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    Huge Google outage takes down Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and more
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    My "Silent Hill" music covers

    A couple of months back I started recording covers of songs from the "Silent Hill" games. I love me some Akira Yamaoka. I thought some of you might enjoy them, especially Silent Hill fans.
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    New window (tab) when clicking on links

    It's annoying as hell. If you click on a line in the "[H]ard|OCP Front Page News" news section, a new tab/window opens up taking you to the front page link. When you click that link for the actual story, it opens up in yet another new tab. I know why you guys do it—you want to keep people here...
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    Who here owned a 3DO system?

    I was one of those early adopters who paid $700 for the system before the first Playstation and Sega Saturn launched. The games I bought for the system were Road Rash, Jurassic Park Interactive, The Need for Speed, Star Wars: Rebel Assault, and some dopey FPS game that took place in a haunted...
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    i7 860

    I've been out of the loop since I built my i7 860 rig a couple of years ago. I'm just wondering how it holds up against present offerings. Should I be looking to upgrade or wait?
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    Forum theme

    Kyle, given any thought to updating the forum theme? I make a good part of my living creating vB themes, and I can't help but look at this one with a designer's eye.