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    I think we need to have a serious discussion about the Oculus Rift.

    4K, OLED, and 120hz, while these are positive advancements in display technology they still remain the same thing at the core, a flat screen that uses different percentages of our viewing field. Some screens are more sharp, faster or have better colors, but there always has remained the...
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    Certifications for those just starting out? (ccent, A+, MCSE)?

    Hey guys, I will soon be entering my first year of college for Network Engineering, and I was wondering what certs you would recomend for someone looking for junior to mid-level network/systems admin positions. I would like to be competing for the $50,000-$60,000 level positions when I am...
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    Dell 2209wa overclock thread?

    Hi, I remember seeing a post about how you can overclock a dell 2209wa screen to 75hz, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If you guys know the post or how to do it please send the info my way, thx!
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    Is the ASRock Z68 Extreme3 GEN3 still the best bang for the buck?

    The ASRock Z68 Extreme3 GEN3 has everything I need at the price that works for me, but newer boards and chipsets have been released since the extreme3. So should I still go for the extreme3 or is it outdated?
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    Replaced GPU and PSU the same day, now PC shuts off when gaming

    Ok, so I replaced my old gpu and psu at the same time today. I put a 580gtx and a corsair 1050w psu in and now when gaming my pc shuts off after about ten minutes of skyrim. It does not crash, it straight up shuts off and does not restart. I don't know if it’s my new gpu or my new psu. The...
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    Black screen after 580 install...power problem?

    So today I installed a 580gtx into a somewhat old amd system. I installed the 580 and connected the two 8-pin connectors into the 580, when I press the power the 580 fans rev up and down just like a car engine and my screen stays black. The error codes on my mobo change in succession with the...
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    How far down the road can we expect the GTX 660 ti ?

    Reading about these $600 video cards is fun and everything but for the majority of us that is not a option. So if the GTX 680 comes out on Thursday when could we reasonably expect the 'sweet spot' to get a refresh?
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    How bad of a bottleneck would I have? 560ti on x2 4200 (OC to 2.4)

    So I really need to replace my 8800gt, and I was looking at the 560ti, but I don't have the funds right now to do a full system upgrade. So I was wondering how bad my amd x2 4200 that I OC'd to 2.4 would bottleneck the 560ti prominence. Would only be playing skyrim and BF3, on a 22" mon...
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    Sony HMZ-T1

    Am I the only one considering this as my alternate display?
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    PC wont boot past POST, help!

    Hello, so I have tried many different troubleshooting solutions with no success, so I'm asking because maybe there is something I overlooked. Spec: AMD x2 4200 EVGA 590 sli (I know...what the hell is that?) 4 GB Corsair 3200 2x evga 8800GT sli 500 GB WD black Win 7 Ok my five year...
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    MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) or ASRock P67 EXTREME4 (B3) !?

    MSI ASRock Going to be using...
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    What was a good AM2/AM2+ SLI mobo?

    I know that amd and sli tend to go together like oil and water so i know its difficult to find a good amd sli mobo. but thats what i need, i am2 sli mobo. i dont need a new cpu (x2 4200 (am2 socket)) and i want to keep my 8800gt's (sli) so i just need to replace my am2 mobo that just crapped...
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    AMD-V not showing in bios, cpu or mobo problem?

    so i have a evga 590 sli am2 mobo (i know, i have never heard of it either) and a x2 4200 cpu. i need to enable virtualization for one of my network classes, but when i go into my bios to enable virtualization the option is not there. now is that because my mobo just does not support it or is...
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    What to do?! 1156 Budget Comp Questions.

    Hey guys, after reading the forums a bit, it seems like I am not the only one is this exact same pickle. I'm in need of a new rig but I am very conflicted on what direction to take. I only need a cpu, mobo and ram for my new build, I would like to have true sli and I would like to keep the...
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    i7 920 Memory recommendations

    Hey guys, im picking up a i7 920 today and I not really sure what memory to get. I guess 6 gig of DDR3 1600 will be best for me, im going to be doing heavy gaming and sun VBox for school. Im not really sure whos good to go with as far as make or model, and I will not be overclocking the...
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    i7 920 Mobo recommendations

    Hey guys, im picking up a i7 920 today and Im not really sure what mobo to get. I would like it to have 2 16x/16x sli slots, solid on performance and to be around $190-240. I will only be overclocking the cpu. If anyone has any options for me please let me know. Thanks
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    iTouch Jailbreak question.

    Hey guys, I know there are better forums to ask this question, but it's just everyone at hardocp seems to know what they are talking about. Ok so I just got a 32g 3gen itouch with 3.1.2 firmware. And my question is about tethering, from what I understand from watching jailbreak tutorials...
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    360 Bannhammer

    Large ban wave occurring right now, well i guess it is almost November.
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    360 Bannhammer

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    How much performance loss should I expect if...

