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    iOS Document Viewer (Offline)

    I am looking for a simple app which will allow my boss (who has no clue how to use his phone) to read word/excel/pdf when he does not have a data connection or so he can save files from an email for later review. I have Evernote, but just the free version and not sure how well the Pro version...
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    Small 5-7" LCD Screen

    I am working on a car mod and have a screen already installed and working, but it was cheap and already starting to show burn in problems. I am looking for something that is 5-7 inches and can run when the car is on and not have issues displaying a mostly static image minus some digital gauges...
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    Dedicated GPU

    Looking for a good, quiet, dedicated GPU. Upgraded to Windows 7 and video playback just seems a bit laggy and starting to give me a headache. Hoping with a little more GPU power it will go away. ~Requirements: ~PCIe ~Under 150USD ~HDMI out Pretty simple, just want to drop in a GPU...
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    TV Tuner card - IR Hardware Not Detected

    IR Hardware Not Detected, this is where I get to with setting up my TV tuner card and cannot get past this screen. WinTV-HVR 1600 - Internal HDTV Card (PCI) AT&T Uverse Not really sure what to do, Google brings up so many different options and none seem to pertain to my issue directly. I go...
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    MS certified Exchange class

    My office is wanting to get me certified in MS Exchange plus anything else that would be essential and I am looking for some help on where to look (locally of course), I am in Houston, Texas. My office is a small office (about 20 users currently), the exchange server is located in the UK with...
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    Windows 7 shutdown errors

    Every time I shutdown in Windows Ultimate 64bit I usually close firefox, thunderbird, and anything on my left screen. On the right screen I have pidgin, rainmeter and ultramon exteneded when I shut down, plus a few other things with just icons in the notification area. Here are the errors I...
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    Windows 7 & 8800GTX

    Got Windows 7 loaded on the desktop this past weekend and things are great and one by one I got the needed drivers for all my gear. Intentionally waited to do the GPU last since my displays were fine at full resolutions for office work & internet browsing. Installed 191.07 and my 20" keeps its...
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    WHS and video stuttering

    I recently added three WD15EADS to my WHS and have a few movies on the drives (other 4 drives are 1TB WD Green drives all at 98%). I went to stream the blu-ray .ISO files to my HTPC and it loaded fine and the movie started playing just as normal, but about 45 minutes into the movie it started to...
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    OTA TV Tuner card only

    I have Uverse and am not able to record since it is IPTV, now I love the Uverse DVR, but I want to be able to record some shows onto my HTPC to watch down the road. Plus I want to free up some recording time on my DVR so I can watch TV and record. Best options? Hoping for a PCI card so it can...
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    Flight Simulator X system

    A co-worker wants to get into flight simulator X, is there anything better? But my task is to build him a solid system. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc ~Flight Simulator X, Internet 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? ~Unknown...
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    Hard drive or OS disc?

    Have a computer at my office where I thought the hard drive died since I could not load into Windows and nothing showed up in the BIOS, I ran the Windows XP disc just to see if I could re-install the OS or do some repairs and it kept saying no hard drive present error, so I got a new hard drive...
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    Who is accessing the file?

    We are having a small problem in my office where people are accessing the same file, and then because they cannot save it (already in use by another use) they just save a new copy. I have spoken to my IT department and they stated they do not want any third party software on the server, but if I...
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    iPhone 3.0 error, old?

    Is this a new error message, I updated my co-workers iPhone and he just received this error message. No way to really check where it came from or what caused it, but just sharing for others.
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    Logitech G25 racing stand/setup

    I just purchased a Logitech G25 and am ready to start hitting some good racing games, finally. My only concern is I have yet to find a way to mount it properly, I will be using this with my PS3 and television. No desk to mount the wheel to so I am looking for the next best thing. Budget I would...
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    Heading to England for a week

    Heading to England for a week for some vacation and looking at my options of phone use and that sort of thing. I currently have a HTC Touch Pro on AT&T (AT&T Fuze), running eliteR3 - 20090115. Do not think I will need to be calling home at all, but what about calling people who are in England...
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    WD15EADS thoughts?

    Looking to throw four more hard drives into my server, 2TB drives have not dropped enough in price and WD has produced 1.5TB drives at a good price. Any problems with these? I have the 1TB green drives and love them, was hoping to go all 2TB but 1.5TB times four should last me awhile I think.
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    Bluetooh print adapter

    My boss has me looking for an adapter so he can print from his laptop over bluetooth. He has a Dell tablet, maybe a year old, which has bluetooth but at home he does not have a wireless network (uses Verizion data network for internet), and too print he must physically go to the printer and plug...
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    Gaming crashing because of driver?

    Lately when playing Left 4 Dead my game will crash with a driver error, I thought it was a heat issue since most of the time it happened it was the middle of the day and I had no cold air in the house. Though tonight with the air on and a refresh boot after ten minutes of play it happened. Here...
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    Community tab

    I noticed a new community tab, next to FAQ & Calendar: ~Social Groups ~Picture & Albums ~Contact & Friends Are these features live and ready for us to use or no? Thanks.
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    Blu-ray to portable devices

    I never invested heavily into DVD, but am picking up blu-rays whenever I see a good sale. My one concern was, still is, getting these files to a portable device without taking up massive space. I have a server that stores them all, but that is terabytes of space, I want to be able to drop a...
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    2TB in stock where?

