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    Crash after coming out of extended sleep

    Hi, I built a new PC a few weeks ago and it's been crashing every time it comes out of extended sleep, takes +- 5-10 seconds it just crashes and reboots. At first when I checked the event viewer it was the key authentication that seemed to give critical errors so I bought a new CDKey and it...
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    Is the DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX GT enough for 5800x?

    Good morning, I bought that and it's coming in today but I'm wondering if it's good enough? I've always used stock cooler in the past so I have no real idea of what im doing... I won't really OC anything I just need to it run well. Thanks!
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    I need help picking a motherboard

    Hi, I just got shipping confirmation on my GPU and since all I need now is a motherboard and a CPU I'm kinda confused as to what I should get to match my build, it's been over 7 years since I've done one and there are a bunch of new things that confuses me and I'd hate to get something that...
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    Web browsing and HD streaming

    I need to build a computer for my stepfather , he currently owns an 8yo laptop that's dying he doesn't have many requirements but he likes to stream HD movies, does alot of webcam with his kids/grandkids and reads e-mails. The only thing that worries me is the HD streaming to his TV, I'm...
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    Pre-download service packs and windows update?

    I'm doing a fresh install when I receive my new processor tomorrow sadly my Windows 7 cd is from release so I need to download everything and it's a very long process. Add the fact that I'm also doing it on the GF's computer and it's twice the bandwith (limited) and time. Is there a way I...
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    New build - Buying today

    Good morning, I'm actually upgrading two computers (mine and the GF's) , the only difference will be the graphic card since she plays mostly WoW and The Sims 3. Onto the quiz : 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Gaming only (GF plays WoW, Sims 3...
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    Video lag - Getting worse and worse

    Good morning, I have a 6950 that I've been using for maybe a year and a half it was working fine but recently it started lagging, I first noticed it when I reinstalled D3 and I had to lower ALOT of settings to minimum. I'm playing on 1900x1200 so nothing crazy there. Anyways, it was still...
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    Surface RT as remote

    Hi, I just bought a Surface RT and I'd like to know if it's possible to use it as a remote. My TV is connected to my computer by HDMI but I have to get up everytime I want to pause/change program, etc. Can I VNC or Remote into my computer and control it from the couch with the tablet...
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    6950 Problem

    Hi, Yesterday my games started lagging and I couldn't understand why, I downloaded GPU-Z and... I think I found what the problem is, my card Core Clock and Memory are going from their normal settings to 250mhz on the core and 150mhz on the memory. How can I fix that and why did it start...
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    Small upgrade

    Hi, I don't have access to a computer so I'm posting from my blackberry, I'll make it short and sexy :) The gf wants a spare computer to play games while playing WoW (griffon rides...) so my guess is to use my cpu/mb/ram for that as I have everything else needed. So, I need those 3...
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    Possible ssd failure?

    Morning, So everything was working fine and all of a sudden everytime I tried to open AMD Vison engine control my computer froze. Odd. So I tried to install new drivers, impossible, froze everytime. Tried to uninstall with the driver tool, froze. Tried to uninstall manually, I can delete...
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    Economies of Scale

    I've been playing this for a week and it's really addictive. It's basicly a browser capitalism-like game. Don't be put off by the main page, it's a deep game with an economy (stock market, build your own store, production, etc) I invite you all to check it out, this game need more...
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    Good but cheap monitor

    Hi, My older Dell (can't remember the model but it's a 20 inches) is kinda dying, there's a shadow on the left side so I figure it's probably the backlight dying (though to be honest, I know NOTHING about monitors). Now, I usually buy my stuff in Canada but I'm in luck, my mom is in...
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    Sims 3 question

    My girlfriend has the sims 3 on her HDD and I bougher her an SSD to put it on (stupid slow game). Question is, is it like WoW where you move the folder there and it works or I need to uninstall and reinstall everything? Also, there's a 2nd folder in the users/my doc/electronic arts...
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    Couple question

    Hi, I'm mostly looking for general advise on 2 (maybe 3) uppgrades. I'm currently using a 9600GT and it's obvious it won't be able to run BF3 at any decent setting so I need to uppgrade. Thing is, I don't want to spend too much money. Other thing is, my PSU blows. And last thing is, my...
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    Gigabyte vs XfX

    Hey, There's a 10$ difference between the following two cards Gigabyte Radeon HD 6870 Windforce - 190$ - 30$ MIR = 160$ vs XFX Radeon HD 6870 - 170$ - 20$ MIR = 150$ If you were to buy one of the two cards right now, which one would you pick since they're the "same" card?
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    SB i3 uppgrade

    Good morning, My girlfriend computer is currently running an old Core2Duo @ something like 2.3GHZ (over 2-3yrs old). I recently bought her a 6850 to uppgrade her gaming fun in WoW sadly it seems like it's not enough. I could buy the following bundle, would it be a good uppgrade for her...
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    Not sure which case to buy for my needs

