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    [H]ardTube Loop

    Rather than hijack Sabrewolf732's thread any more, here are some pics of my latest bends. This is a Phanteks Enthoo Pro. It can fit a 420 rad in the top, just no room for fans. I think it was just designed to have three 140mm fans up there. I had to move the rad towards the open side of the...
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    Latest Loop

    Pic came out a little fuzzy, but you get the idea. 420 P/P in the top, 240 P/P in the front, 480 Push in the bottom, and a 240 2 Push / 1 Pull in the bottom. Made all the bends (Primochill PETG) around a 1 1/4" hole saw as my bending jig except the one 180 from the pump through the midplate...
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    Possible to create virtual machine from HDD?

    I am running a W7 Ultimate machine, and I had a functioning XP Home machine that recently died. The HDD is still operating and I can access files on it. I'd like to run the entire XP machine as a VM in the W7 machine, but I've had no luck. I downloaded VMPlayer 4.0.4 I was able to extract a...
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    My (Almost) Build Log

    I was going to post details of my first new build since 2004, inspired by gear I'd read about here. Sort of a tribute to the site, I've been trying to read as much as I could in the last couple of weeks to get up to speed... a lot has changed since '04. But I had some problems with my account...