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    Looking for a high end ATX case.

    The last case with fantastic quality I built in was the NCase M1, and I'd love to do another build in one, but I'm not really wanting to go super tiny this time around. So basically, what ATX cases are in the same ballpark build quality-wise as the M1. I'll be running everything on air unless...
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    NCASE M1 Build

    I figured I would update the progress on my build since the case ships tomorrow. I went and purchased a ton of parts the last few days, and figured I'd get some input in case I lfet anything out. Purchased Case: NCASE M1 PSU: Silverstone SFX 600W Motherboard: ASUS Z97I-Plus CPU: i7...
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    4790 in SFF

    So I finally purchased my motherboard and processor. I went with the ASUS Z97 Plus, and the i7 4790k. I was wondering if y'all might be able to enlighten me on what kinds of temperatures I should expect on this CPU from stock, and if overclocking is out of the picture or not, or if I might even...
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    Looking for input on proposed build.

    Ok, so a bit about this build. I am really wanting to replace my current build with something a bit more mobile. I am wanting this build to be a powerful little computer, and basically a mini powerhouse. The only thing that is absolutely must have is a 980ti, and a CPU that is somewhat...