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    1900 series driver for win 7?

    I have an old 1900 that I'm using for an old rig, and I was wondering if there was a trustworthy win 7 driver out there. Supposedly not officially supported, but I thought I saw some decent drivers back in the day.
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    Another new gaming rig.

    At some point this year I want to upgrade. Looking for thoughts on what to do. Tempted to just go with a cheaper DDR3 base build, but wondering if it's worth waiting on decent DDR4 prices with a next gen CPU. My Q9950, G.SKILL 4GB 1066 DDR2 isn't too bad for a lot of semi-modern games at...
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    Learning threading

    I'm making it a personal goal to become more skilled in multi threaded programming. I plan to come up with a discrete goal for achieving that. Maybe join an open source project that deals a lot with threading, maybe make a phone app, maybe research a topic and give a talk to fellow...
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    Games that left an impact

    What are some games that caused you to think about them when you're not playing, and especially after you beat the game, mainly because of the story or atmosphere or emotions it triggered. I just finished Bioshock Infinite and that game gave me some pause. Same happened with KOTOR 1 and...
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    Is kickstarter good for gaming?

    I don't want to start a troll thread and I don't think I'm stirring the pot, since a number of actual game threads have been interrupted with kickstarter debates. I'm merely taking the heat and diverting it to this thread. The can of worms was already opened. Let's keep the can here? (if...
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    Do all games get their sounds from the same place?

    Pigs in all games sound just like pigs for warcraft 2 farms, witcher 2 and many other games that have pigs. The Doom2 kill the imp, camel sound also heard everywhere including movies. And possibly the most common is rock/concrete scraping against rock/concrete whenever dungeons have mechanical...
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    The dead horse, PHP or

    I know this dead horse has been beaten dead 10 years ago. There are millions of topics on the subject on google. But I still have to ask as I'm indecisive. I have a web project that I want to do on the side. I want to have a good variety of data from various database tables served up...
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    if you were to make an MMO, a WoW clone...

    I know, you probably wouldn't to begin with.... but if you did... Would it be better to begin it as a $15 subscription first, then make it Free to play later? Or make it Free to play to begin with?
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    Elder Scrolls MMO (links found...
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    What game brought you to [H]?

    Oblivion brought me to [H]. I was trying for the first time to build my own computer dedicated to handling Oblivion. So somehow my searches for building a computer brought me here. Is there some game that directly/indirectly brought you here?
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    Texture development

    Does anyone in the industry know how big textures are before they are put into the game as the artist hands them off? Specifically, I'm wondering if all textures start out with a very high resolution and then reduced to fit into consoles and possibly even reduced for the PC. I always...
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    Overlooked RPGs

    Anyone play Arx Fatalis? Any thoughts on it? Never heard of it until recently. Any other ones I may have missed?
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    Sitting in heat

    I'm going to be moving my computer and right now, where I am, temperatures inside a car can get to 135 F / 57 C degrees or probably more. Would there be any issues if I let my computer sit in the car all day? Is anything, LCD screen, speakers, CPU (just kidding about CPU), affected by hot car...
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    Silverlight is worthless

    I'd say silverlight is going the way of the dinosaur (as if it hasn't already) when HTML5 becomes more mainstream when it comes to rich web experience. BUT I will be working on a web application project (.net), and I have the option of investing time into silverlight. I think that C#/MVC and...
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    Alternative to giving UAC rights to install

    Is there any sort of program that gives tiered control over what an installer does to your system? Rather than the traditional UAC: "Do you want this installer admin rights to do whatever it wants to your system?", is there a program that will help the installer process by asking a series of...
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    What is Valve doing with Team Fortress 2?

    It seems like the game is being updated almost every day. They are constantly putting on updates and events. Right now they are having double item drop weekend. I'm not sure how all this TLC is increasing their sales. Is this an experiment? Are they trying to make this into an online...
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    Dragon Age Ultimate ed. $25

    This has everything including the expansion pack and the 9 DLCs. At Impulse
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    All things equal, what's better: 2 DSL vs. Cable?

    I'm at a really small office that couldn't have cable because it wasn't available. So instead, two DSL lines were setup for it. But now cable is available. I don't know the exact numbers for upload/download per price, but I'm told 2 DSL lines add up to roughly the same price per speed as...
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    Valve surprises

    Gabe Newell: "We have three pretty big surprises in the next 12 months at least." Found here. In valve time does that mean, after 12 months we will start hearing of surprises? Ok, the real question. What's it going to be? LFD3? Valve takes over Black Mesa project? Half Life ep3...
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    frames per second in Oblivion

    Hey, I seem to be having problem with frames. I just wonder what you are all getting on your modern systems. I'm finding it sort of rare when my game pushes past 30 FPS. Texture mods, like QTP with AA/AF don't seem to affect my FPS by much. But looking at NPC actors will hurt my frames bad...
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    50% off Mount & Blade, Warband, Paradox

