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    Dell U3011 Blank Screen Isse

    I've started having this issue where after a couple of hours of use, the screen goes blank while the monitor is still "powered" (I can see the blue light in the power button). It is as if just the panel has lost power. The only way to get it up and running again is to pull the power plug, wait...
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    Diagnosing processor failure

    I have been getting an increasing number of BSODs during normal usage so I have been trying to diagnose the cause. i2500K + P8Z68 V-Pro. I am able to force a crash almost immediately using Prime95's Blend test. Temperatures are in a decent range and the crash happens before the CPU has even had...
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    Western Digital HDD Diagnosis / RMA questions

    Three questions. 1) I think my 640 GB WD Blue drive is dying. It makes a grinding noise whenever I start foobar. (It also makes that noise when I run the seatools tests) The drive shows no errors in seatools tests, hd tune tests. Am I being paranoid or can a drive fail even when it passes the...
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    Windows Server 2008 Scheduled Task Bug

    Has anyone come across a bug in Windows Server 2008 when a scheduled task will not run when the option 'Run only when user is logged in' is unchecked? The task runs a simple batch file copies files to another folder.
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    Yamaha HS50M

    Any opinions on these speakers? I am looking to upgrade to these from a Swans M10 set. Is it a reasonable jump in quality? Other options are the A5s KRK RP6s Mackie MR5s. Right now, they'll connect directly to my on-board sound card on my PC (EP45-UD3P motherboard), but I might...
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    Windows 7 System Restore and VSS

    I was running a bit short on space on my 80GB SSD. I turned off hibernate, that gave me about 3.5 GB or so. I also changed the space allocated to system restore and previous versions (which I believe is VSS?) to the minimum allowed value. (1%, or about 750MB.). I do not plan to turn off page...
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    4870 CF vs New Card

    My current system is E8400 4 GB DDR2 EP45-UD3P Corsair 650HX 4870 1GB The system ran everything I wanted it to at 1920x1200 but I've gotten a new monitor, which is at 2560x1600. 70-80$ on a used 4870 1 GB and I should be set for a CF setup. (After I find the appropriate power...
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    Speaker Stand

    I use a set of Swans M10 and I find that I cannot keep the speakers and sub-woofer on my desk any longer. I am looking for some speaker stands (maybe about 4 feet high, even better if they are adjustable) that I can use with my speakers. All the stands I can find seem to be for satellites that...
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    Cross Website Adverts

    If I visit some website and search for a product, I notice that adverts for that product also popup in completely unrelated websites I visit. Is there any way (on the browser front) to disable this. I understand I can use adblock, but I would prefer not to. (If some website has excessive ads, I...
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    New Budget Speakers

    I am looking for a budget solution for my computer speakers. My previous speakers were the AL VS4121 and I am looking for something a bit better. My options seem to be Creative Gigaworks T20 - 90$ Klipsch Groove PM20 - 60$ Edifier S330D - 70$ [Used - someone selling locally - There...