror your notifications from your Android device onto Windows 10 trick, sure. But you have to install Cortana (dataminer) on your Android and give...
  7. Skripka

    Annoyed enough to ask: W10 and horrendous streaming video playback?

    I've been using it for a long while now...and it is finally ticking me off. What is with Windows 10 and awful streaming video performance on certain sites? And before you say anything: -Same LAN/router/modem -Same ample bandwidth to work with (30 megabit) -Same website (Eurosportplayer...
  8. Skripka

    Heads up Opera Browser fans...they sold out to China

    Opera has sold off its mobile and desktop browser business to Chinese investors: Opera agrees to sell its browser business to group of Chinese buyers for $600 million Personally...I already deleted my Opera account and uninstalled from all platforms. Had fond memories from that browser, sniff...
  9. Skripka

    PSA: Hangouts v11 breaks SMS merging

    Heads up fellas, Hangouts v11 eliminates the option of merging SMS and Hangouts chats threads. You can still SMS for now via Hangouts, however SMS and Hangouts threads are separated (YAY for MORE clutter!). Google's public stance is that merging SMS is too "confusing" to users, which given...
  10. Skripka

    Brother's Happy Post-Hospital-Stay Build Rebuild

    So this system I helped build up years and years ago (back when Thuban was hot stuff). I then was around to get it CPU-watercooled. It was then summarily abused (CPU waterloop had a dead pump for 2 STRAIGHT WEEKS of uptime and the system did not thermal shutdown during that time). The fact it...
  11. Skripka

    Thermal load/flow, and rad space question for CPU/GPU WCing

    Not a rookie, here. Just out of the loop and want input from people with experience with newer GPUs. Computer parts in question: A) e3-1230, equivalent of an i7-2600 (non-K). Not OC'd meaningfully at all. 2) Coming upgrade to a Gigabyte Gaming GTX 980 G1 (got it 40% off retail prices) WC...
  12. Skripka

    500GB Crucial SSD for $120 on Amazon

    And it is Prime:
  13. Skripka

    PSA: NVIDIA Shield Recall

    If you bought one between June and July, your Shield needs to go back home to be replaced due to battery issues
  14. Skripka

    Google Photos: "Unlimited" yet again doesn't mean what you think

    The "unlimited" option for photo uploading on Google is apparently not "unlimited" according to what the Oxford English Dictionary teaches us:
  15. Skripka

    VZW to 1+: All your hashtag are belong to us!

    Maybe it is just me...but lordy, corporate suits fighting over who "owns" a hashtag? Is this what 1+ meant when they were going to...
  16. Skripka

    Cities: Skylines: Official Screenshot Thread

    High time we had one. Point of this thread, show off your cities you've done in Cities: Skylines. Also give inspiration to others needing a creative nudge. Custom maps welcome, custom assets are welcome. Post overhead as well as other views so people can get a sense of geometry! Only your...
  17. Skripka

    Sunday Funday: Who wants [H]ard|OCP Andy Lollipop?

    With RRO Layers, now you can: No affiliation, just thought it was funny the choice of similar color palette.
  18. Skripka

    Win7 x64Pro...DHCP "enabled" on an adapter not sticking?

    I've had this issue for a while when hard-wired, but it was only once in a while. Now with a wireless adapter it is practically a daily occurrence. Powering off or sleeping my machine overnight makes no difference, will almost certainly happen the next day. Symptom...out of the blue websites...
  19. Skripka

    Web browsers for 5.0 Lollipop?

    So far the only browsers I've found that run well in Lollipop are Chrome ...and CM Browser, that up until now I'd never heard of. But it is lightweight and wicked fast and works...and even runs mobile H fine. Sadly Dolphin Browser runs like crap on my Nexus 6 and 5.0.1 , and custom ROMs...
  20. Skripka

    Device encryption, security...and crappy R/W speeds in Lollipop

    Users have already seen this...but now Anandtech confirms what Nexus 6 people were seeing last night (root, TWRP, and encryption disabling were all achieved last night on N6) 50-80% drops in I/O...
  21. Skripka

    Anyone else get an Inbox by GMail invite?

    Is it just me...or is Inbox by GMail a complete skull-f*ckery of an email app? Do I just not "get it" at all and am set in my ways of mentally processing emals, or is Google really trying to pull this stunt and it is as moronic as it seems to me?
  22. Skripka

    Amazon Android app sale: Productivity apps Fri/Sat

    Heads up, Amazon is giving away free a bunch of apps today and tomorrow Shuttle+ Music Player ($0.99) Fleksy Keyboard ($3.99) EasyTether ($9.99) MobiMail for Outlook Web Email ($5.99) PrintHand Mobile Print Premium...
  23. Skripka

    G3 variants announced, look what we have here...

