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    Any advantage using my X-Fi Titanium over 6950 HDMI

    I just bought a ATI 6950. It is my first graphics card to come with HDMI connection. Before I was using my X-Fi with optical spdif passthru. So that means I am passing the DAC on the X-Fi right? So if I am using the HDMI connection for audio, theoretically it should sound the same as before...
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    Max safe everyday volt for GTX580

    What is the safe volt that you can give to GTX580 for everday use? The EVGA superclock comes with 1.081v so that should be a safe everyday volt right otherwise EVGA wouldn't ship them out. I also read from XS that the range of volt adjustable in MSI Afterburner is dependent on each card, so...
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    Outlook 2010 rules

    Is there any way to apply the move to folder rules for emails that are already downloaded? I know you can use the "run this rule now" option but is there any way to make it automated everytime I start Outlook? I want it automated because I am using my phone to check for email and when I open...
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    How fast is today's phone cpu?

    I would like to know how fast is today's phone cpu compared to desktop cpu? For example the Snapdragon 1.0ghz, is it as fast as let say Pentium 200mhz? You can also give the comparison for other smartphone for example Iphone 3gs or Blackberry Storm/Bold.
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    Most stable mobo for linux server

    I am going to use the new x6 cpu to power a Linux server for virtualization. What is the most stable board out there?
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    L4D 2 question

    Do I have to play L4D first to enjoy L4D 2 or are they totally independent of each other?
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    Windows 7 RDC but why no Aero?

    Both of them are Pro edition and one is 64 and the other is 32 bit. Tried the client and server on both of them and the Aero is disabled. Already ticked all the options under experience. Any idea why? EDIT: Just found out this Aero Glass remoting doesn’t work under anything other than Windows...
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    How long before games reach Avatar's quality?

    I've seen the movie and the special effects and animation are top notch. How long do you guys think before we can create that level of 3d world in games? My guess is 20 years.
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    Voodoo and Voodoo 2 price?

    I had both back in the days but I can't remember how much I paid for them. Anyone remembers how much did they go for?
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    How to downgrade Windows 7 from Ultimate to Professional?

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed and I just received my MSDNAA key for the Professional version. I know in advanced that the MSDNAA key will be for the Professional version but I installed the RTM version anyway and hope that I can put in the Professional key and Windows will restart and...
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    World’s first modular 1 kW PSU + 80PLUS® GOLD The Revolution has already set the bar very high and now they introducing an even newer model. I have no doubt this one going to perform very well, they just need to price it a little competitive to the market.
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    Left 4 Dead - Worth buying without friends to play online?

    I would like to buy Left 4 Dead since it is cheap now with the Valve promotion. The problem is that I have read that its best to play online with someone you know for coordination and stuff. I dont have any other friend playing this game and would be just as fun if I play the game with stranger...
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    Need to blackout 2nd monitor while watching movie

    Is there a program that can blackout the 2nd screen monitor without actually turning it off through the control panel or turning it off manually?
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    Just bought a new 26" 1920*1200 lcd, worth upgrading to 4870x2 from GTX280?

    Hello guys. I just bought a new LG 26" lcd replacing my old 17" lcd. Right now im using GTX280. My CPU is Q6600 @ 3.6 and 4gb of RAM. The games that I play regularly are BF2 and GTR Evolution. Every once in a while I do play fps games usually when the AAA titles come out ie Half Life...
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    Memory divider question

    I have a Q6600 running at 3.6Ghz on an Asus P5K vanilla. Now it is running at 400x9. I just bought an OCZ Reaper HPC Edition DIMM Kit 4GB PC2-8500U CL5-5-5-18. The question is do I run the ram at 800Mhz using 1:1 ratio with tighter timings or use a divider to run it 1066Mhz with stock timings...
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    Does the 9800GX2 have the 8pin PCIE power adapater included?

    As per title as my HX620 doesn't have one.
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    9800GX2 review request

    I would like to request for a comparison between 9800GX2 and and 8800GTS G92 SLI if possible to see if they are any scaling difference between the hardware SLI and software SLI. I know the card is not out yet but you guys are probably testing and reviewing the cards right now since the release...
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    Upgrading from P35 to X38/X48

    I have got an offer from my friend to buy my motherboard at a good price and I would like to know if there is any benefit upgrading to X38/X48? I have not yet look at any specific board if it makes any difference.
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    How do I enable AA + HDR in Oblivion?

    I just started playing this and how do I enable HDR + AA? I tried forcing AA using the Nvidia and Nhancer control panel but that doesn't seem to work. I even tried the duplicate option but it still didn't work. Anyone knows how to make HDR + AA work in this game?
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    Full harddisk, degraded performance?

    I tried searching the forums and googled but haven't been able to find a definitive answer. I've read that the harddisk performance will degrade after the hdd has been filled up to a certain percentage. Until what point can I fill my hdd until I see a loss of performance? IIRC I've read that...
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    Logitech G15 macros not working at all

    I just bought a new Logitech G15 rev2 and I tried the macro function and they didn't work at all in BF2. And no I'm no trying to cheat or anything, I tried the default profile provided by Logitech and it did nothing in the game but when I tried the macros in a text editor it worked just fine...
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    WMP11 Replaygain plugin?

