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    Email protocols

    Im trying to set up an email, but im wondering what kinda of protocol do i use to send an email, SNMP? also what encode standard do i need in order to send attachments from the e-email client ?
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    Anyone familiar with W7 Desktop Administration Certification?

    Basically, im going to take a test on MS Windows 7 Desktop Administration and dont know how to prepare effectively. All im told is to expect troubleshooting and network related questions, but this seems like a very broad description. Is anyone familiar with this test/certification ...
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    SSD Recommendations

    I want to purchase my first ssd and need a little help choosing one from a pile of ssd. Im not up to date on this front but last time i checked Cruciel was getting good reviews. Is that still the case ? Here some of the popular ones at my local dealer : Corsair SSD Force Series 3...
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    I searched "tilt"

    How do you roll back from this stupid "tilt" function on google chrome ? I searched tilt and now im stuck this weird angle. I restarted my browser but the effect is still here. Heeeeelp
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    Issue with my mouse

    Im having problem using the my mice to highlight text, when highlight i two or three words it jumps back to begin or the highlight area disappears and sometimes it doesn't highlight at all. Also it seems double click sometimes but not all the time. It is us if it had bad signal but battery is...
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    Unstable internet

    My ISP provider has lately failed to provide stable internet connection to me. I have called customer service and they told they are having problems in my area and would let me know as soon as they sort it out. But I keep getting disconnected and its very annoying, and this has been going on for...
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    Blurry screen

    After cleaning my pc monitor with wet cloth today i dry it off right away. But, now my screeen seems to have gotten a bit blurry on white spots/ field. Maybe it is just temporary impression im having, but im afraid that water could attached to the screen. Its a samsung T220. Is there way to...
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    Blurry screen

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    installing dmg on windows

    i would like to install aperture 3 on my windows, that should be possieble right? But how do you install dmg on windows ? I have googled this topic and tried to converting it to iso with magic iso but magic iso doesnt recognize the fils n says this is not a disc. Does anyone know of a quick...
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    Turned off PC by plug accidentally..

    I know it is wrong to turn off a computer by power plug but it has happened to me a couple of times by accident. I know you will loose all unsaved projects. But does it harm any of the hardware ? which and how ?
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    Beginner question

    I am creating my first site and im new to programming so be nice :p. , I have a calender on my site which has next, previous month button. But when i press the press those buttons it takes me out of the my site and the next month appears alone on a blank site. How can i get this right ? This...
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    Putty with Mysql

    I need help connecting putty with mysql, this is my first i config putty so bear with me. I have installed mysql just fine on my machine and the command line that it came with works. But what info do i need to connect mysql with putty ? I get connection refused each time i try to connected...
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    Browser issue

    I have a weird problem here...My Chrome/ Firefox browser shuts down every time i enter (and few other sites) instead Explorer starts loading and goes to facebook. The only way to browse facebook on Chrome, is to have IE open. I made sure chrome is my default browser and i also...
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    Configuring ISP modem

    Is there a way to configure an ISP modem and add some access rules to pc`s that are connected ?
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    Blocking websites--dlink

    I want to block some time wasting websites from my computer. First i looked into using the HOST file to reroute ipadresses but you can still access other links to the site, so it doesn't block the whole site. My D-link can block the complete site the only thing is that it gets noticed by the...
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    Nvidia Control Panel ?

    My control is not showing me all the options, its only showing 3D. I just bought the 570gtx and i cant seem to install drivers correctly. I downloaded the current 266.58 driver from Nvidias own site. But my control panel is not showing all...
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    Lost Original CD

    I lost my Battlefield: Bad Company 2 CD, but luckily i have my CD key. Where can I download a legit copy ? Can I download it from steam and use my cd key ?
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    Unknown files, cant delete!

    Im stuck with 2 new folders in all of my hard disks. The folder are named $RECYCLE.BIN and System Volume Information. The System V. Information has log files and a folder called windows backup, probably from my old windows , and the $RECYCLE.BIN folder has a file called RECYCLE. When i...
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    Cant find my hosts file..

    As said, i cant find hosts file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc , All i have there is imhosts,networks,protocol, services. Im on win7 64bit. where else should look for it?? Should i create a new one but what about the old setting that i dont remember? I have motified the file before but...
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    Why is my computer freezing ?

    I have decent pc but sometimes i have to press on things to times to for things to open or windows to respond. So i just thought maybe i just need a fresh reinstall of windows 7, so i reinstall windows7 64bit, but problem is still here. I even defraged the hardisk before installing a fresh...
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    New GPU..advice?

    Im thinking to buy a new gpu, and I narrowed my choice to gtx 470,gtx 285 or ati 5870. If only 5870 wasnt ATI. I dont like their drivers, and im afraid to get lost there. :p So i would like to go nvidia. if i was to go nvidia, which is the better choice ? I heard 480 is not worth the...
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    Green screen!?

    Video card: Nvidia GTX 260 After half hour playing i got green and everything was locked. Had to restart the pc. Cant run furmark for more than 30 sec either before it crashes. Is gpu damaged ? Picture here
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    Give me your best OC guide..

    Some of you maybe know that i bought new case and water cooling. And that why i want OC my i7 920 tomorow, this is my first OC so im thinking to follow this guy here should i follow him ? I want to collect some knowledge from you...
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    Show Temp on gpu ?

    I want check the temp of my gpu, but it does not show up on SpeedFan or RealTemp. I would expect everything to plugged correctly, its sitting pretty well on the motherboard. What could be wrong here ?
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    Wow,100° Celsius on i7 !!

    I was just playing bad company 2 and my i7 reached almost 100° Celsius on stock fan.So no gaming on stock fan? :/ Guess i could fuck up the cpu so quit gaming and everything went down to 60-70 ish. I got one extra fan and good case but this doesn't help i guess. I should add the pc has...
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    Legit game.. Invalid code ??

    I just bought and tried to install battlefield bad company 2 but the code is invalid. The game is totaly new and was sealed. I think the code i have is one letter to short, I have 5 sets of code and each set has 4 letters, but the last set has one FOUR letters. How is that even possiable ...
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    Slow internet over WLAN. Reason ?

    When I measured my the wireless internet connection, the speed is a lot slower then normal cable connection to the desktop pc. Sometimes i get only 30 %- 50 % of the speed i pay for and sometimes i get 100% over wireless. The speed is usually best at night. My router is dlink 655. Is the...
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    red screen...gpu defected ?

    Lately when i play C.O.D mw2 after while i get red screen with blue-greenish dots and nothing works then. I cant go back desktop with crtl + alt + esc, to check what could possiable be wrong. I have to force shutdown the whole pc and restart to get back to normal. cant play the game more...
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    Any differences between two outputs of a gpu?

    I have my dvi cable to the pc plugged on left output which is close to other round output. As seen on this image. Which of two dvi output on a gpu are you supposed to use ? And does it matter ?
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    PC to TV hook up issue...

    Solved. Can be deleted.
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    How do you get a pc to be quieter ?

    After putting it together my new system i kinda find it to be loud. My hardware are the following. Case: Cooler master 832 3 Fans: 2 ( one came with the case and the other i bought it myself ( this one silent) ) 1 cpu fan ( intel i7) PSU: Corsair HX 850W OS HDD: Samsung's...
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    i7 920 but only two cores, help please.

    I just bought a new i7 920. But my motherboard doesnt show all the four cores neither do any of the cpu metering, like cpu-z, speedfan etc. The motherboard is Gigabyte x58 ud5, how do you get the 4 cores to show ? Im sure this is a minor and usual mistake but i cant figure how to get it right...