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    How hot is your Threadripper?

    Setup a 1950X last night. I didn't have any trouble installing win 8.1 on a 960 pro NVMe drive with the MSI carbon X399 board. In another thread it seemed like it might be an issue depending on what build Win 10 was being issues upgrading to Win 10. Will do a fresh install once...
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    Was this Verizon guy telling the truth?

    So I'm looking for a new phone and have been lurking around here for a while getting lots of ideas. I decide to check out the Droid X in person at a verizon store which is pretty close by. They have several on display and they look really nice. I ask the guy if they have any deals like what...
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    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400 RPM HD for $79 is back

    Newegg has this drive on sale again for 48 hours for $79. No rebate just use promo code EMCKJJB47. Be sure to update the...
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    BigAdv: digital signature does not match?

    Does anyone know what it means when the digital signature does not match? I had a BigAdv workunit finish today but it never uploaded properly. The system has been running SMP and more recently BigAdv without problems until this happened. [18:08:53] Preparing to commence simulation...
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    I can't get VM to work at idle priority

    I could use a little help getting my VM to only run at idle priority. I am using VM player 3.0.0 on a Win 7 X64 box with 12 gig of ram and it is running BigAdv - But I can't figure out how to lower it's priority. I'm using the EVGA Linux64_FAH image. I thought to change priority I needed to...
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    new i7-930 rig - how fast does it need to be for bigadv

    As all my boxen are very old at this point (P965 chipset), I decided it was time to start fresh with my main rig and get modern with an i7. This will be my main production rig that I use for image/video editing, gaming and other lesser cpu intensive tasks. It will fold 24/7 and only pause...
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    Rampage III extreme -dual 8 pin ATX 12V ?

    Usually I am on top of these things before I get the board, but I have a Rampage III mobo and was wondering what to do with the 2 8-pin ATX 12v power plugs. Do you need to have them both plugged in to power up the board? I would think that one would be plenty. I have never seen this before...
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    bigadv and DDR3 latency

    CAS9 ram is a cheaper than CAS8 or faster. Will it make any real difference in the end running bigadv in a VM? My guess is no, but I need to check with the experts here.
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    WHS - Compression and file recovery

    Does WHS use compression when it makes a backups? What would happen if the main OS drive tanks? How hard would it be to recover the files on the assorted storage pool hard drives? I am assuming they will be spread out over all the drives and not in any particular order. I have been on the...
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    WHS and Folding - Let's hear your thoughts

    WHS has been out for a while. If you have been folding on it, how do you like it? Was it easy to set up? What's your configuration like? In terms of data storage do you think its better not to mix in folding and just go with a dedicated box?
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    VM vs winSMP

    Is there an advantage to running one instance of a VM set to all 4 cores vs a single instance of win SMP? This would be on a Q6600@3.0 GHz. The machine is not on all the time so that is why I am interested in just running one instance so that it can have enough time to get the wu's done. I...
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    Asus Commando+2GPU+4x1Gb blue screen

    This is a folding computer for the [H] and I posted over at the distributed computing forum but I probably should have posted here as this is memory related. I fold on a pair of old Asus Commando (P965 chipset) motherboards and have recently started getting the dreaded blue screen since doing...
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    Asus Commando+2GPU+4x1Gb blue screen

    I fold on a pair of old Asus Commando (P965 chipset) motherboards and have recently started getting the dreaded blue screen since doing a ram exchange. System 1 had a Q6600@3.2GHz, 4x1GB Corsair DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 running at 5-5-5-15@2.1V (within spec) and a GTX260 gpu. System 2 had a...
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    The State Of The Windoz SMP?

    I would suspect some of us are still using the deprecated windoz SMP client because it still worked....that is until November 2 which is just a short time away. My question to all the folders out there is what SMP client is actually working now? I remember relic said he had a 100% failure rate...
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    GTX260 Core 216 upgrade- 24 more shaders worth it?