    So after the first release of the 2TB they seemed to have sold out that day, was fine since they were 260+ in price. Now it has been some time and no one still has gotten any in stock that I usually shop with, and I am needing to get one. Anyone have a reliable source to purchase from at a fair...
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    Windows Update (Vista)

    The past couple of days I have had four updates for Windows Vista Ultimate that will not install. It gets to about 11% download, then jumps to installing. The updates are: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista x64 (KB961260) Update Rollup for ActiveX Killbits...
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    Windows Home Server FAQ

    Windows home server needs an FAQ here, and I thought I would give it a try. I hope to keep this up to date and evolving as the OS does. For a quick, rough, run down of features you can look at Wikipedia. If anyone wants to add, correct me, ask questions, or just leave a message please do...
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    I finally got it working properly on my Vista machine, my only question(s) now are what to do when I need to reboot. If I reboot I lose my setup and arrangement, is there a way to save a file to load up what I had previously? Also, how do I get Rainmeter 0.14 to run at start up, even when saying...
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    Great place to buy music CDs?

    Yes I do still like to buy my music on CDs, but with online retailers things have changed. I am looking at getting the best deal on CDs, as I am rebuilding my collection and have a long way to go.
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    Touch Pro (Fuze) screen flashing

    I am on my second AT&T Fuze, the first one had this issue I am going to talk about plus more so I was able to get a replacement. When I got the new phone things felt much better, until about two weeks ago when this problem began again. I could leave my phone sitting there, no alerts, no...
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    Internal company website

    So I have pitched a good idea to my company and they love it and want to do it. Basically it is a simple database linking all our reports we send to clients so we can search. I plan on using FrontPage 2003, but have not done any HTML for many years. Currently we have an excel file with all the...
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    Silent 80mm case fans

    I just finished up a media server, used the Norco 4020, and the 4-5 80mm case fans are turbines. I need to find some silent fans that will allow this server to run 24/7 without anyone hearing, the only plus I found to the Norco stock fans, they push a very solid amount of air. Thanks.
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    Archos 5 v. Cowon v. Other?

    Quick background, had an EDGE iPhone then a 3G iPhone then an AT&T Fuze. Giving up the iPhone was easy, but the media/internet was much more fluid on the iPhone. I enjoy Opera a lot more than Safari, but the UI in WinMo is a bit lacking at times. Been reading up on the Archos 5 and it looks...
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    Visio 2007

    My office asked me to do a diagram and layout of our server room, found Microsoft had a nice looking program called Visio and downloaded the trail. Install went fine, rebooted (as instructed), opens fine but cannot drag any icons into the layout. Maybe I have no clue what I am doing, but I...
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    1.5TB or wait?

    I finally will be finishing up my media storage, loving the Norco case so far, and have been trying to decide on what hard drives to use. Since I will be using WHS it does not hurt if I have different size hard drives, but I am more worried about the 1.5TB drives currently. My three options I...
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    WAV v. FLAC

    Either one better than the other? I currently have about 30 CDs on backed up on my computer in .WAV, but just got EAC to test FLAC. First couple of songs I do not hear anything really different between WAV, FLAC, or the CD. Maybe with much better hardware/gear I could, but what do others think...
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    WHS beginner

    So I have been doing some reading before I get WHS so I know a few things about it, but was hoping [H] might have some solid pointers about the OS so I can get off to a great start. Things I already know: ~It is a pool system ~There are add-ons ~Can use it to back up A couple of my...
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    AT&T Uverse

    Well, anyone who has read my TV tuner card thread knows I am getting Uverse. Though it seems for the time I am out of luck with the tuner card, no big deal. AT&T has a pretty solid DVR already, which is great, but I am wondering about a few other things. ~How many channels can I record at...
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    TV tuner card

    So, after having my HTPC for almost a month now, there is one thing I left out because I was unsure if I wanted or was going to need it, TV tuner card. After a month of use, and more research I have found it would be exactly what I need in this setup. A bit of background so you can help me...
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    Google Chrome

    Real quick note, I am very close to uninstalling this and moving on. When I first got it, it was ok, I really liked the interface and felt it was a bit snappier. It also provided me some features I liked (nice "extras"). Though, lately I have been having some issues and am getting really tired...
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    Norco 4020 case

    I figured this might be the best place for some questions about this case, as I know many here use it. ~What order does the SATA backplate follow to the actual drives? ~Did anyone else have problems with the fan divider, getting it in/out? ~The power cables for the hard drives and the fans...
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    Move Steam games from OS drive to second internal hard drive

    So, all my Steam games are installed on my OS drive, and I now have two 750GB drives I can use for anything. I am going to be using one for music, maybe FLAC but unsure yet (something lossless). The second I was looking at using for all my games, but steam is already installed on my OS drive...
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    USB drive programs

    I have a 2GB USB drive I want to load some programs on for on the go that can launch from the USB drive. A few things I am looking for: ~Web browser (FF, Chrome, Opera) ~All in one IM client (AIM, MSN, etc.) ~AV scan ~CCleaner (or similar) Plus anything else you might suggest I throw...
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    Wireless webcam

    Our office has almost finished moving into a new place and the meeting room is sort of my responsibility in bringing it into the new age. So, I got approval for video conferencing, and since we already have a PC in the back of the room and a television on the opposite side. I was hoping to just...