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    [FS] 6950X and Rampage V Edition 10

    Selling: Used 6950X CPU which is lapped to a mirror finish. Extra Spicey, being used in a daily driver. Asus Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard, full retail package included. Prices: CPU: $650 (trending at $650 on EBay) MB: $275 Combo: $850 PayPal for payment, shipping is included, no...
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    [FS] 7980XE - 7740X - 7640X

    Selling: Used and delidded 7980XE CPU. CPU does 5.65GHz+ for 3D IHS is scratched up from mounting LN2 pot I can reseal IHS if desired. 1x BNIB 7740X 1x 7640X extra spicey (Delidded) 2x Fluke 52 II digital thermomters. Prices: 7980XE $1600 7740X $250 7640X $100 Flukes $150 each...
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    Recent extreme overclocking results

    By request here are some hardware pics and screenshots from my last month or so of competitive benchmarking at HWBot. I've been benching for the Pro OC round 3 and a combo of new school and old school, benching for hardware points. Pro OC competition link...
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    [WTB] GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N and GTX 580 Classified

    Looking for at least 1x GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N card as well as 1x or 2x GTX 580 Classified cards. PayPal for payment, shipped to 35603.
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    [FS] X99 and 1080 Ti

    Selling: Asus RVE 10 Edition, benched with eraser insulation on the socket side and LET on the back side. Purchased from Newegg on 2/20/17. Comes with full retail package. Asus RVE (original), benched with vaseline on this board. Currently being used as a daily driver. Purchased second hand...
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    [FS] i7 6950X

    Selling: 1x used 6950X CPU Chip does 5.25-5.3GHz for 3D and 5.2GHz for XTU (on LN2) Cold bug around -102-107C Sorry, no air or water cooled OC info available. Price: $800 shipped.... PayPal for payment. Heatware:
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    [FS] G.Skill F4-3600C17D-16GTZ

    Selling off some excess B-Die DDR4 G.Skill 3600MHz C17 2x8GB Retails for $178 at Newegg $100 shipped USA PayPal for payment, shipping is included in the price. (US only) Heatware:
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    [FS] used 5960X & low VID 7350K

    Selling: used 5960X I bought at BW-E launch, does 5.8GHz 3D (RVE) I ran it at 4.5 core, 4.0 cache in my daily computer. used 7350K, does 6.4GHz R15, 1.18VID (delidded) Price: 5960X: $700 shipped. SOLD 7350K: $175 shipped. PayPal for payment. Heatware:
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    [FS] 2x EK nickel/plexi Titan X Pascal waterblocks

    Selling: 2x used EK waterblocks for the Nvidia Titan X Pascal GPU. Cards are Nickel/plexi $80 each, shipped. Paypal for payment. Heatware:
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    [FS] 2x Nvidia Titan X Pascals

    Selling: 2 used Nvidia Titan X Pascal cards. Each card comes with the factory air cooler as well as an EK Plexi/Nickel water block, and retail packaging. New Price: $850 for one card, shipped. (water cooled) $750 for one card, shipped. (stock air cooled) $1,600 for 2 cards, shipped...
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    [FS] 2x GTX 980 Ti Lightnings

    Selling: 2x MSI GTX 980 Ti Lightnings card 1 ASIC 72.8% card 2 ASIC 70.0% Both cards are equipped with Samsung memory. ;) Typical boost during BF4 is 1450+ on both. Price: $375 shipped per card. PayPal is preferred for payment. Heatware:
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    [FS] 5960X + i3-6320

    Selling a couple of excess, used CPU's I've got laying round. Both have been used very sparingly. 5960X and an i3-6320 which has been delidded. CPU's will come with only with the plastic clamshell as pictured. Prices: 5960X: $700 shipped SOLD 6320: $70 shipped SOLD LOCALLY PayPal is...
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    [FS] DDR4 SALE - G.Skill - Galax

    Selling: More of the unused, dust collecting hardware, that needs to be purged. Nothing below has been frozen or pushed with crazy high volts 1 kits 2x8GB G.Skill 3600 C17's - Ran stock, no testing to speak of. G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800)...
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    [FS] Dimastech Easy 3.0 Benchtable

