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    Looking for a glossy 2k display under $500

    I am looking for some recommendations for a glossy 2k monitor under $500. It seems to be a hard criteria to search for, as its not always stated in the monitor specifications. Any help with this would be appreciated.
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    OC Leads to vista corruption

    Hello, A lot to read, sorry! Not sure if I have an issue or not, but I have been overclocking my systems for a number of years now. Had good success with my old 775 system, running a e8400 and x3330 @ 4ghz and as much success with my current 1366 rig. In all those years I might have corrupted...
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    Old School Water Cooling, xspc x2o 750 gets booster pump?

    Had a idea to boost my XSPC x2o 750 v4 flow/pressure with a maxi jet 900 aquarium pump I had laying around. I don't have the budget right now for a legitimate pc cooling pump, so I was hoping to maybe get a bit of a boost in performance from this "free" upgrade. My system will be raystorm block...
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    X58 Sabertooth(i7-950) - Keep or Upgrade

    I had been planning on a minor upgrade to my x58 sabertooth system, going from a 4ghz I7-950 to a x5650 and some case and water cooling updates. My budget for a new system was only about 300, but recently it has come to my attention how much x58 sabertooths are selling for. Mostly I just game on...