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    Trying to find a short depth 2U Storage Chassis

    I have a 10+ year old Freenas box that has done me very well but it's old hardware and I can't update it anymore, plus I now own a rack and thus want something rack mountable. I've been searching high and low and it's really hard to find a short depth chassis that supports 4x 3.5 inch HDDs or...
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    Any DFS gurus out there?

    TL;DR my datacenter lost power, Yay! Most things came up OK but DFS-R was borked and I didn't get an alert because my email server was down as well. I have two identical Dell R510 servers with about 3-4TB total on them. So replication stopped for a month and one of my servers is way behind now...
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    Anything wrong with this gaming build?

    I already have a Fractal Design Case and a 650W PSU, I've built it to support 2-3 4k monitors.
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    Freenas/ZFS capped out 40-50MB/s?

    I have a Dell R510 with (Dual CPU / 6 Core) and 130GB of ram. My pool consists of three 12 disk raidz3 plus a mirrored SSD ZIL and a four disk SSD L2ARC. It's also on a fully 10 gig network (and reflects that in config). HBA is a beastly lsi 9300-16e. Nothing I can do is making this thing...
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    ZFS Snapshots

    Hey Guys, I'm playing with two freenas servers (using zfs), both big boxes (lots of cpu/ram) and each have an MD1000 w/ 15 disks, one of which im using to boot the OS and the rest I'm using in a raidz3 (two 7 disk vdevs). Anyways my question is, I enabled ZFS replication from freenas01...
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    Random drives booted out of array

    I have a storage server with two raid60 volumes and both are having random drives disappear, turn foreign or fail completely. If I reboot the disks pop back in and rebuild. The failed drives will throw alerts "A block on the physical disk has been punctured by the controller: Physical Disk...
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    Contemplating using ReFS + Storage Spaces ( 24 x 4TB Drives )

    I happen to have a 2012 R2 server attached to a couple MD1000 arrays. I dumped 24 x 4 TB drives in there with the intention of creating a large file server for my work ( we already have a few of these running RAID60 / NTFS Volumes ) I figured now that we are on R2 I would try Storage Spaces...
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    Cheap SAS HBA that is 4TB compatible?

    I have a Dell 1950 attached to an MD1000 enclosure The MD1000 is agnostic, if I put a proper sas hba in the server it should see 4TB disks. Anyone have suggestions on which one? I only need 1 external path
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    Most affordable 70TB solution?

    Hey Guys, So my friends business stores massive images and he requires at least 70TB usable storage after redundancy. First thing that comes to mind is direct attach / chain some MD1000's together and manage it from a cheap dell server like an old 2950. I did this at work for our file...
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    Audit my network plan

    OK here is my network plan so far(IPs below). I'm wondering if I need to bother setting up VLANs and create different subnets.. or should I keep it flat? Freenas also has an iSCSI target which ESXI uses. VLANs are mostly for security and to cut down network chatter right? all this is within...
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    Safe to remove noisy switch fan?

    I inherited a Dell 2724 gigabit switch and the fan is noisy as hell, I see no replacement 40mm fans around that have the same voltage/amperage.. I tried a few I had around and they didnt work (its 5v 0.24a) I can't see this thing getting very hot, not a lot of traffic is flowing through it as...
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    ZFS pool gone with no notice?

    Was watching a TV show from my HTPC and it started freezing, buffering, dropping packets.. I tried to play it from my desktop and it did the same thing. OK must be Freenas. I rebooted it for good measure and start playing again, same thing. Strange, So I transfer a file to it and it goes from...
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    Direct connect LACP?

    Hey guys, is this possible? I have two Dell 1950s, both have 4 gigabit ports (2 onboard 2 w/ broadcom card) One box is Freenas and one is ESXI, I've setup ISCSI on Freenas and it works great however i'd love to add some more bandwidth. What I don't have is a managed switch supporting LACP...
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    15 drive zfs pool, how would you split it?

    Hey Guys, Thanks to you guys i'm nearly done my setup, best tech forum on the internet. How would you guys split 15 x 750g drives in ZFS? I'm thinking just a Z2 but would you go so far as a Z3? or maybe Z2 w/ a hot spare? This is for media storage They are enterprise drives with low usage...
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    Distributing Wireless

    Hey Guys, Just bought a small 3 level townhome, I want to have wireless on each floor. My intention is to use PFsense as a router installed on a small server, what's the best way to run wireless? Can I just plug in two antennas over the network to the router? I have a linksys router, in...
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    Where to put my ESXI storage?

    I have a 1950 w/ 2 146gb 15k SAS drives. Obviously I cannot put my VM's there, I'm building a big Array on an MD1000 I hooked up but that is connected to a different server Can I run VM's through the network? for instance I install ESXI on the 15k drives but the VM's run on the MD1000. I have...
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    Help me choose best RAID setup

    I am about to create a new storage setup as I inherited some hardware as shown below: Dell 1950 w/ SAS HBA connected to an MD1000 w/ 13x 750gb ES + 2x 1000gb ES drives. I'm thinking of doing raidz2 in freenas so i'd have 9TB storage w/ 2 drives for redundancy. (Maybe 1 hot spare as well)...
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    Wifi interfering with mouse

    Whenever my wifi saturates my wireless mouse gets choppy, ive tried different channels. Any idea how to fix this?
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    Using less power, saving $$

    Hey Guys, I bought a place and will be moving in probably 3 months from now. Also I just bought a network closet and a couple servers to rack in there. Recently I thought.. damn I have to pay my own electricity bill now, how can I mitigate the costs? computers are expensive to run 24/7...
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    Storage Project - Dell 2950 + MD1000 or MD3000, need advice

    Hey Guys, I've viewed many a network/storage porn threads on this forum but finally I have my own project! I have a 6 TB Freenas currently but I just bought a home recently which has a garage. My first thought? Buy a half rack and fill it full of nerdy goodness! yay freedom :). The purpose is...