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    Some Ad on front-page asks for login info

    This was super weird:
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    Water cooling build critique

    I'm looking to build a custom water loop, it's been a *long* time since I've done one (my P4 2.4C was the last one I water cooled, heh) I've put together what I think is a sufficient system for cooling an i7 4770k, hopefully delidding it as well for better temps and cooling bare to the die, yes...
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    Sent board in for RMA, got original back with nothing fixed. Yay ASUS.

    Obviously board still not working. This was to ASUS on my Rampage III Formula. 4 of the USB ports refuse to work and the Ethernet controller doesn't work either. I included that in the note when I mailed it in, so umm, what's the deal? I reinstalled windows fresh on a different hard...
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    Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi Earbuds w/ Mic + Button 59.99+ship, normally 169! Hope you guys get this! These were 120 yesterday! Deal of the Day woot!
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    Partitioning Question - MBR - R5 - 4x1TB Drives

    So I've got a Dell Perc 5/i Raid card that is home to a new Raid5 array of 4x1TB WD Black drives. Is MBR limited to 2TB total used space of the drive you are booting from, or should I be able to use the remaining space on my drive? That is to say, I know that MBR has a 2TB limit on partition...
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    Help with drive problems

    So I have two Raid0 arrays on my P5K-E Wifi/AP (P35/ICH9R), both report as healthy, are seen in the Intel Matrix Storage Console, and I can even verify the data on the raid array that is being problematic. It's my 2x750GB array that I cannot access within windows, I haven't tried from another...
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    most recent repair on my girlfriends macbook

    huge mess, huge post on my blog' please read it. thanks for your time, it's so sad it's been so difficult...
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    Having issues with PM's

    Today my PM's are not getting marked as read, nor am I able to send PM's in reply; after multiple attempts and even manually marking the PM as read, and sending 3 replies, there is still nothing in my sent box and my PM is still marked as unread.
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    Down to these two! ASUS P5K vs. P5N32-E

    I'm mostly looking for experiences with Quad-core overclocking, and just any experiences you guys have had with either of these boards. I won't be using SLI or Crossfire, but just for performance and overclocking with a Quad-core with say an 8800GTS 320 at the helm and 2GB of DDR2 800/1066...
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    Which mobo for me?

    While I love my Shuttle for it's form factor, I think the upgrading and overclocking options are too limited. This would also make for a great machine to pass on to my sister or something of the sort. I would be re-using my X-fi, 8600GTS, E6400, 2GB Patriot DDR2-667, WD 750GB HD, and Optical...
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    What OS do you use for your HTPC?

    I want to know, considering an HTPC build for myself and am wondering (after checking the stickies and stuff) which OS you guys use and what guides you used to get everything up and running. Is Linux the HTPC king or has Windows MCE found it's place on your boxen?
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    Ideas to watercool Shuttle case.

    I wanna see what other SFF/Shuttle owners have done to their machines and what pumps and such they used. I figure it'd be near impossible to fit it all inside and still maintain full functionality, like optical drive and stuff... so what kinda external things have been done? What gear are...
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    BFG 7800GTX OC 256MB same fan speed in 2D and 3D

    This is a freshly RMA'd card and it comes with the newer revision of the heatsink. The fan does NOT change speed no matter what mode it is. My shuttle PC was very quiet with the old revision of the card; but it decided to bite the dust on me, and this new card is fresh from BFG and is way...
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    7200.9 Very Loud.

    I must have had horrible luck getting these drives because I'm on my 5th of these drives now. I bought two 500GB capacity versions of this model of drive from Fry's when they had a 199.99 each deal and they were quiet and nice for a while, then one drive started beeping? I read up on this...
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    Looking to pick up a Shuttle.

    So. I do my research, I look at all the DIY SFF stuff, cases, mobo's, etc. I still just prefer the form factor of the Shuttle machines, and I've convinced myself that the SD32G2B as found on for 279.99+shipping is right for me. I'll be putting an E6400, 2GB of PC6400, a 500GB...
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    Mac OS X 10.4.9 Update and iPhoto 6.0.6 released.

    10.4.9 is a long time coming and I'm glad to see it finally released, I could care less about iPhoto. Stupid space hogging useless App. Anyway, go update your machines! The release notes are here: I like the 'Third Party' section and the...
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    Gateway FPD2275W vs. Dell 2007WFP

    These are the two LCD's I'm interested in. Both have USB hubs, both have VGA, DVI, S-Video, and Composite Video inputs. The Gateway has Component Video as well, and as far as I'm aware, does 1:1 pixel mapping. The Dell does not have Component Video, and I'm not sure about the pixel...
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    removed my apple support dock icon

    was wondering if anybody knows how to get it back... edit: or rather the 'Apple - Mac OS X' icon from the dock, ya know.. next to my recycle bin.
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    Subscribed Thread updates as RSS feed?

    Is this possible? It would be awesome.
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    MacFUSE by Google released

    Google released a Mac port of the popular FUSE User-Space File System software. Installing it from Google's download requires Xcode to be installed, BUT there is an installer package available from these guys: I've tested and...
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    Irregular CPU usage on A8N32-SLI Deluxe

    I scratched the back of my A8N-SLI Premium while re-installing my G4Storm Waterblock one day and started having horrible instability, which I attributed to of course, my scratch on the back of the board on the CPU-Memory leads. I then purchased a A8N32-SLI Deluxe to replace my A8N-SLI...
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    xbox controller with cs. how?

    title says it all, i modded my xbox for pc use back in the days of cs 1.3 and it wouldn't work right, so i'm wondering if anyone knows of any driver sets and configs that work with cs and an xbox controller and no i don't want to just get cs for xbox, cause that won't be with my friends.
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    256mb FX5200?

    what a waste of good memory they could put on better cards. Anyone have any benchmarks on this card, I thinking it's equal or WORSE than the normal 128 meg 5200. And don't yell at me for wanting one, cause i really don't i'm just trying to keep a friend from getting it, he's all 256meg...
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    Favorite LanParty Drink

    must i say more.
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    CoreLan Jan. 2nd in WA

    i want to go but i want to go snowboarding too, it's a tough choice.
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    some pics from our small new years lan.

    pics from the lan my new desktop background (me.equals("god")) my desktop pc (note the dualies) all right! yes i'm in the light blue shirt eattofuholmes is the fatter one comicbob is the tall one and badjoke is the man in the strokes t-shirt