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    New Sony XBR X950H

    I found about this TV a few days ago. They have a 49" version which could be used as a monitor. I know the new lg 49" CX will blow out this TV. But, what I found impressive is the panel coating seems to be glossy! This would be the first flagship monitor with glossy coating below the 55" size. I...
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    HDMI to VGA better then VGA

    Hi everyone. For some reason connecting my acer laptop with GTX 940m ( both HDMI and VGA out) with HDMI to VGA adapter looks better and crispier than using the VGA port. I have it connected to a crt sun GDM90W10 (Sony). I was using the VGA port of the laptop to connect the monitor , the image...
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    Help with some components

    hi, i want to build a new pc reusing some components. im not from U.S and i can only buy from amazon. My budget is 400$ maximun 500$. what i really want is an intel i7 4790k, a motherboard for it and some RAM. My last PC just die on me, and amd phenom 975. I would like to get the best i can, on...
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    calibration device

    Hi, i want to buy a calibration device. im not a photographer, i dont need critical color reproduction, but i would like to see what real colors are. Also i would use it to calibrate every display in my house (can be posible?). So what would be the best calibration device for me? i want one...
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    Help Hp debranded w2408h!

    I got this used monitor, Famous Maker TS24W8H. i have some question about inputs and modes: 1. I want to connect my xbox 360 and Pc (radeon 5570 with vga, dvi and DP), the monitor only have Hdmi and vga inputs. So which of this option give me the best quality for both.... * Connect my xbox with...
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    Upgrade question

    First of all, i dont live in USA or Canada; im from latin america. So getting computer components is dificult.Probably i would buy a new 23" monitor 1080p , i was wondering if buying an ati hd6970 or a nvidia gtx570, i would be able to playmost games at 1920x1080p with max settings with my...