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    Advice with pfSense roadmap (ASA replacement)

    Hey guys - trying to get my ducks in a row for replacing a Cisco 5510 and a Barracuda Link Balancer with a virtual pfSense appliance. This is partially due to eliminating support contract costs (nearly $3k annually between both appliance) and partially to utilize the redundancy and fault...
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    SilverStone RAVEN RV02 - Is it any good?

    I currently have a Lian Li mid tower that has served me well for many years now. Recently I have upgraded to 3 GPU's and heat as well as space are starting to become a concern. I'm looking for a case that has nice toned down aesthetics (like the Lian Li's) but also is a full tower with really...
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    Upgrade my PSU for 3x 670's?

    I've got another 670 coming in on Monday along with a 3570K...and it occurred to me only today that my little Corsair TX750 is not going to cut it. Now I'm only going to be running 3 cards for now, but I want to have the capacity to run 4. Now would I be able to get away with running the TX750...
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    Need to backup ZFS folder to tape

    Hey guys, I have a ZFS system and some LTO4 tapes along with a single tape backup drive (not a changer). I need to know the easiest way to dump my ZFS folder/pool onto the tapes in series. I am aware of the tar to tape method, but I'm not sure if there is a way to split the tar into multiple...
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    ESXi All in One Boxen Project

    Hey guys, been running a single low end Windows server for the last 10 years or so at home and doing all my testing/lab virtualization on my beefy workstation with VMware. I've come to the point where I would like to move to a more powerfull router/firewall at home and have settled on pfsense...
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    PKA not working on some OSX 10.6.8 machines

    I'm trying to setup a backup job with backuppc using rsync and PKA (public key auth over SSH). I use the same process on all our Mac's but half of them PKA works and half of them it does not work and prompts for password when trying to SSH from the server to the Mac. However SSH PKA from the Mac...
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    The Android Automation Project

    So several months back I decided that I was tired of having multiple remotes sitting around and wanted to centralize my control scheme. I started researching many, many different solutions. I have done extensive research on the offerings from URC, Crestron, Logipoop, and many others. But these...
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    Crashing when switching sources on AVR

    Ok guys I recently revamped my HTPC that I have in my basement H/T. I built the machine in my office and didn't have any issues clocking it to a nice stable 3.0GHz. When I moved it into its final resting place in my rack in the basement I started getting weird issues. If I change the...
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    How man CFX bridges are needed to 2 Cards?

    Ok guys never ran a Crossfire setup before and I see people with both 1 and 2 bridges installed while having only 2 cards. Which is correct?