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    120mm fan used as ventilation :-)

    I got a small room for nerding and gaming, and it gets hot. Small PSU (could also be from PC), powers Clock and ventilation 120mm fan from PC.
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    PC located in garage.. 50cm from screen

    8°C in garage... 17°C usual CPU temp, GPU holds 17°C..... Drilled hole in wall to have this solution.
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    Asus P5B-E, Kingston HyperX 750MHz, e6300.. Help me OC

    I can use FSB 320, but there is problems getting higher.. Basically I don't really know for sure what the settings in BIOS should be. OC of Ram only should tell me what to expect from ram... The Kingston 2GB HyperX PC6000 should run at 750Mhz or FSB:RAM = 1:1 = 375MHz but that seems...