    Selling: Unused, BNIB DimasTech Easy 3.0 benchtable. I bought 2 late last year and got this one because of course, they had inventory issues with what I really wanted. Unlike DimasTech, I will actually ship this to you if you buy it, you won't even have to email me. :) Product link at...
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    [FS] Asus Maximus VIII Extreme + Asus 980 Ti Matrix

    Selling: 1x mint condition Asus 980 Ti Matrix. Has not seen LN2 ever, the backplate still has the shrink wrap on it. Purchased from Newegg on 2/19/16. 75% ASIC and Samsung memory 1x used Asus Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard, all accessories included. Board has vaseline on it, and very little...
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    [FS] motherboards and GPU's

    Selling: 6700K delidded, 6.4GHz 3D chip X99 Asus Rampage V Extreme, board, I/O plate and OC panel only X99 MSI XPower, full retail kit Z170 Asrock OC Formula, full retail kit 1x MSI 780 Lightning, full retail kit 2x MSI 680 Lightnings, card only. Prices: CPU: $550 shipped SOLD RVE: $250...
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    [FS] 3x Asus GTX 980 Ti Matrix cards

    Up for sale: 3x Asus GTX 980 Ti Matrix cards, full retail package cards. Untested on LN2, have never had the stock coolers removed. All cards have Samsung memory. ASIC's= 79% 66.6% 76% Price: $650 per card, shipped USA. International buyers/traders are welcome but you are responsible for all...
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    [FS] OEM 5960X

    Selling: 1x OEM style 5960X CPU Runs Cinebench R15 at 4.5GHz on 1.12V using an AIO cooler Price: $800 shipped USA Payment via PayPal. Heatware: Reviews/Feedback for Gunslinger OCS |
  19. =Gunslinger=

    [FS] 5960X + 32GB DDR4

    Selling: 1x 5960X CPU, OEM style, no box chip does Fire Strike physics at 5.7GHz, XTU at 5.59GHz PCI-E Gen 1 (2D benching) cold bug is -130 PCI-E Gen 3 (3D benching) cold bug is -100 No air or watercooling testing by myself, was told that it does Cinebench R15 at 4.5GHz with 1.18V Going off...
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    [FS] 2x 980 Ti K|NGP|N cards

    Selling: 2x EVGA GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N video cards. 1x 78.1% ASIC card SOLD 1x 75.4% ASIC card Retail link: Prices: 78.1% is $850 shipped USA (retail price is $1,000) SOLD 75.4% is $750 shipped USA (retail price is $900) PayPal is the...
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    [FS] motherboards, CPU, DDR4, blowout sale

    Selling: 1x spotless Gigabyte X99 Champion. Retail board, had it replaced via RMA. Retail package, I/O plate included. 1x Asus Gene Z170 motherboard. Has been benched on LN2, coated front and back with liquid electrical tape. Retail package, I/O plate included 1x i7 6700K which has been...
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    [FS] Z170 Gene + X99 Champion

    Selling: 1x used Asus Gene motherboard, has been benched on LN2, prepped with liquid electrical tape front and back, retail board comes with retail packaging and accessories. Newegg product link: 1x new RMA replacement X99...
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    [FS] 5960X

    Selling: Used retail boxed CPU. Does 5.7GHz Fire Strike physics test on MSI XPower board 4.5GHz air cooling at around 1.2V Newegg link: Price: $1,000 shipped USA PayPal is the...
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    [FS] 2x Asus Matrix 980's + 8GB DDR4

    Selling: 2x lightly used Matrix GTX 980's - no LN2 usage, only on air in a gaming machine. Newegg link: 2x4GB lightly used G.Skill DDR4 Newegg link:
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    [FS] 2x XFX Alpha Dog 8800 GT 512's

    Selling: 2x XFX Alpha Dog 8800 GT 512's I bought for the 8800 competition at OCN, I ended up also ended up getting 2x GTS cards and will use those instead. Therefore these 2 need to go. I bought them from EBay last week. Both cards are fully functional. Price: $45 shipped, per card. I'm only...
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    [FS] 5960X

    Selling: Selling off a spare retail CPU, price includes shipping to the lower 48 USA. CPU does 5.5-5.6GHz R15 Cinebench on LN2, sorry no air or watercooling overclocking info is available. Price: $750 shipped. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. International buyers are welcome...
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    [FS] Asus Maximus Formula Z97 - Intel G3258 - 2x2GB DDR3 Combo

