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    Upgraded from a 6950 to a GTX 780 and my Windows Experience Index Score went down?

    Just installed this OC'ed GTX 780 graphics card, which is way more powerful than anything else in my 2 year old computer. When i updated my windows score it dropped in both graphics and hard drive speed...what in the world is going on? My performance in some games hasnt improved.
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    4GB GTX 770, 3GB GTX 780, or 6GB GTX 780 for 1440p

    So I'm looking to finally get a shadowplay capable card that can run and record games in 1440p on my UltraSharp U2713HM. I didn't want to spend more than $400 but after some reading I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't bite the bullet and get the 780. A few points I've seen mentioned that...
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    Advice on Upgrading GFX Card for Shadowplay

    Hey now, I'm looking to upgrade to one of Nvidia's new graphics cards capable of shadowplay. Their new proprietary capture software that runs in the background and has little impact on frame rate. My understanding is it works with GTX 650 and higher, so I was hoping to figure out which of those...
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    Need 24 - 30'' Monitor from for under $400

    I have $350 in dell gift cards that expire next month and I'm looking to replace a 27'' monitor. The dead monitor was a 1440p IPS, one of those Korean Crossover's everyone here was crazy about a year ago. Ideally I would like to find a similarly spec'ed and sized monitor on sale but unless a...
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    Unoffical [H]ard Gaming Minecraft Survival Server!

    Pure Anarchy | PvP | No Rules | No Censorship | No Protection | Vanilla (with a few key improvements) Epic World | Up 24/7 | Mature Staff | Exciting World PvP Events | Fresh Map Server IP: A famous man once said, "Art is the triumph over chaos.", then somebody killed...
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    Freezing/Crash Every 30 minutes

    Out of no where last night my computer seized up while watching a movie on vlc and immediately crashed. It booted back up and asked me to select boot device and restart. I do that and after which it runs anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. But inevitably everything stops responding and within...
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    I Want the Best Headphone/Mic/Soundcard for gaming < $200

    I just built my first computer a few months ago with help from HF, but I still don't know shit about shit when it comes to parts and such. So I'm curious as to how important having a sound card is and what exactly do I need to buy (soundcard? mixamp? headphones mic) for the best gaming sound...
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    Bought a G700, Need a Mouse Pad for MMO's!

    I got a G700 on sale for $40 last weekend Plain black works for me. These are a few names I seem to hear the most. SteelSeries QcK+ SteelSeries 4HD Razer Kabuto Suggestions?
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    Can I Connect My Macbook Pro to My PC to help run Final Cut Pro X?

    So I play games and capture on my pc rig that folks here helped me build. But I like to edit video with Final Cut Pro X. Problem is two fold: Takes real long to transfer footage from pc to macbook pro and two, my macbook pro is from 2008 and barely runs Final Cut Pro X as it is. Anyway to...
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    How to Sync Itunes libraries across all computers!

    Came across this article when trying to fins a better alternative to tunes home share. Thought I would share it for those interested... Depending on the size of your music collection you...
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    Final Questions of an almost successful 1st time pc builder!

    In no particular order here are a few lingering problems and questions that arose over the course of my 2 day pc build: Why the hell does closing the processor hinge and plugging in sata power require so much force? Literally spent hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong on both these...
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    HD 6950 Displaying w/ Black Bars, Need Help!

    So I have freshly built my first pc and i've updated it's drivers but it's still giving me black bars on my acer H243H any idea why?
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    Help me cable my GD55 Mobo I'm stuck!

    I am currently engaged in a day long battle with my motherboard manual and the parts sitting inside this nzxt phantom sitting infront of me. Windows 7 is installing now but I'm still not convinced everything is plugged in correctly. For starters the heatsink fan I bought was too big to fit...
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    Where do I stick my ram in GD55 Mobo?

    I have the Z68A-GD55 motherboard and the manual only tells me dim 1 and dim 3 but it doesn't tell me which slots those are. My guess would be dim 1 is the one closest to the processor could someone confirm?
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    How bad is it to keep a computer on carpet?

    the title sums it up but feel free to read on for the inconsequential details... I just ordered parts for my first build (which are still stuck in processing, pissing me off...but i digress). My case, (nxt Phantom) which i ordered separately, arrived today and besides making me more anxious for...
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    Gaming PC @ best price/performance balance?

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc I'll be doing some middling gaming SC II, and some swtor and Guild wars 2 when they come out. But the benchmark I need to hit is for BF3, recommended system specs were recently tweeted by a dev here...
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    Time to build a Gaming / blackmagic capturing rig

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc I'll be doing some middling gaming SC II, and some swtor and Guild wars 2 when they come out. I've been a console gamer aside from mmo's and SC but I'd like to have the option to play some portal 2 or dabble in some...
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    Need 24-27'' Low Input Lag/Ghosting 16:9 Gaming Monitor (Primarily for xbx 360)

    I]Thing's i'm looking for in order of importance:[/I] Lowest input lag, extremely low ghosting (I got a $800 1080p samsung tv 4 years ago, I tried to play gears of war on it and after 10 minutes i put it in the living room and hooked back up my input lag free tube tv. Ever since I discovered...