    Hey guys I am trying to do a budget i5 build and one place I think i can save some money is with ram. i was going to use my 4 gigs of DDR2 PC8000 rather than buying new DDR3 ram. Now if I were to do this would I bottle necking the i5 750 buy a large portion, or is it only worth having DDR3...
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    External HD recommendations. (for school)

    Hey guys I am starting my first year of programming and I need an USB powered hard drive for school. I need to it be USB powered and to be reliable. Thanks.
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    Samsung SyncMaster F2080 and F2380 Review on samsung's newest offerings. Whats a C-PVA?
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    New Dell ST2310, E2210H, E2010H Yep all TNs......great
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    Great deal from Dell?

    I have been hearing that Dells ultrasharp line has amazing colors and response. So that would make this a great deal for someone (like myself) whos looking for a new screen with sharp crisp colors and fast response. And not being an TN panel, so thats good depending on how you look at it ...
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    Samsung T240 vs Benq v2400w

    Its seems like these two TN are two of the better two 24" for gaming. What one takes top marks for color, sharpens and ghosting? Let the debate begin.
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    Benq V2400W discontinued.

    When did this happen? And why? I thought the v2400w was benq’s best made and best selling screen. Has it been replaced by something already? The life cycle was not even a year on this screen...odd.
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    Upgrade dilemma

    So a friend of mine is offering to sell his two evga 260 GTX to me for $240. I feel it would be a good upgrade from my 8800gt’s (in sli), however would the money be better spent on a new single card (280 GTX?? or 4890)? What do you guys think?
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    V2400W still the best?

    is the Benq v2400w still the best 24" screen for gaming and all around ass kicking-ness?
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    23 GeForce 295 GTX IN ONE RIG!!! Dickface alert! atlas folding is the true creator behind this monster. not the jackass on youtube.
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    120Hz + 24" + 1080P + 10,000-1 + Amazing Colors = When?

    So with the reviews from the early adopters about the 22" 120Hz screens starting to trickle out, 120Hz seems to have some great potential for gaming and media viewing. However these screens are not without their drawbacks. With complaints of limited brightness/color control and some color...
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    Should I use an adaptor?

    I just bought a V2400W (that has HDMI) and Im going to be running two 8800GT via SLI. Now should I use a DVI cable or an DVI to HDMI adaptor for the connection? Would there be any advantage in doing so?
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    A simple yes or no is all I need. (about 8800GT in SLI)

    Will a evga 8800GT SSC (700MHz) edition with an evga 8800gt standard (600MHz) work together in SLI?
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    WTF is wrong with my sister's computer!?!?

    Alright so I built this rig about a year ago for my sister’s business. Its an e8400 with a asus P5K VM mobo. About a week ago the on board video card died on it, no big dear i put in a crummy MSI NX7100GS video card I had sitting around. But now the computer just will get to the windows XP...
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    A good SLI?

    I stumbled across a second 8800GT for my rig, but I don't have a SLI board so it’s unusable for me as of yet. I am building a new PC now so I have a chance to pick myself out a new MB with SLI, but what one? I am going to be running a q6600 (that I will be OC'ing) with pc8500 ram so those are...
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    Should I go with the BenQ G2400WD? Alright, like a million other guys that seem to be walking around the [H] forms looking for the right 24" screen I am no different. I have just under $400 to spend on a new display and I am going to be using it for 25% office...
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    PC turns on, Internet shutts off....

    So I have the dlink 108G router (Cat5 cable) with my main PC, 360 (PC and 360 are connected LAN) and two laptops connected wifi. When I turn on my main PC, my internet connection cuts its speed down to %15 (or does not connect) on main PC, laptops and 360. When my main PC is off my laptops and...
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    Ram recommendations for my setup.

    Like many PC builders, RAM is somewhat of a blurry area when it comes to building their systems, and I am no different. I know every component that is going into my system, expect ram SPEC:
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    Samsung SyncMaster 245B - Good? Bad? On paper this screen looks like an amazing display, but we all know misleading paper can be. has anyone seen this bad boy in action, or better yet own one? if you have other recommendations for 24" gaming screens, please let...
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    4 Red diagnostic LEDs/No Beep/0% Boot on DFI Lanparty nf4 SLI-DR

    Yesterday, in DOS I tried flashing a dvd burners firmware with my Lanparty nf4 SLI-DR mobo. The process of flashing the drive has about ten steps in DOS, I came to the 3'rd step that required me to type the drive/file name of the (EX: C: FILES/Windows.) Well I did that and then pressed enter...