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    Nvidia Purposely Reducing Hash Rate for RTX 3060 GPUs, Creates Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP)

    I'm buying the GPU for gaming only, dont mind them gimping it for mining. but let's be real, that still not gonna deter scalpers and miner to get the whole stock. The only real thing that would reduce the demand from miners are when the crypto currency crashes.
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    Happy birthday, Geforce Now

    so they made an alternative to those who cant get a GPU due to scalpers whom NVIDIA sold the GPU to...?
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    Robert A. Altman, ZeniMax Founder and CEO, Has Died

    so in summary.... something good for 2021..?
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    NVIDIA to Re-introduce GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER GPUs

    there's the pandemic going this time around which makes it worse. there's always issue of gpu shortage during launch day, but always able to be normalized within a few months.
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    Recommendations for a small PC case that is silent and has great airflow

    Maybe can check this out All mesh sides.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Corsair K70 rapidfire & logitech G502 non Hero
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    Go for the 5950x or risk waiting for 11900k?

    i see no reason to wait for the 11900k
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    Cyberpunk is Available - Lets share how your GPU/CPU is performing

    8086k @ 5ghz 32gb ddr4 samsung evo 970 ssd zotac 2060 1440p. Ultra preset with DLSS quality. Film grain & Chromatic aberration off. gets around 50 fps
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    That's the main reason why Hardware Unboxed didnt give much effort to NVIDIA RTX. The hardware is not yet there to make it a viable option to be turned on as default. To get a decent FPS with RTX on, you would at least get 3080. It is not as important as how NVIDIA is portraying. It will be...
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    Got the 3070 today should I step-up?

    go for the step up
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    Conventional wisdom: Need 4k+ monitors to make use of the RTX3080/90 or RX6800 series?

    i'm planning to get a 3080 or equivalent for my 2k 144 display just so i can maintain a high fps with high quality settings.
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    should I get a 27" 4k monitor? which lg model should I get?

    i think the minimum screen size for 4k is 32". 27" is just too small which would cause you too scale windows.
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    Do you think GPU stock/prices will get back to normal before end of the year?

    nope, think would begin to normalise in Feb
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    How long do you trust your PSU?

    till its dead or when its started to give instabilities.
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    Ships January: PNY 3070 $639 3090 $1915

    RGB broo, RGB
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    First Time Team Red - thoughts and ideas?

    the only advice i can give is not to immediately update to new driver. see the review of each new driver update prior
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    Best games to play on a ultrawide??

    MS flight sim?
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    Intel Corporation Class Action Lawsuit - 7nm Woes

    i remember reading an article years ago on Intel when they are still riding high on 14nm success. They are into 10nm development and have already started the discussion for 7mn. They also serving their big 5 customers including Amazon, Google and Facebook. Seeing how those big customers are...
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    Any new OLED monitors coming out next year (2021)?

    highly unlikely. AU Optronics line up still on IPS and VA LG still on IPS no news when or ever, samsung would produce...
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    Best 34/35" gaming monitor sub <=1k?

    the main factor for me in choosing between the LG and Samsung are the panels. LG is using IPS while Samsung using VA which gives way better contrast. if Samsung hadn't released their Odyssey range, id definitely pick up the LG
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    I had a friend revitalize an old case for me. Thoughts?

    you can say it was gutted
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    Good lord, prescription lens inserts are an incredible game changer!

    for person not wearing contacts on daily basis, it would be a hassle to put them on just to play VR. Also as a former contacts user, mine would felt dry and uncomfortable after a whole day wearing them even after using eye drops.
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    Lack of 16:10 options is DEPRESSING

    yeah, really miss using a 16:10 monitors. annoying have to scroll down just to see that last bit
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    The age of engineering life begins

    i thought the title is about engineers can finally have a life
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    AmpereGate! RTX 3080 instability

    As expected from every new tech launch. It's just how bad the issue is and how the parties responsible respond to it that makes it a bigger issue it is or not.
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    ASUS caught modifying GeForce RTX 3080 TUF and ROG STRIX PCB designs

    Just remind them of the Asus TUF 5700 GPUs
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    Buyer Beware: Newegg Shipping EVGA RTX 3080s Without Retail Boxes

    nahhh, just some miners doing bulk purchase
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    What's your strategy / gameplan to snag a 3090?

    if i were to buy one, i would just wait until all the models have been benchmarked to see the one with the best value. rushing to get new tech on day 1 is just foolish
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    Best 27-32" Gsync Monitor?

    yeapp, at least a 32 for 4k.
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    Are you going for reference Big Navi/RTX 3xxx or waiting for AIB offers?

    never went the reference way.
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    5.1 / 7.1 gaming (speakers) - worth it?

    dude, i live in 30c/86f average country and i always use the hardphones. only have the fan on. Also i dont think a 5.1/7.1 setup is worth it for gaming as you cant use them when you need to communicate in multiplayer games.
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    Best way to clean your high-end screens

    i use a brush to remove heavy dust, micro fiber for fine dusts. if stubborn stains, i would use water, no other chemicals used
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    Logitech Z625 Speaker System

    if wanna save money, might consider the Edifier R1280DB.
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    Creative introduces the Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus Pure Edition in a white finish with added RGB effects

    think i stopped using soundcards for almost 20 years, plagued by creative troublesome drivers. only used onboard audio until a few months back. now using external DAC. onboards are sufficient even for gaming, but if you want to improve your listening pleasure, external DACs is the way to go. i...
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    PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Reveal

    thanks for the info. now we wait for the new controllers to be launched
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    Samsung to stop (monitor) LCD production - Focuses on quantum dot OLEDs

    yeah, they want you to get new ones every year. my samsung tvs last around 5-6 years, current one already has one pink/purple strip.
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    PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Reveal

    thanks will look into it when i got a controller
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    PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Reveal

    thanks, gonna wait till the next gen consoles are out before deciding on which controller to purchase