    LG wants in on the stylus-equipped phablet market: Color me interested...although being a handset variant hopes it'll be well supported by 3rd party ROMs are...
  24. Skripka

    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    Who is salivating a little bit? Or 5.5" and the pricepoint (I believe that is $349 outright for 64GB and carrier unlocked) is damn good. After...
  25. Skripka

    Hey Android users: Google posted the 4.4 photosphere camera app on play Only limit seems to be you need a 4.4 ROM to play with it. Installed side-by-side on my Carbon ROM with the ROM camera.
  26. Skripka

    Kingston microSD on Amazon: 60%+ off!!

    Get em quick!
  27. Skripka

    Operation: Sink "Default"!

    So on top of Grandpa hitting the big 2.0....and Horde hitting 2.0 as a Team in one month.... Target range: 191 million points and change. FIRE!!!
  28. Skripka

    Good News for Root users, re: Region Locked devices

    A workaround for the Note3 has already been posted...presumably the same tactic/app will support other devices that get the region lock "feature" soon.
  29. Skripka

    [H]ot: Refurb'd HP ZR30w IPS for $670USD

    Myself and Mssr Bob_Dole got're buying refurb, but we both anyway got pixel perfect and got them quickly. Comes in HP Refurb packaging with all accessories, and comes ready to use (assembled on stand). YMMV of course with pixel perfection. Free shipping was fast too. Great deal...
  30. Skripka

    Laptops : phantom touchpad input?

    Anyone else who's seen this have any input on making it go away? By phantom, I mean typing happily along and then the cursor will jump a line or more back or go to a different text blank. I had this happen on a WinXP with stock OS and drivers a while ago... Now a family members Lenovo with...
  31. Skripka

    For Science!: FLIR Imagery of PC Watercooling Loops

    So I know someone who recently got their hands on a $3000 FLIR (Infrared for those not hip) camera in their department. We wanted to play around and see what we could see…so the idea of scoping a PC waterloop came up to see what it looks like in the infrared. Instrument is one of these...
  32. Skripka

    [Android Police]: Microsoft's app that lies to you about easily switching to W8 Phone

    Microsoft is apprantly wanting to help us Android users see the error of our ways by...lying to us?
  33. Skripka

    Bizzarro [H]: White forum background???

    Myself and a few Mssrs in [H]orde chat have had this start happening this morning: Is happening on Chrome, IE10, and FireFox, as well as the full-site on mobile browsers. Purging [H]forum cookies does nada, nor does restarting browser, adblocking doesn't matter either. [H]ardOCP seems...
  34. Skripka

    Question for Dataplex-based Corsair caching-SSD users

    Is your Corsair Accelerator or what have you Dataplex-based SSD drive still caching? I just installed the latest Nvelo update (v1.3.0.0), as even before that update as on v1.2.0.4 my system seemed to be running off HDD only lately. Dataplex Status claims "Status= Enabled!!!"...however in...
  35. Skripka

    DMCA Takedown of GitHub repos of HTC device ROMs If you're an HTC user...and wondering WTH is your GitHub for your device....thank the DMCA.
  36. Skripka

    Warning regarding Android Google Chrome v25.x

    I and a few others have noticed that with the v25 update plain text on any website...even [H] Mobile is ridiculously blurry after installing the update...with no other system changes. Default system fonts or custom. Serif or sans-serif. Seems to not make a difference. Ya take the update...
  37. Skripka

    What happened to the big sticky post of commissioned buying links?

    Like the thread header says...did it get deprecated in favor of just [N]ewzon?
  38. Skripka

    VPNs: Recommend something to handle VPNing all my network traffic

    Like the title says I want something to handle the VPN tunneling for all my network traffic on my LAN....I'm only tunneling to my payware VPN service which then connects me to the internet. Currently do not have plans for other tunneling.... My VPN SP allows IPSEC, L2TP, or PPTP or OpenVPN...
  39. Skripka

    Some banner ads causing [H] Forums to hang loading

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful right now than the above...but in the last 24-48 hours I've had repeated instances of one of the ad servers cause [H]ardforums to hang. Chrome gets stuck after the [H] logo appears, the lower left reads for example: "Waiting For ...
  40. Skripka

    Breaking News: SMP, now with even more sucky PPD!

    So PG has released more new SMP units...and well...I'll let this speak a thousand words: *Note machine is 100% load with F@H getting all of it, smp only. Win7. And yes, CPU-Z is reading my system correctly. And yes, these TPFs are stable....and yes this is an i7-2600 getting 10k PPD.