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    Youtube forcing ads on uBlock

    I have uBlock which has worked great against any and all ads on youtube for at least 6 years. That is, until about two weeks ago. Now I notice at the beginning of every video, the screen goes blank and I have to click off 'skip ads' in order to start playing the video. Then at a random point...
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    Video RAM vs Cuda Cores

    I'm trying to decide between an RTX 3060 and 3060 ti for my next build. The 3060 has more memory but the 3060 ti has more cuda cores. Just wondering what programs would benefit from more cuda cores, and which applications would benefit from more memory? What are the trade-offs?
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    3800XT or 5800X ?

    Can't make up my mind. I was leaning toward getting the newer 5800X, but then started reading about all the hot temp problems. It's got me worried. I don't game, though I do some video editing, and a little 3-D work. I need 8 cores but don't really need 12 cores. I'd get the 5900X to avoid...
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    Question about non-reference card releases

    I haven't bought a video card in ages and haven't kept track of when their release dates are. That is, until now. I'm planning to get an NVIDIA card next year (possibly 3060 or 3050 ), and was wondering....How soon after the reference cards do the third party non-reference cards (e.g. MSI...
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    Recommendations for anti-static mod mat?

    I'm looking for a good 48" x 24" anti-static mod mat. I've been tempted to get the ModRight Xtreme or the Gamer's Nexus mat, but they are expensive and almost always out of stock. Any other good large mod mats out there?
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    When working on a computer, do you sit or stand?

    I'm looking for a desk / workbench I can use to work on my computer (build, repair, clean, and other non-computer related handyman stuff, etc). I am trying to decide between a workbench with a built in cabinet underneath (so no leg room for sitting) and one with 4 open legs and space for sitting.
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    Best exhaust fan?

    Just wondering if there is a fan design that is more optimally suited to exhausting air rather than pushing air? Kind of like the opposite of static pressure?
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    Still confused about AMD naming system

    Ok, I'm still confused about AMD's naming system. I've been waiting for the latest desktop CPUs. I thought these were going to be the Ryzen 4000 series (following the 3000 series). Now I'm reading they are actually going to be the 5000 series. Was the 4000 series for laptops? Will the desktop...
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    Question about tempered glass

    I'd like to use a piece of tempered glass from a section of deck railing as an office chair mat. Is this possible? Is all tempered glass (e.g. from furniture, shower stalls, deck railing, etc.) more or less the same in terms of hardness and durability?
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    Can you use a NAS as a DAS?

    Just curious...after doing a lot of research looking for a good diskless external hard drive enclosures (DAS), I found that DAS's are usually not really well built. Every DAS I looked at had very mediocre reviews on all the major retail sites, with the most common complaints being a) fan noise...
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    Buying a CPU on eBay?

    I have my eye on a Ryzen 3600XT listed as 'open box' (no original box, just plastic clamp).. I've bought other components on eBay before, but never a CPU. It kind of makes me nervous. Is there anything I should watch out for?
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    Best 140mm fan

    Hardware Scientist just uploaded his 140mm fan roundup: Winner: Arctic P14 PWM
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    What is a Ventus card?

    I was looking at the MSI RTX 2060 Super and noticed about 4 different Ventus 2060 Super cards. The only difference I could tell was that the Ventus cards have a slightly lower boost clock and no RGB...
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    Which Dell laptops have the best keyboards?

    I've heard that the Latitude and Precision series have decent keyboards, but are there any Dell laptop keyboards that rival the Lenovo Thinkpad series?
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    Question about laptops connected to projectors

    I've been asked to give a presentation (although it's now been postponed). I haven't used a laptop with a projector before, and was just curious about something. When giving a power point presentation using a laptop and a projector, does the quality of the image depend on the laptop or the...
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    Is 4K UHD worth it on a laptop?

    Does a 4K UHD screen on a laptop (e.g. 15.6") offer any significant benefit? Is there any downside, besides cost? With a high resolution on a small screen, do you have to really crank up the scaling to be able to read text?
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    Is Ray Tracing good for anything non-gaming?

    I'm upgrading and trying to decide between a 1660ti and a 2060. I don't game, but I occasionally use navisworks for some light 3D modeling (but not nearly enough to justify buying a Quadro card). If I get the 2060, would the ray tracing feature be good for anything non-gaming related? e.g. Will...
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    Dell monitor model numbers?

    I've been trying to understand Dell's new model number nomenclature. I think I've figured out most of the suffixes. However, when I look up certain models like this one with an 'E'...
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    Windows 10 S mode

    I've been looking to buy a laptop lately and noticed some laptops come with Windows 10 S mode installed. I understand you can disable this mode in the settings. But what version of Windows do you have once you've disabled it? Is it just Windows 10 Home underneath the S mode?
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    ECC memory on Ryzen Laptops?

    I notice that AMD's Ryzen mobile chips support ECC memory: Has anyone tried using ECC memory in their AMD Ryzen laptops?
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    Best Monitor for Watching Movies?