    I have about 7 days left to do an EVGA step up on my GTX260. My personal view is that the GTX280 is a bit of a power hog...please don't hold that against me. I think I can do the step up to the GTX260 Core 216 without paying anything but shipping. The question I ask all of you is it worth it...
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    GeForce Release 178.13 WHQL

    Has anyone tired these out yet for folding? Are there any improvements over the 177.84 cuda drivers? edit: In the release notes NVIDIA is pimping their own team: ....cut from release notes... - Supports CUDA™. - Supports Folding@home distributing computing application. Download the high...
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    Kendrak hits 3 million

    Congratulations to Kendrak on hitting 3 million points! Looks like ROC is all that is left in his threat list. Nice ramp up! :cool:
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    nomad8u hits 1 million points

    Congrats to nomad8u on hitting 1 million points in very short time! :cool:
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    relic hits 5 million!

    Congratulations to relic on hitting 5 Million Points He is 18th on the team, 299 for the project and 12th on the team for PPD. A truly dedicated folder with 33,514 work units! :cool:
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    Dual GPU OC and Cooling

    I just set up my first dual gpu folding boxen and had two questions to put out for everyone. 1. How do you overclock both gpus at the same time? I think the EVGA tool and the nvidia performance tool only do the first gpu (at least that is what the ppd looks like to me). I've had issues...
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    E6700@3.2 WinXP32bit -- GPU&SMP?

    I have a boxen that is E6700@3.2 with 2 gig of ram. Can I run an SMP client and a GPU client with an 8800GTX using WinXP. (Currently I have Vista on this box and it works great with GPU and SMP (5300+~1500 ppd). I would like to move my Vista to another Q6600 boxen that has a mobo with 2 PCI-E...
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    Welcome Chilly

    I started a new thread for you so we didn't get off topic in the 500 GPU countdown thread. From Chilly: Chilly has added a 8800 Ultra, Not bad as a way to start folding for my first time I've never done this, can I still add more clients to my computer? I run a quad core 3.2GHz Q6600 with...
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    GPU client causing lag in vista??

    I just converted my Ubuntu boxen over to 64 bit vista for GPU folding. Almost nothing is installed on it other than the SMP and GPU (6.12beta8, core1.07) clients. The set up is: E6700@3.2 2 Gig Corsair ram GA-P35-DS3L mobo Corsair 550 PS When I installed Vista I had an 8500GT in there and...
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    Nehalem....but how does it fold?

    Here is some linkage to wet your appetite for futuristic folding power.... If you could build just one more computer this year would you wait for Nehalem?
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    Linux box can't fold anymore...

    My Ubutu Linux boxen has been a reliable folder. It is an E6700@3.1 with 2gig ram, It ran for a couple of months with Ubuntu 7.10 and then I upgraded (not a clean install) to 8.04. Since then it has run ok for several WU but recently it can no longer complete a unit. It is like it doesn't have...
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    Overclocking that linux box....

    I just set up a new linux folding/work station with Ubuntu 7.10 and it needs a good OC but what tools are available in linux for the job? In the past I did this with a dual win XP boot so I just used the standard CPU-Z/core temp combo. I know there are a lot of diskless folders out...
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    P35 mobo for reasonably priced?

    I was putting together a new system for a E6700 this weekend and the factory replacement Asus p5wdh deluxe board I had was DOA from asus. I'm looking for a reasonably priced P35 board for the E6700 that would run with corasir DDR2 800 c4 ram. I usually go Asus but they are kind of pricey for...
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    4.2-4.3V not 5V....will it boot?

    I just put together a new folding rig with a known good CPU. It has a new Corsair 550VX power supply in it. When I turned it on for the first boot the fans spun up, but the computer did not post and no video signal came out. I pulled the power connectors off and hooked it up to an apevia...
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    Kendrak Hits 200,000

    Congrats to Kendrak on hitting 200,000! No one makes me want to fold harder than Kendrak. To have come within 3 days of passing him and then watch his bing ramp up.... Fold on!
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    Trouble with Project 3062?

    Anybody having an early_unit_end error with the 3062 work unit? My system ran through about 43% and gave a "warning: long 1-4 interactions" message. [01:45:05] CoreStatus = 7B (123) [01:45:05] Client-core communications error: ERROR 0x7b After that it loaded up a 2653 unit and went back to...
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    Nod32 and FAH- Can they live together?

    I have been having occasional problems with the Windows 5.91 beta 6 SMP client. It seems like it has given me quite a few File_IO errors over the last few weeks (only on my Q6600 system). My E6700 running Ubuntu 7.1 hasn’t had any problems at all. The system in question is slightly...