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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    IMO you should not upgrade for some game that is not out yet if you were satisfied with your previous system. By the time the game is out you probably would get a GPU that is faster than GTX580 for the same amount of money.
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    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    The way I did it with the hardest difficulty level is to use the mounted gun. You can remove the mounted gun and use like the other gun. There will be around 20 guys coming at you before it stops.
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    Prey 2 confirmed!

    It will not use id tech 5 engine.
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    Antec High Current Gamer 900W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Wow from a highly acclaimed Signature 850 to this. Antec must have been resting on their laurel and hope that their reputation will carry their sales.
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    Man Arrested Making YouTube Video

    Maybe you were on the restricted part of the Autobahn? It is very rare to not see a car speeding over 200 km/h on the unrestricted part of the Autobahn.
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    Man Arrested Making YouTube Video

    Maybe he should come to Germany Veyron doing 353 km/h No worries about getting arrested. Not sure if the police light is legal though.
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    why video game graphics have so low quality?

    This is what they used to render Avatar. This is why we are not getting the prerendered quality on our 3D games yet. Even the mightiest ATI and Nvidia cards will not hold a candle against these monsters. It is not stated how long did they need to render for each frame. I don't know when will...
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    BMW Security Vehicle Training

    I forgot this link. It shows that the car is rated up to B6/B7.
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    BMW Security Vehicle Training

    IIRC the armored BMW 7 series is rated up to B6/B7 standard. So it is not retarded and the handgun wont shot the driver in the face.
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    GTX 560 vs HD 6950?

    Yes I posted all that to prove that they aren't 100% the same because someone is saying the difference is just the bios and that link from techpowerup show otherwise. I did not post that to show that 6950 will not unlock or maintain 6970 clockspeed. Just in case you missed my quote. So are...
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    GTX 560 vs HD 6950?

    This from here Just in case you are too lazy too click it. Power Connectors (Source: can be seen with the eye) The two cards have a different power-connector configuration. 6950: 2x 6 pin 6970: 1x 6 pin and 1x 8 pin Different PCBs...
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    Ati no work games list?

    I just tried Quake 3 Arena. Works fine on my 6950.
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    Transparency AA - A Couple of Questions

    1. I can't help you here. 2. Supersampled Transparency AA only works on transparent texture for example chain link. You still need regular AA for the edges. More detailed explanation here
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    6950 Owners: Was Your Unlock Successful?

    No not really. A few really do not unlock. You can go and read the extensive thread at techpowerup. Even some poster here are having trouble. Here is one
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    partial n00b Setup check please

    Yes you certainly can run it from one card. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Any advantage using my X-Fi Titanium over 6950 HDMI

    I just bought a ATI 6950. It is my first graphics card to come with HDMI connection. Before I was using my X-Fi with optical spdif passthru. So that means I am passing the DAC on the X-Fi right? So if I am using the HDMI connection for audio, theoretically it should sound the same as before...
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    AMD Radeon HD 6950 to HD 6970 Mod

    Happen to me too and I think it was due to the core not the memory.
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    Please Post Links to Reputable 6900 Reviews When They Go Up
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    First official HD69xx review is up!
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    Max safe everyday volt for GTX580

    You have a better card than mine. Mine can go 820/2025 @ 1.038v (stock VID).
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    Max safe everyday volt for GTX580

    What is the safe volt that you can give to GTX580 for everday use? The EVGA superclock comes with 1.081v so that should be a safe everyday volt right otherwise EVGA wouldn't ship them out. I also read from XS that the range of volt adjustable in MSI Afterburner is dependent on each card, so...
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    More GeForce GTX 580 Rumors

    Yeah dont care about folding, bring me a specialize gaming card without the unnecessary features to reduce cost and power consumption.
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    Outlook 2010 rules

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    Outlook 2010 rules

    Is there any way to apply the move to folder rules for emails that are already downloaded? I know you can use the "run this rule now" option but is there any way to make it automated everytime I start Outlook? I want it automated because I am using my phone to check for email and when I open...
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    Only 0.3% of Files on BitTorrent Confirmed to Be Legal

    I am just trying to play a devil's advocate here. If the finding is true 99.7% of the traffic is illegal. What is the percentage of computers, cars, guns and pencils that are being used for illegal purpose? Surely nothing near 99.7% isn't it.
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    Only 0.3% of Files on BitTorrent Confirmed to Be Legal

    You got it the other way around. Only 0.3% is legal.
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    How fast is today's phone cpu?

    I would like to know how fast is today's phone cpu compared to desktop cpu? For example the Snapdragon 1.0ghz, is it as fast as let say Pentium 200mhz? You can also give the comparison for other smartphone for example Iphone 3gs or Blackberry Storm/Bold.
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    Sleep mode while downloading?

    The OP is asking if the Windows can let the download finishes before going to sleep, not downloading while sleeping. Maybe the OP can use a download accelarator that have such option because most torrent client do have such option such as utorrent. There is an option in utorrent to prevent...
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    Sleep mode while downloading?

    Wouldnt that disable sleep completely?
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    How to disable auto-detect during POST

    That definitely a function of BIOS and not Windows 7. I doubt you used the same hardware as XP as that function is independent of the OS used.
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    Sleep mode while downloading?

    I believe that is program dependent. The program has to be coded to prevent the sleep mode kicking in while its running. Maybe you can check the settings if there is an option preventing sleep mode there.
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    Most stable mobo for linux server

    I am going to use the new x6 cpu to power a Linux server for virtualization. What is the most stable board out there?
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    L4D 2 question

    Do I have to play L4D first to enjoy L4D 2 or are they totally independent of each other?
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    Intel to Ship Samples of Experimental 48-core Processor

    Pentium Dual-Core E2140 - 1600 MHz - June 3, 2007 Pentium Dual-Core E2160 - 1800 MHz - June 3, 2007
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    Windows 7 RDC but why no Aero?

    Both of them are Pro edition and one is 64 and the other is 32 bit. Tried the client and server on both of them and the Aero is disabled. Already ticked all the options under experience. Any idea why? EDIT: Just found out this Aero Glass remoting doesn’t work under anything other than Windows...
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    Toyota Recall Highlights Potential Car Computer Troubles It will be mighty hard to push 225 pounds while concentrating not to crash a 120 mph car.
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    i7 930 and Microcenter

    How much faster do even want to oc? 21x200 is 4.2 and most non extreme wont get over that. In theory yes the 930 would be a better ocer but in practice it wont make any difference.
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    How long before games reach Avatar's quality?

    I've seen the movie and the special effects and animation are top notch. How long do you guys think before we can create that level of 3d world in games? My guess is 20 years.
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    Voodoo and Voodoo 2 price?

    I had both back in the days but I can't remember how much I paid for them. Anyone remembers how much did they go for?