    I am looking to get a second monitor strictly for watching movies. No games, no office work, just movies. Size: 32" Resolution: 1080p or 4K Budget: $600. Questions: 1. For movies, what would be the best type of panel to look for? IPS, PLS, or VA? 2. I am only going to be watching blu-ray...
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    Any difference between these RAM modules?

    Could anyone could tell me if there's any difference between these ECC Ram modules (besides price).
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    Help me understand incremental and differential backups

    Tell me if I have this correct: 1. Incremental any changes at the file or folder level since the last incremental backup. A file is created on Monday and changed Tuesday and again Wednesday and again Thursday. When I save the file on Thursday, it will also save Wednesday's version...
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    How to backup an external hard drive?

    I've just been backing up my files and folders on a stick up to now, but I'm ready to get a proper external hard drive. My needs are simple, so I don't want nor need a NAS. I am a single home user, not on a network. I also find most cloud subscriptions too expensive. What I would like to do...
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    Question about CPU max boost speed and video editing

    I am planning a new build, and shopping for CPUs. I will be using my computer for general office work and video editing (non-professional), no gaming. I am brand new to video editing. I’ve narrowed my choices down to a Ryzen 2700X (3.7 GHz base, 4.3 GHz max boost) or a Ryzen 2700 (3.2 GHz base...
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    Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum vs Focus Gold

    So, I'm trying to decide between these two: Both on sale currently. Is the Prime Ultra, with the hybrid fan...
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    New Asus WS C246 Pro

    Anyone know if this mobo has been spotted in the wild yet? Or release date?
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    Backing up from multiple discs to one?

    A bit of a n00b question about backing up drives. For the past several years I've been backing up my files on a couple of 64GB thumb sticks, as I haven't had large amounts of data to keep. But now that my internal computer drive is filling up, I'm thinking of getting another internal drive, as...
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    Help me decide between ASRock and Gigabyte AMD board

    I've narrowed my search to: ASRock AB350 Pro4: Pro4/ ASRock X470 Taichi: Gigabyte X370 K7: Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING...
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    QVL memory lists

    Are QVL lists a list of all memory modules that have been tested and will ONLY work with a given motherboard? Or is it just a list of memory modules that are officially approved modules? In other words, could other modules work? I ask, because there are a couple of AMD Ryzen motherboards that...
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    What's up with TFT Central?

    No reviews in nearly 4 months. Is Simon sick of doing reviews?
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    Motherboards for New Kaby Lake Xeons?

    I am planning a new workstation build and would like to use the new E3-1200v6 Kaby Lake Xeon CPUs. After emailing Asus and AsRock, it sounds like they are not going to be offering any new motherboards...
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    GTX 980 or Quadro K2200?

    I am piecing together a light workstation build. Looking for a graphics card for a AsRock X99 Extreme 4 mobo and a Fractal Define R5 case. Using it for light to medium video editing, light 3-D modeling, with two 1440p displays and a possible third 4K display. No gaming. Hoping to have it last...
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    Shielded or Un-Shielded Modem Cable?

    I recently switched to VDSL internet (from Cable) and set up my modem. My speeds seem fine but I am using cheap flat regular RJ-11 telephone cable. I was thinking of upgrading the quality of cable. I haven't decided whether to place my modem close to the wall jack or on my desk. If on my desk...
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    Best Placement of DSL Modem in House?

    I am switching to a VDSL internet connection, from having had cable internet for a long time. Being new to DSL, I've been reading about how the distance from the Demarc line can affect speeds. Does the distance from the wall jack to the modem also affect speeds? If so, should I be trying...
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    Dell Canada Return Policy

    I am thinking of possibly getting the new Dell U2515H when it becomes available in Canada. However, I'm not sure if I will like the 1440p resolution. The native text could be too small, but I'd have to try it to know for sure. If I feel I can't abide the 1440p resolution, can I still return...
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    What's happening at NEC Display?

    Looks like almost all their high end monitors have been changed over to wide gamut. There are no more 'P' series monitors in the 27" size, only 'PA' series (wide gamut). There is only one single 27" standard gamut monitor left ('EA' series) There is only one 'P' series monitor left, the...
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    Best Type of Monitor for Just Movies?

    Looking to get a 27"-32" monitor for movies. It would be a second monitor used solely for watching blu-ray movies from a blu-ray drive. No other function or purpose. It will be used on a desk and I will be sitting approx 30" from the screen. So a 27"-32" size would be optimal. Looking for...
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    Xeon Workstation Motherboard with Thunderbolt?

    I am presently shopping around for parts for a workstation system and was wondering if there are any Intel workstation motherboards that have Thunderbolt? I can't seem to find any. Do they exist yet? Thanks.
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    Anyone Else Having Problems With NEC Website?

    I've been trying navigate around the NEC Display website for a couple of weeks now and none of the links within the webpages seem to be working. At first I thought the website was undergoing maintenance or updating, but it's been two weeks. Nothing I click on works. I'm on I.E. 10 and my...