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    Ryzen 9 3900XT vs i7-9700k - Turbo Boost?

    Hi, Is their no option to turn on the Turbo Boost on an AMD CPU? On the Intel one i have such an option and i can run the i7-9700k at 4.6GHz (Turbo Boost) on all core at +/-74C. The new AMD i have now shows only 4.1GHz at +/-76C (Same cooler NH-U12A). 😒
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    Dose it fit? (Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Impact + Noctua D15S or U12A)

    Hi, I'm not sure if the Noctua D15 or any other air cooler will fit this mainboard. Looks like this "SO-DIMM.2 Slot" for the NVMe's are destroying any Air cooling option. Dose anyone tried this out with a good Air cooling option?
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    LG OLED CX vs C9 for PC use

    Hi, I'm not sure what display would be the best fit for a PC display. I read that the C9 gets a little bit brighter. Does the CX have no advantages over the C9 as a PC display?
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    LG OLED model 9 vs model X(10) as a PC Monitor

    Hi, Can someone explain me the pros and cons of this 2 Monitor when using it a PC Monitor for Gaming, Movies, Desktop with FreeSync, G-Sync, BFI, Input Lag and ...?
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    Looking for a RGB/Macro/Silent "Low Profile TKL" Keyboard

    HI, I'm looking for a Low Profile TKL (Short) Keyboard that has programmable RGB backlight and a Macro option and has Silent Key Switches (Red). :cat: I found 3 Keyboards like this but 2 of them have no Silent Key Switches (Blue) and the last one isn't yet released. :( Dose anyone has another...
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    Looking for a i7/i9 + Thunderbolt 3 Laptop without a dedicated Graphics Card

    HI, I'm searching for a Laptop without a dedicated Graphics Card which has an good i7 or i9 CPU in it and a Thunderbolt 3 connector to connect a external Graphic Card to it. Is there a Laptop manufacture which is building sure Laptops because ASUS or MSI don't have any without a dedicated...
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    Laptop with the best cooling system?

    HI, I'm looking for a Laptop that has the best cooling system. What i notice is that MSI has normally 3 fans and Asus 2 fans in their Laptops. I also couldn't find any website that actually tests the cooling system of the new Laptops which is the most important thing. o_O I don't want to buy a...
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    Which Z97 mainboards have a dual amplifier?

    HI, Does anyone know which mainboards have a dual amplifier the only one i found where the MSI Z97-GAMING Serie.
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    USB TrueVolt useful or not?

    HI, I couldn't find any reviews on this on the internet does anyone have more technical background about this USB TrueVolt? Is it useful or is it a Marketing scam?
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    Looking for a Air cooler for 250D and MSI Z97I

    HI, I'm looking for the good Air Cooler for the case Obsidian 250D with the mainboard MSI Z97I GAMING AC and with the CPU i7-4790K. I don't plan to overclock but i'm looking for a CPU cooler that can cool down 4.4GHz to a normal temperature. :) I found the PCCooler S93E this one looks...
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    Confusion about the Gaming CPU Benchmarks

    HI, I'm planning to build a new PC but what confuses me are the CPU Gaming benchmarks beween Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. I expected that a Core i7 would have around 20% more FPS then a Core i5 but they have mostly the same FPS in the Game benchmarks even better i expected that the Core i3...
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    What's the best 7.1 pc speakers available right now?

    Just name the brand, and post the best speakers they have, thanks. ;)
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    Mice and Reflective Surface

    HI, I'm looking for a USB Mice that would work on a reflective surface. How can i find out if a Mice works on a reflective surface?
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    Seagate Barracuda Vs. WD Desktop Mainstream

    HI, I want to buy 2x3TB Hard Disk Driver but i not sure which one of the two i should buy because i can't find any reviews about the Seagate Barracuda Vs. the WD Desktop Mainstream. :(
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    Headphones review website?

    HI, I'm looking for a good Headphones review website does anyone know a good one?
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    Is 125W Combined Power on the +3.3V and +5V Rails Enough?

    HI, :) After shearing around i thought i found a good power supply but now i'm not so sure anymore if 125W combined power on the +3.3V and +5V rails is enough if i have this components connected to the motherboard: 1 USB 2.0 - Keyboard 1 USB 2.0 - Mause 1 USB 2.0 - TV SmartCard 1 USB 3.0...
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    Intel Ivy Bridge native MHz RAM support =?

    HI :) Does someone know what the native MHz RAM support is on a Intel Ivy Bridge CPU?
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    Realtek ALC898 and ALC899

    HI :) Does anyone know what the difference is between the Realtek ALC898 and the ALC899 chip?
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    WVA Panel?

    HI :) After browsing the internet i found a Monitor that uses a WVA Panel i never heard about this type of Panel, anyone that has some ifnos or experience with this type Panel?
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    Problem with Laser Mices

    HI :) I'm using my mice on the couch so time to time the mice fall of the couch my "Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical" is now 10 years old and has no problem. But in this 10 years have bought 2 Laser mices and they all broke. The first laser mice i bought back in 2007 and this one broke...
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    H-IPS 27" +/- 300€ (LG IPS277L)

    HI :) Does anyone know if the H-IPS Monitors also have IPS-Glow and Aggressive AG-Coating? This LG IPS277L looks interesting hop to see a review of it, Technical infos:
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    Looking for a LCD Monitor that could replace my broken CRT Monitor

    HI :) My good old CRT is broken :( the dark pictures are not displayed as good as usual. So now i'm trying to find a CRT replacement but don't know what i should buy. I did read a lot of reviews for over a 1 week and i'm still not sure what LCD Monitor i should buy. The LCD Monitor have all...