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    Apple Tv - Stream iPad To Projector

    How smooth is the mirroring? I would imagine for basic web browsing/power point it is fine, but what about streaming games or high resolution video?
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    YouTube: 72 Hours Of Video Uploaded Every Minute

    The other side of the equation is how much is removed every minute? From illegal movies, unauthorized content, etc.
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    Fiat Photo Bombs VW On Street View

    Correct, though the Mazda portion has been greatly reduced over the years. Also, Astron Martin use to be under Ford for awhile until about five years ago, one reason many newer Ford designs draw from Aston Martin front end.
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    Big Government Wants a Black Box in YOUR Car

    A heads up for some of you worried about this in 2015, many car manufactures already have black boxes which follow more data than this when you drive. Many do just an accident report and usually involves the last 30 seconds, but many cars already have these and more but the keys to access the...
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    iPad (3), MBA, or None?

    I agree with this, from your second post it sounds like the iPad is the last piece of tech you use on the rare occasion. I would pocket the cash and go without an iPad for awhile, I sold mine gen 1 a few weeks before I got the 3 and honestly missed it everyday. I bet if you sell it, after a week...
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    iPad (3), MBA, or None?

    I ended up with the iPad 3 instead of a MBA, though I have a Dell 13" laptop (E4310 I believe) from work but hate carrying it around. I use my iPad for everything I need, and even for work now. It is one of those choices where are you willing to sacrifice some laptop functions for the mobility...
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    Google Earns More From iOS Than Android?

    I think it all goes back to 2007 when Apple released the iPhone and Google signed up a big contract to be the primary search, maps, etc. provider for the phone. This gave them a great chance to dominate the mobile market if the iPhone was a success, which it has shown to be, and in return they...
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    How Netflix Recommendations Work

    They have that, go to DVD then select a category and then click 'See all -genre-' and on the upper right below the search box is a check box that says, show rated/seen titles. I never see movies I have viewed or rated unless I am searching for something.
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    Facebook To Buy Instagram For $1B

    Instagram is on both iOS & Android, and Facebook said they do not want to merge the two websites. They view Instagram as its own entity with its own social network, they are just buying it for patents and to boost themselves up a little before they go public.
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    Netflix Buys Domain

    Obviously just a protective measure for when they do attempt to split the company again, this time with a slightly better name maybe?
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    Who's getting a new iPad? (poll)

    I am skipping 4G since I can just use my iPhone for hotspot (yes only 3G) if I need it, and my office pays for my phone so less I have to spend. I doubt I can get in line and wait tomorrow, have to work, which is why I was hoping to go Saturday. There is an Apple store in the mall across from my...
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    Who's getting a new iPad? (poll)

    Ordering a wifi version this weekend, trying to decide what size to get though. Also, what are the odds of walking into a store this weekend and them having some in stock?
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    Only thing that changed on New IPad is the screen

    You also get bluetooth 4.0 and while not a lot has this integrated yet it is slowly rolling out making external devices even better and not so battery hungry. Beyond the screen & better hardware I guess there is not much but if you enjoy iOS the hardware is worth the upgrade. I have an original...
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    HUD Google Glasses Are Coming Soon

    Sounds cool, similar tech is already in use with goggles: Now with Google I am sure these will be a bit sleeker and have more information/data which can be displayed.
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    I want a mac.

    4 hours plus works for me. I will not be gaming, purely web browsing and office applications, now to decide what I 'need' in the laptop.
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    I want a mac.

    silent-circuit, what do you see as your average battery life (and type of usage)? Time to stop carrying around the 13" Dell (5+lbs) and want something extremely portable and the 11" MBA seems perfect.
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    MPAA Blasts Anti-SOPA Blackouts As Dangerous Stunts

    Which means they will rename it and try again in 2 months.
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    Wikipedia to Join Web Blackout Protesting SOPA

    Google will join in:
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    Samsung's Transparent Smart Window

    That is not the video I originally saw, but another from CES said that it is one way so no one can view what is on the window from the outside.
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    Quad-Core iPad 3 Slated for March?