    Does such plugin exist? I know winamp and foobar support replaygain right out of the box, it's just that I like WMP11 gui better. :o
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    Difference between Pentium D, X2 and C2D

    I would like to know the difference between those CPU at the same clockspeed in percentage terms ie X2 is 20% faster than Pentium D. I know the difference is not consistent across all benchmark or program but can just somebody give me a rough estimate. Thanks.
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    Vista - Take Ownership?!?!

    When I right click on every file, there is a take ownership button. I'm sure it is not there yesterday. I tried clicking it and don't really notice anything happening. Anyone knows what it does?
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    CMOS cheksum error

    Every time I completely switched off my pc from the power supply I will received this error stating "CMOS checksum error, press F1 to continue or DEL to configure" or something like that. It would be OK if I am not overclocking my system but I did and I have to configure the bios every time I...
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    FLAC on Vista WMP 11

    Anybody here knows how to get FLAC files playable on WMP11 on Vista? It used to be playable with WMP11 on XP with K-Lite codec pack. I tried the same codec pack and it doesn't work and gave me an error message C00D11B1...
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    How much can I lower my 2D clocks?

    Someone said in other thread that the lower 2D clocks is to reduce the power consumption and heat output. So if clocks speed is directly related to power consumption and heat output, how much can I lower my 2D clocks? Say 200 core and 800 memory. Even at that clocks I think it's more than enough...
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    Vista activation with cdkey from other region

    I would like to know if Vista activation is in any way region limited? I am asking because I am studying in Germany and I could probably get the original Vista cheaper from my homeland which is Malaysia due to the lower buying power there. I know is not out yet but if anybody knows the answer...
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    Speaker setting difference between 2.1 & headphone (X-Fi)

    Im using X-Fi Extreme Music with Sennheiser HD590 through line out and Panasonic XR-55 through digital out. Is there a difference between the 2.1 and the headphone setting? Im asking this because its a hassle for me to change the setting everytime i switch between my headphone and receiver. I...
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    HD590 toHD650

    My HD590 broke down this week and i have sent in for repair and it's going to take 2 to 3 weeks. I am thinking about upgrading to HD650. I would be using the cans with X-Fi Extreme Music UNAMPED because my budget would only be enough for the cans. Maybe in 3-4 months i can afford to spend...
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    Upgrading from Gigaworks S750

    I want to change my center and left/ right speaker to JBL EC25 and JBL E20 . How do i know whether the speakers are suitable with the amp on S750? The only thing i know about is the impedance rating and they are both the same at 8 ohms. And if there is better speaker at this price range...
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    2405 dvd playback calibration

    I just bought this monitor and used the brightness and rgb settings that i have found in this forum. Brightness 27 Contrast N/A (not available in DVI) Color: User Preset Red 36 Green 33 Blue 32 At desktop it is great but when im playing dvd it just does not seem correct. I dont know...
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    ForceWare 76.44 is out

    Available at
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    Sim racing forum?

    Can anyone give me a link to a good sim racing forum? Thanks
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    How do i know my max mem overclock?

    Well the nvidia control panel autodetected the max mem oc as 1190 mhz but i tried setting my mem at 1300 using my expertool and i finish a 35 minutes FIA Gtr Racing race without noticing anything out of ordinary and it didnt crash. Im asking this because i have never seen anyone posted the...
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    Angry neighbor! Please help

    Hi there, I am living in a communal apartment and i have been watching some movie late at night. I think it made my neighbor that lives below mad because he knocked his ceiling a few times while i am watching the movie. The volume was not that loud so i think it must be the subwoofer rattling...
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    75hz ok with 172x???

    Is it ok if i set my 172x to run 1280*1024 at 75hz refresh rate?. Or would it damage my monitor because i have to untick the box 'Hide modes that this monitor cannot display'. Im asking because ive seen other people run their monitor at this refresh rate.
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    Help...booting problem

    I have a problem with my pc. Sometimes it just dont wanna boot. After the list my connected hdd and optical drive is shown the pc would hang.It is the screen where my bios for sata would usually post up. It is just a blank screen with a blinking dot. Im not sure about it but i think the sata is...
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    NV Silencer 5 question

    I have a Gainward 6800GT GLH and the fan is very loud. I want to change it to nv silencer 5. I would like to know if any other user of this card has tried putting this cooler. This card doesnt follow the nvidia reference design as it is using a two slot cooling solution. Therefore do i need to...
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    Gainward 6800gt glh gs oc reliability

    I have a Gainward 6800gt glh gs which is guaranteed to run at 400/1200. But right now im using the expertool to set my core at 420. I have benchmarked my system using 3dmark05, played doom3 and hl2 and it was 100% stable. My question is does the oc affect the reliability of my card and/or...