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    Gears 5 free with Gold

    Grab it ASAP!
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    Rocket Lake-S prices revealed through retailers

    First look at some prices on Intel's 11th gen CPUs: The i9 prices are crazy at $600, but everything below that looks very reasonable, especially the non-k skus. If these hold...
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    Hardware Unboxed blacklisted by Nvidia

    (Redundant thread)
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    Cyberpunk on Consoles: Bad to Rad

    The newest blockbuster game will be running on no less than 7 different versions. Here is a look at performance/graphics for those thinking about getting the new game. PS4 / One S (and OG One): Simply awful. Not only is resolution goes down to 720p on these machines, textures take forever...
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    AMD pushes back on Tiger Lake with Cezanne mobile CPUs

    Looks like AMD is gearing up to release their Zen 3 mobile parts, as expected. The 4000u Renoir parts already gave the 11th gen parts strong competition, so looking forward to what these can do. Major...
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    Intel 5775c : Still a beast!

    Anandtech did a retro review of Broadwell desktop CPUs. These CPUs were made famous by being the first Intel CPU to use 14nm tech and having an on board edram, though Intel did not produce in...
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    Boycott ensues after Playstation teams up with the ADL.

    Both Microsoft and Sony have been pumping support for BLM, but not Sony has taken it a step further by allowing gamers to record and send chat directly to the ADL. I really hope Sony gets some backlash for capitulating to this evil organization. Below is a video from bitchute (Vincent James...
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    Best Performance CPU for $450

    With the new AMD announcements, I am a bit poll happy. So, for $450 which would you choose as your main rig? AMD 5800x: 8/16, Best IPC, no igpu AMD 3900x: 12/24, 'weakest' at gaming, no igpu Intel 10850k: 10/20, balanced performance, weakest i/o, high power draw
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    Best Gaming CPU for $300

    Looks like there is a lot of CPUs that will be in this price range now. AMD 5600x: Best IPC, no igpu AMD 3700x: Lower 1080p, but 8/16; no igpu *($280 now) AMD 4700g: A unicorn, great igpu, limited cache Intel 9700K: Likely the fastest at gaming when. o/c; igpu, high power use...
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    What is 8k gaming?

    Hypothetical question: If all or even most games were able to run 8k dlss rendered from 5k, would you consider that as 8k gaming? We see that 4k dlss rendered from 1440p often looks as good or even better than 4k, so scaling things up, one would assume that 5k to 8k dlss would look as good...
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    Nvidia Turing: Time to Pay Respect.

    From the release of the 20 series, which saw nothing in advancing price/performance to rumors of a $500 RTX 3070 matching the performance of a $1000+ RTX 2080ti, Turing has been the butt of many jokes around here. However, it is one of the most important releases in recent gpu history. Lets...
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    Xbox Series S

    Microsoft Xbox team has revealed their new light duty console: Things known so far: It's small, diskless, and only $300. That is a very good price for casual gamers. Unknowns: Pretty much all else...
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    11th Gen Tiger Lake and Xe graphics launch event

    Intel just unveiled a very interesting mobile CPU (APU?) on the heels of Nvidias new GPU launch. These are Intel's claims so we will see how well they hold up in the reviews. It looks like 4/8...
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    Max price of a 3070ti with 16 GB vram

    Looking to see how much vram is valued here. Having a good idea of the $500 3070 and $800 3080 performance, what would be the max you would pay for a 16GB version of the 3070 assuming no other changes like faster clocks or memory?
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    The Official RX 5300 Thread (and hopefully the only one)

    So knowing that there will be about a hundred or so RTX 3000 series threads, I figure this years lame duck should get a thread of it's own. AMD recently released the RX 5300. Basically it is an RX 5500 with lower clocks and a paltry 96 bit bus running 3 GB of GDDR6...
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    Threadripper Pro Series: 3945WX, 3955WX, 3975WX, 3995WX

    AMD has officially announced its new TR Pro: With up to 64 cores and 2 TB ram capacity with 128 lanes of PCIe 4.0, it looks to be a content creator powerhouse. That said, any [H] users out...
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    Will anyone figure out CPU overclocking? A look at TPUs 10900k review

    Alright, hear me out. I know this is [H] and many of you are die hard overclockers. I just think motherboard manufactures could do so much better. Take for example TPUs latest review of the 10900k: Since when did we start accepting...
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    AMD 4600H dominates the midrange

    After seeing how the 4800H and 4900H laptops perform, HUB has just reviewed AMD's more affordable offering: When competing on a constrained power level, AMD's offering flat out embarrasse Intel. Let's just hope the OEMs offer some descent laptops with this new midrange beast.
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    Zen 2 goes budget: R3 3100 and R3 3300x

    Gamers will finally have a budget option with the new 4/8 cpus coming this May: The only difference between the 3100 and 3300x are ( edit ) Competition will come from the...
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    New 2080ti now with 16 Gbps memory

    MSI is releasing a new 2080ti card with 16 gbps which is claimed to give over 5% performance bump: While it will be pricey, it will be far less pricier than hacking apart a couple...
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    Doom Eternal performance on older GPUs: Hardware Unboxed