    Impulse has 50% their catalogue of Paradox games. Mount & Blade and it's Warband expansion are among them. If any of you don't care for Paradox, M&B isn't among them as it's a taleworlds game only published by Paradox.
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    Win 7 "search programs and files"

    Hey, i'm just wondering how I can give a little feedback for my start menu's nice feature where you just type the program you want. How do I get it to index some .exe I have, while ignoring some installer/uninstaller .exe that I don't want showing up? I often get a program's...
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    List your games that spoiled you against later games

    When you talk to crusty old gamers, many will say that games these days suck and nothing past ________ is worth playing. Even those of us, who aren't the crusty old gamers, will find that after playing one awesome game, the others after just aren't quite as enjoyable. For me, when I first...
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    Price drops near April 6th?

    Are we expecting to get a drop around the time of Fermi's release? Maybe all the 5000 cards return to their original MSRP?
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    Security software for Server 2008

    Just wondering what you use or what works best, and a good deal.
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    What's guild wars like?

    I know it's a well known game. Saw that the platinum edition is up at amazon for $8. Good combat mechanics? Single player quality? (I care little about the MMO experience). Is it very similar to other known RPG's? Is it mostly grinding or is there some good story action? I need to spend...
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    Where do you get images for websites from?

    Grabbing images from "google images" isn't quite like it's used to. Almost everything there has copyright strings attached to it. What do you do? Purchase from the photographers and artists? Googling "free stock photos" Contacting other websites for permission of re-use? "who cares, I'm...
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    Cheaper server build

    I'm looking for suggestions for a server: In this thread: there were some suggestions for a cheaper server. I thought the suggested hardware might be a good fit for what I have. Just wondered what you think. The server will be for...
  29. P XFX 5850 $260 (Out of Stock)

    Hey, I bought, an XFX 5850 off amazon a while ago as it was out of stock. Excellent price. I'm patient to wait for another week.... but I'm not patient for 2 months. Does anyone know, from past experience if I'm put on some waiting list where Amazon is already shipping 5850's to those who...
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    Wireless router wearing out?

    I have a wireless Lynksis wrt54g. It has served me well for a long while. But within the past year the wireless connection will randomly disconnect when streaming video. Not all the time, but it happens. When it happens I have to restart it to re-establish wireless. Is that normal for...
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    Impulse Driven

    How do you like them as opposed to steam? Better than steam in some ways? Any issues? Do mods work fine with it?
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    Free museum tickets

    This Saturday, for any participating museum. (Smithsonian affiliates)
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    Bioware fans beware

    Speculation of M$ buying EA Not that EA has been a great champion of PC gaming, but EA has taken a turn away from DRM. More importantly, planned PC games will probably never make it to the PC. Since M$'s goal is to bind all things to the 360 exclusively. Hopefully wrong speculation. And for...
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    Favorite player character

    I'm not asking about your favorite game. I wonder what your favorite player character is. Someone who fits as a named person in the game's story line. So, pick someone with a name for example, Gordon Freeman in Half Life. Be sure to mention the game's name. Sorry, but obviously your MMO...
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    recommend wiki engines

    Anyone have experiences with some of the open source wiki engine's around? What works out nicely, what didn't? I am open to either .net based or php. Also I'd like to keep private use in mind.
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    I'm torn between...

    I really want the ati's 4890 for it's nice price for performance. I plan on keeping my next card purchase for a while, and the 4890 will do nicely for me. but Nvidia has PPU, and games like dragon age will use some of that..... Choices....
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    Matrix RAID and games on Win 7/Vista

    What are some ways to set up Intel Matrix RAID. Ideally I'd like to run the games on RAID 0, while data on RAID 1. Is it possible to have everything reside on drive "C:" while specifying folders as to which RAID they run off? Or is having two drives the only way to really handle things...
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    Oblivion compared to Fallout 3

    Just want opinions on comparing these. I played Oblivion, but thinking of getting Fallout 3. What did you like in Oblivion that wasn't in Fallout and vice versa? Are some of Oblivion flaws gone? Are things in Fallout less repetitive than Oblivion? What did you like better? That sort of...
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    Both ASP.NET and PHP (and/or Java)

    How much likely are you to get jobs if you know both ASP.NET and PHP as opposed to only one. (comments on other server sides welcome too) Big points for the HR in sifting through through the resume pile? Not a big deal. Small edge?
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    Is dreamweaver a must?

    Well, it's not exactly a must since I'm not using it, but I'm just curious as to your thoughts. I've been manually making stuff with notepad++ and Visual Web Developer (since I'm making ASP.NET pages). Yeah, I'm cheap, I don't like Adobe prices. I guess dreamweaver saves a lot of time...