    Selling: A used Z97 combo set up. Asus Maxiums VII Formula, Intel G3258 CPU and 2x2GB of 2000MHz C9 Avexir DDR3. The motherboard has been used on LN2 but is in great condition, the CPU has never been benched on LN2, also I don't have any OC info on air or water either. MB...
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    [FS] 2x Asus PG278Q ROG Swift monitors

    Selling: 1x 1x used Dell WFP3007 monitor, perfect screen, very minor blemishes on the base and outer cover. Has been in storage for almost 1 year. Product link: 2x...
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    [FS] EVGA Z97 Classified - EK GPU block bridges

    Selling: 1. 1x very lightly used EVGA Z97 Classified motherboard. 2. EK Quad-semi parallel CSQ 3. EK Triple Parallel...
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    [FS] 5960X

    Selling: 1x OEM style 5960X CPU. I've only used it on LN2, I do not have any air cooling or watercooling overclocking information for you. CPU for me does 5.4GHz to 5.5GHz reliably. A friend of mine was able to get 5.6GHz in R15 Cinebench using the X99 Gigabyte Champion motherboard. The CPU...
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    [FS] 1x Titan X & 2x EVGA GTX 580 Classifieds

    Selling: 1x used GTX 980 Matrix card. Has been benched on LN2, the XOC LN2 pads are still shorted, so you can also bench it however you prefer. I've got 3 and only need 2. 1x 1x used Dell 3007WFP monitor, perfect screen, very minor blemishes on the base and outer cover. Has been in storage for...
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    [FS] EK-VGA Universal blocks

    Selling: Item 1. 2x very lightly used EK-VGA Supremacy universal GPU blocks Link: Item 2. 2x BNIB EK-VGA Supremacy Bridge Edtion universal GPU blocks Link...
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    [FS] 3x GTX 980 Kingpins

    Selling: 3x used GTX 980 Kingpin cards, includes retail packaging and accessories Link: Price: $700 shipped per card. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. International buyers are welcome, but are responsible for all shipping...
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    [FS] 2x Kingpin 780 Ti's

    Selling: 2x Mint condition retail GTX 780 Ti Kingpin cards. Both cards are part number 03G-P4-3888-KR No LN2 use, they spent most of their life gaming with water blocks installed. Cards come with retail packaging. Product link: Price...
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    [FS] 5960X

    Selling: Very lightly used 5960X CPU. Briefly tested on LN2, not what I'm looking for, no air or watercooling OC info. Price: $875 shipped USA. Ships USPS Priority mail. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. International buyers are welcome, but are responsible for all shipping and...
  36. =Gunslinger=

    [FS] 4790K

    Selling: 1x lightly used 4790K, batch number L436C574. Full retail package included. Purchased from Silicon Lottery last week. Its been delidded, does 4.9GHz at 1.325Vcore and 1.92Vccin Runs about 65C full load temps on AIO cooling. Untested on LN2 4x4GB G.Skill DDR4. Purchased...
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    [FS] 4790K and 2x Samsung 1TB SSD's

    Selling: 1x 4790K does 4.9GHz on 1.3V using standard watercooling/AIO cooler. Pretty awesome daily gamer type CPU. Ran at 4.8GHz core and 4.8GHz cache in a 24/7 machine. Product link: 2x very lightly used Samsung EVO 840 1TB SSD's Not...
  38. =Gunslinger=

    [FS] 4x4GB Corsair Dominator Platinums

    Selling: One very lightly used 5960X CPU. Does 4.4G's on 1.3V using AIO watercooling, 24/7 type use. Product link: OC results may vary by user, not guaranteeing your results. 16GB kit of very lightly used DDR4 3000MHz C15, retail...
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    [FS] M7F - R5E - R9 290X - GTX 980

    Selling: 1x used but mint Z97 Maximus Formula 7 - 1x used but mint X99 Rampage 5 Extreme - 1x used R9 290X Matrix - 1x used GTX 980 Classified, mint condition, refresh model P/N 04G-P4-3988-KR. Except for the CPU all items were purchased from Newegg within the last year. PM for details...
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    [FS] 4x EVGA GTX 980 Classifieds

    Selling: Too many chips laying around my office, so I'm selling off the extras. All chips are lightly used, tested on LN2 to not meet what I need, then stored away. 4770K: 4790K...