    Hardware unboxed showed how older hardware compares on the DE at 1080p low: A few takeaways: - Older AMD hardware like the HD 7970 does FAR better than Nvidia hardware like the GTX 680, even when it has 4 GB vram. - Although the game is well optimized, the 6 presets are just way too close and...
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    The 'new' RX 590 GME

    So yeah, this is a thing: So I guess the Polaris hierarchy is RX 590 >> RX 580 GME > RX 580 > RX 480 >> RX 580 2048 core = RX 570 > RX 470. Did I miss any?
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    GTX 1650 Super vs. RX 5500 XT vs. Polaris

    With reviews coming soon for the 5500 XT, I thought it would be good to have a battleground thread for one of the most important price ranges ($150-$180). 1650 Super - So far looks to be neck and neck with the RX 590, so long as you avoid uber textures. RX 5500xt - Early reviews of the...
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    RX 5600 / 5600XT Thread

    There are some new rumors about the RX 5600 series coming out next year: The big piece of information is the 6 GB of GDDR6 which should allow it to be slotted in the GTX...
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    Why no love for Low Profile?

    I've built a nice sff pc with a 2400g, but after selling my One X, I want a bit more graphical power for casual games. You can find about 40 different versions from 10 manufactures of the same card, but there are only a few crappy low profile cards. I have my eye on a GTX 1050 on ebay, but I...
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    Gamers Nexus response to TPU smear

    Surprised this was not posted yet. Bottom line, Reddit sources a whistle blower saying that youtubers were shilling with the nvidia boxes in the background. TPU ran with the article and it blew up in their face. A GN thumbnail was used, and Steve was rather pissed about it. Apologies were...
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    Phantom Edit - help needed

    I recently ripped all of the Star Wars prequals on bluray (high quality - 40GB each bluray, but no bonus scenes). I wanted to create a trimmed down version of all 3 movies into one watchable movie that is about 3 hours long. Looking to see if anyone has experience with this or know if a...
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    GlobalFoundries unveils 12LP+ (real 12nm)

    This looks to be an overlooked tech story, but that is expected as it is not "cutting edge." Still, this new node looks promising and could alleviate some of the 7nm demand by...
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    Handbrake audio settings for ripped Bluray - no clue what I am doing.

    My situation: Encoding Bluray MKVs for playback on a 5.1 receiver, tablet, smart tv, or whatever else we have in the house. What I want: Nice surround sound quality (not a crazy audiophile) in my current AVR 1510 receiver with great compatibility for future equipment. Here is what my settings...
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    Testing AMD VCE on Handbrake using a 2400g APU

    I decided to see how the VCE encoder would work on Handbrake. For the test, I used an episode of Midsomer Murders from a Blu-Ray mkv rip. Settings for all encodes were 22 quality using 1080p, DTS-HD AC3 256 bit stereo (limited options). Included are fps, approx time to complete (never around...
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    Reason for an i5 9400F over an R5 3600: Far Cry. That's all.

    Well this video just goes to show you how dominant AMD is in the midrange sector. I really did not expect this level of beat down in gaming: Even the 7700k and 9600k were struggling against this $200 wonder. Not bad.
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    Intel 7nm ambitions are...lofty

    This one might cause you to snort your drink out of you nose: Not really sure what 1272 or 1274 is. In any case, it seems Intel has not learned their lesson on keeping goals and expectations reasonable...
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    Post your Zen 2/2+ memory speeds!

    Thought it would be a good idea to start a centralized thread as a sequel to the thread by bobzdar. It would be good to see what setups do the best for benches, real world gaming, etc. The more info the better, but try to...
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    The Miracle of Matisse

    I know everyone is salivating over some real world reviews of gen 3 Ryzen, but it is worth appreciating some of the overlooked technical achievements of the new CPU. TPU has a nice article that articulates the effort that needed to go into making a multi die layout work with the older...
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    Polaris vs. Hawaii - RX 570 takes on the R9 290

    Steve at Hardware Unboxed has another good video showing how an old favorite does in newer games. The RX570 manages to best the older card, but you have to wonder how would things look if the Hawaii was the newer card and more of the games were optimized for that architecture. Take a look at...
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    GTX 1650ti thread - Another AMD threat

    It looks like Nvidia could be releasing the GTX 1650 and GTX 1650ti on April 22nd. While the GTX 1650 looks to be a 1050ti class product using 128 bit GDDR5, the 1650ti could be a real...
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    R7 2700 for $220 with Prime

    Probably one of the best deals out there for those not near a microcenter. Ryzen 2 is near, but this is a lot of processing power for $220.
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    ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 - Even more TR value.

    Compared to Intel's HEDT CPUs, AMD's Threadripper line has always been seen as a good value. However, the X399 motherboards took some of that away compared to the X299 motherboards. ASRock has released an X299 for $250 that offers 2.5 gigabit lan and respectable overclocking...
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    9900k : $500+ for the THIRD best gaming CPU?

    Understandably, I might catch some heat for this, but it is NOT a troll thread. It is interesting reading the 9900k as it is an impressive CPU, so I did a search with it as a title. Surprisingly, almost all of the threads are about not getting good overclocks or stability problems ignoring...
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    $230 for Ryzen 7 2700 w/ Division 2 This is a smoking good deal on Newegg!