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    2.5 Gigabit Nic PCie V 2.1 backwards compatible with Pcie V 2.0 ?

    I Want to upgrade my network To 2.5 Gigabit Im buying this switch I found this 2.5 Gigabit Nic But i'm not sure the motherboard in my "server pc" is backwards compatible the Nic is a PCI...
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    2 x Samsung 850 Evo Raid 0 setup for game drive

    Thanks for the answer :)
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    2 x Samsung 850 Evo Raid 0 setup for game drive

    2 x Samsung 850 Evo Raid 0 setup as 1 game drive , would you recommend useing Raid 0 bios setup or what about Windows 10 Raid 0 Disk Management ? It´s on a brand new Z390 Gigabyte AORUS MASTER motherboard can you setup the RAID 0 after windows 10 is installed ? I have 1 Samsung 970 Evo...
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    Battlefield V

    Everything you need to know about Battlefield 5
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    a nice solo win of mine :D
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    Good news everyone! 1st person servers are coming to @PUBATTLEGROUNDS in our next monthly update!
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    Battlegrunds is using battleye anti cheat , it works great for Rainbow six siege :)
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    Ubisoft Giving Away Yet Another Free Game

    It does auto patch games ;)
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    Watch Dogs 2

    New Gameplay video
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    Watch Dogs 2

    Watch Dogs 2 Online Multiplayer Trailer - Gamescom 2016 Watch Dogs 2 - Creating Cooperative and Competitive Chaos in a Seamless Open World [US]
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    Doom 4 E3 reveal.

    DOOM Will Receive Vulkan Patch "Shortly After Launch" DOOM Will Receive Vulkan Patch "Shortly After Launch" | PC Perspective
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    Battlefield 5

    Nope ☺All new battlefields games ( BF 3 / BF 4 / Hardline ) use battle log = dedicated servers.
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    Doom 4 E3 reveal.

    DOOM - launch trailer
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    Battlefield 5

    A small 9 sec teaser video ;) hmhmh... this look it is WW 2 theme, maybe Alternate history like Wolfenstein: The New Order ? :D
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    Jedi Outcast/Academy mods

    Tjek her at moddb.
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    Intel & Micron 3D XPoint Memory

    A good summarize about 3D XPoint from Cnet : "Intel and Micron today unveiled their all-new memory technology called 3D XPoint (pronounced "cross-point"). This is a new...
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    Squad (game)

    yes , the final game is probably 2 years away , but if you backet it on kickstarter now with $ 37. you can play it on steam early access in Q4 2015 ;)
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    Squad (game)

    This game looks very promising , from ex developers of Project Reality. The game is useing the Unreal Engine 4. Gameplay video with Jacksfrags (Pre-Alpha) :
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    Steam Beta Adds FPS Counter

    Nvidia Shadowplay also has FPS counter build in now ;)
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    Far Cry 4 PC Patch 1.6.0 Introduces Major Save Glitch

    i can highly recommend GameSave Manager. this could save a lot of troubles with save games geting corrupt
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    TotalBiscuit talks about , Hatred has its Greenlight page removed by Valve - Dec. 16th, 2014
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    Doom 2 Remake In Unreal Engine 4

    The doom 2 Remake mod for unreal engine 4 , is now playble :) youtube video demonstration : Project Page : download link ...
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    Battlefield: Hardline

    Battlefield Hardline delayed to 2015
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    Doom 2 Remake In Unreal Engine 4

    One guy is doing a remake of doom 2 in Unreal Engine 4 more info in the links : Official moddb page :
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    Doom 4 now just Doom teaser trailer

    While waiting for the new doom , I highly recommend you trying out BRUTAL DOOM. TotalBiscuit video about BRUTAL DOOM : read the youtube video "about" how to install BRUTAL DOOM. BRUTAL DOOM info :
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    STALKER:COP mod help

    tjek out STALKER Complete 2009 (2012) have fun :)
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    Doom 4 now just Doom teaser trailer

    gametrailers - Bonus Round QuakeCon Part 1: Doom Reveal
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    another Review :
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    Watch Dogs

    Watch Dogs ultimate convoy blockade (DLC mission) this is damn hard mission ! More Watch Dogs video from my playlist :
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    Watch Dogs

    I Just played the first mission i watch dogs. The game looks pretty good on ultra settings(1080 P resolution) , ultra textures , SMAA antialising. And preformance was good, no stutter or lag. My hardware specs : Core i7 2600k 3.4 Ghz Stock speed 16 Gb Ram GTX 780 Palit OC 3 GB Vram The...
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    New Unreal Engine 4 | Effects Cave Tech Demo |

    New Unreal Engine 4 | Effects Cave Tech Demo | Remember to select 4K video quality :)
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    Thief Gold - HD Textures MOD

    Tjek out this HD Textures MOD for the orinal Thief (Gold) game : Download link to the MOD :
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    Thief Reboot (coming 2014)

    Check out Thief Gold HD Mod v0.9.2 very impressive : you can buy the orginal Thief Gold, on steam now
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    DayZ $29.99

    What is the pricing model? The game will get more expensive as it moves through its development, starting out fairly cheap and rising in price as its matures and more features get added. When you buy it once, you will have access to the whole DayZ Game. No decision or information exists about...
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    New official Trailers : Multiplayer : Single Player :
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    Battlefield 4 BattleRecorder petition

    The youtuber Jack Mason A.K.A. Jackfrags, has setup a petition for BattleRecorder for Battlefield 4. Please sign this petition if your interested. In this video Jackfrags explain BattleRecorder : Sign the petition here ...
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    10 Maps , more details on the maps right here :
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    Awesome Battlefield 4 Beta Montage :)
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    AMD Hawaii-based graphics cards to mass ship in October

    AMD Teases Next Enthusiast GPU: Still 28nm, 23% Smaller Than GK110 ;)