    No, the iPad 2 has the same resolution as the original iPad.
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    iOS Document Viewer (Offline)

    Tested GoodReader and he liked it so that is the winner. Thanks for all the help, now why could Apple just not give us a file viewer. :p
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    iOS Document Viewer (Offline)

    I did forget about those, since the last person who told me about them said they were not worth the money ($10 each). I know MS said they are 'developing' office for iOS, but no ETA last I read.
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    iOS Document Viewer (Offline)

    Yeah, plus not the easiest person to please when it comes to mobile phone usage, he thinks his phone should do exactly what he wants no matter what. And of course he wants an iPhone which we all know is not always open to everything. GoodReader looks like a good app which can just transfer/view...
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    iOS Document Viewer (Offline)

    Will look at GoodReader. I use Dropbox myself for personal items, but much of what he wants saved on his phone will be contracts or legal documents for business which I know he will hesitate to allow onto a cloud service.
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    iOS Document Viewer (Offline)

    I am looking for a simple app which will allow my boss (who has no clue how to use his phone) to read word/excel/pdf when he does not have a data connection or so he can save files from an email for later review. I have Evernote, but just the free version and not sure how well the Pro version...
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    Five Tech Industry Predictions for 2012

    1 - Social media will continue to grow in 2012. With Google and others integrating social media into smarthphones even more users are joining daily. 2 - There is no IPO bubble, we have already seen companies go public flop from day 1 so there is no bubble to pop. 3 - I am sure we will see some...
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    GM Announces Use of Carbon Fiber in Future Cars

    Not so crazy, they are still moving forward with different ideas: The use of CF in cars is actually very safe for crash testing, many of your upper end cars use CF tubs or...
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    The Text Message Turns 19 Years Old Today

    This right here. I have female friends who will send me 10 text messages within a 2 minute time period all consisting of 3 words or less. Those add up quickly over the month, I try to limit my replies with more than 3 words so I spent less time texting because at some point I should just call them.
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    Battlefield 4 Trailer

    Player is clearly using an aimbot....can we ban him from the server, permanently? :)
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    A Sneak Peek at Windows 8 Task Manager

    Looks good, some promising updates coming for Windows 8.
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    AT&T Responds to FCC

    Of course more jobs, they are going to hire more outsourced call centers to help answer customer questions about the merger. Though with this increase in jobs in other countries, they will have to remove local jobs to pay for this. :rolleyes:
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    Stop the Madness! No Email Day 11/11/11

    This should be easy for me, my brother is getting married that day and I have to help with everything. Such as, dealing with any hang over from partying the night before, late arrival to the wedding to ensure maximum panic for everyone, etc.
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    iOS 5 Rollout Marred By Issues

    I have an iPad 1 also, it removes everything from the device but it will apply everything from your last back up once it finishes with the 5.0 update. It took my iPad about 45 minutes once the update was complete to migrate all my movies, apps, pictures, books back onto my iPad. Only issue I...
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    Homes Without Cable Will Triple by 2016

    Just moved to a new house and got Uverse, need to have my sports so I need cable. Plus I get good internet speeds and DVR so it is worth it. Just getting decent internet speeds was expensive compared to a package deal.
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    Sprint to 'Bet the Company' on iPhone

    I just do not see Apple jumping into a contract like that again, especially with how well a new iPhone always sells. They want it on all networks from the start to maximize its profits, Apple I think has learned put the phone everywhere and let the networks fight.
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    Spotify Users Steamed Over Facebook Requirement

    Guess I should be happy I got my account before the Facebook requirement went in.
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    PC Prices 15 Years Ago Today

    Haha, forgot XKCD doing a comic on that.
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    PC Prices 15 Years Ago Today

    Think that is bad, look at TI-83+ calculators, still 100 dollars.
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    An Apology From Netflix and a Name Change

    I kept my plan after the price increase (3 DVD plus streaming) as I felt it was still a worthwhile service, but splitting the company up seems a large step backwards. Now I have to manage two lists, two websites, etc. I am not a heavy streaming user, but it was great to add a movie to my DVD...
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    Google Will Copy Whatever It Can't Buy

    They almost are already. Phone/tablets are becoming a huge market for gaming devices, I believe it is Verizon who advertises a Google Android tablet about gaming on the go or something? Now will Google start to produce games themselves, doubt it, I see them investing directly into a firm to...