    Hi, I've been eyeing these 2 case and I wonder which one is the "best", they're both priced similar. I won't be putting anything in SLI/CF or any huge GFX card in there so space shouldn't be an issue. Though I do plan to add more SSD (I have one right now) so this needs consideration...
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    Mouse for small hand

    Good morning, I need to buy a new mouse for my girlfriend and she has rather small hands. Which mouse would you recommend, I'd need one with a few extra buttons for keybinds since she plays mostly WoW and wants to start keybinding (more dps! lol) I've been looking at the G500 and people...
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    Quick SSD question

    I need to buy something (you know the feeling!) and I'd like to get a pair of SSD, one for me and one for my GF. Can you fit Win7 and World of Warcraft on a single 64GB SSD? If it's possible, will I see a noticable performance increase or it's going to be relativly the same? (Note, we're...
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    Girlfriend computer

    So, my first idea was to buy a use Core2Quad to uppgrade her old computer but then thought, my girlfriend deserves better than that, so, here I am. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc WoW, Internet (Facebook), Sims 3 2) What's your budget? Are...
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    Core2Duo = Core2Quad?

    If a motherboard is able to run a Core2Duo , can we safely assume it can run a Core2Quad? Just wondering, I want to cheaply upprade my GF cpu without having to change the motherboard and ram. Thanks
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    Cheap uppgrade - GPU missing

    First of all, I want to know if this is relatively "futur proof" I don't uppgrade often and when I do, I don't buy the top if the line since my budget is limited (adult life FTW lol) Anyways, I didn't plan on uppgrading but I can't play Civ5 unless I set everything to low and that's just...
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    Cpu+Mobo deal ... question

    Is this a good deal? Can't find much info on the CPU on the web, looking for a cheap, cheap uppgrade and this is well... cheap but I don'T want "will die in a year, cheap" n c i for...
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    A bit torn... questions!

    Hi, Alright so I basicly built 2 computers (well, virtually so far!) and while one is cheaper, I wonder in the long run if the price difference will make a big difference. Note that I won't do some hardcore OCing and I'm reusing my old 9600GT for the time being, also reusing my hard drive +...
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    1680x1050 - Minimum needed?

    Hi, 1680x1050 is starting to be obsolete but I love my screen and I'm not gonna ditch it. That said, my current card is a 9600GT. Nothing too fancy but it does the job, or he did the job... anyway, at this resolution, what's the cheapest card I can get that'll run "everything" at max...
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    I'm trying to figure out how much I need to fork out for a new system and being "short" on cash I want to reuse my old parts as much as possible. What can you run with an Enermax 450w PSU? Bought it 2 years ago or so, paid a hefty price for it. I'm not quite sure what I'll build yet, but...
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    My new addiction
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    Old... old microsoft gaming zone game

    I used to play this ages ago but I can't remember the name. Basicly, you had planets, lots of it, and you could attack other players with spaceships and stuff... At first it was free but then they made it pay-to-play and it kinda died. It wasn't "real" time but it was turn based either...
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    TIF Virtual Printer

    Hi, I'm looking for a really cheap and/or free TIF Virtual printer. It doesn't need any cool features, as long as it prints and save the tif to a specified folder. I've tried alot of them and sadly most are 50$+ per license and with this economy and the need for 100+ license it's a bit...
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    Dunno where they took the models for that game but it's the best looking one for any web-based game ever. Didn't even tried it, just enjoying the ads. Yes/no ?
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    Weird laptop question...

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    Weird laptop question...

    alright... situation: My mom and her bf are in florida and they decided "hey I want a new laptop" So they go to Staples and there's a HP Pavillion DV7-1232 on sale for 649$. They ask me if it's decent, I check it out quickly and it seems like a "decent" deal. Now... here's where the...
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    Friday time waster
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    Western Digital Wd TV HD Media Player

    Hi, Any of you guys ever used this? Just wondering if it's any good (reliable?) Can you use pretty much any usb Hdd with it? Thanks
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    9600GT tvout question

    hi, I bought an hdtv with like 4 hdmi port. I want to know, if I buy a dvi->hdmi cable and plug it on my tv, will I have image AND sound in 720p or only image? Thanks... kinda new to that kind of stuff! :)
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    Sometimes Steam make me go Grrr...

    So I bought Gta4 on Steam thinking I wouldn't have to worry about it and I'd be able to play it once I got home tonight....... nope! Turns out, it didn't even started downloading this morning... worse, turns out it's not even gonna be downloadable before 8pm east ! WTF?!? Last time...
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    Thinking of going back to WoW... maybe.

    Haven't played in.. geez, 2 years. Thing is, I don't want to use my old char I already leveled... so fresh start. Problem 1 : I mostly solo. I know ALOT of people in WoW but most of them are high lvls and well they won't play with me that's fo sure... which means I'll solo alot apart from...
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    Cool combat flash game... in french, I have a basic transaltion below... click the link (I know it's some kind of referal, you'll be my student or something like that... it's a fun few minutes a day when you're bored like me ! Here is how to do it if you...
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    how do you know if crysis is running in dx10 or dx9 ?

    title is self explanatory... is there any way to know? Thanks!