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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    The KS8000 series is even brighter. I have to keep mine at a 7 as well or it feels like a portable sun is in my room.
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    This one : I just got it and it works 100 percent with my KS8000. I've got it running at 4096x2160 60p with 4:4:4 Chroma no issues to speak of. I'm sure if...
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    Privacy Fears Deter Web Users From Online Shopping

    Buy a prefilled Visa/Mastercard and go forth.
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    People Spend Twice As Much Time Watching Netflix As Socializing

    Considering I had friends with parents that were never home and therefore were "raised" on TV/Cable I doubt this matters. I would be much more concerned with what my children where watching on Youtube since that covers a much wider range of idiots who think they are "so fab" with 200k subs...
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    Win 10 Screws up CS

    Its one of the most popular games on PC. It doesn't matter if you think its dated because its making a fortune for Valve. It'll probably being going strong for years and years to come. Its got a huge competitive scene and a huge casual player audience. Its dirt cheap. If you have any talent...
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    Do you think the $60 price tag for battleborn will hurt it's community, When Overwatch is $40? See T

    Battleborn is already a failure. I can not or refuse to believe no one from the beta or their own Q/A didn't say to them during feedback or a meeting "This game is like a vomit of color and its a huge issue. We need to tone it down or it will turn people off". Its a really different game from...
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    Amazon Blocking Non-Prime Members From Buying Certain Video Games

    This will backfire. Big time. I love Amazon but man you are acting the fool Amazon. There are TONS of other places to buy games and for less.
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    How many of you are experiencing crashes with AMD/Nvidia GPUs in DS3?

    Interesting. It seems almost all of the complaints come from Nvidia users. Perhaps a new driver is coming to fix the issue.
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    Stephen Hawking And Billionaire Team Up On $100M Quest To Find Alien Life

    Pretty much. I think its wonderful. Even if it doesn't net any Earth shattering results simply making it there is incredible. I hope it actually happens.
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    How many of you are experiencing crashes with AMD/Nvidia GPUs in DS3?

    It seems to be affecting quite a few people and especially so at bonfires. So far I've had zero crashes on a 390x. I'm just curious if any of you Nvidia users have been running into crashes or forced to lower shadows to "low" to prevent them?
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    Max Video Card for i7 920

    Just upgraded from an i7 930 to a 6700K.. Dude do yourself a favor and upgrade your CPU as well. Night and day difference. I'm not even kidding.
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    Qnix = Bummer :(

    They are ditch panels dude. Its a dice roll. Everyone kinda knows the cheap Korean panels are a total random. I have 3 and they all work fine. I got mine ages ago so. But people constantly had good and bad experiences with them.
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    Science Channel Reviving 'MythBusters,' Seeking Hosts Via Reality Series

    At least the original 3 have their own show coming this Winter. This is just awful. Mythbusters IS Adam and Jamie. I just can't imagine it otherwise. They should just let it go. Discover is a shit channel now anyway. Between all the dumb shit reality shows? Fuck that channel.
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    This is how I feel right now.

    Its gonna be a long wait. Its already been a long wait. Everyone is gearing up their dicks for VR. I hope this next gen is a serious improvement.
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    Battleborn PC System Specs & Game Features

    I just went from an i7-930 setup to a i7-6700K and yes your CPU has aged and its time for an upgrade. My performance went skyrocketing through the roof compared to the 930. Its now time for that upgrade. I recommend the 6700k even if its a bit more pricey.
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    What Sucks About HardOCP Video Card Reviews

    I'm on board with this. I think it would be good even if it was just an overview and the meat of the article is where it belonged. Plus if you want to show any kind of weird behavior (With Freesync or Gsync or just anything really) its much better to actually record it in video form rather than...
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    MSI r9 390x crossfire on 2016 games

    Upgrade that CPU. I went from a 2.8Ghz i7 930 to a i7 6700 overclocked to 4.6Ghz and its a beastly upgrade. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it is. Games are going to be more hungry than ever for CPU cycles with Direct X 12. I'd go for at least a 6600.
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    Read up a few posts for my response.
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    Another,' is Crossfire worth it?' thread - 280x

    At least with Direct X 12 your VRAM gets turned into a total pool and isn't divided. So you will see gains as more Direct X 12 games come out. I think Crossfire is a good feature for cheaper solutions. But I think AMD sucks at releasing Crossfire profiles in a timely fashion. Nvidia has them in...
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    Nintendo NX will crush XB1 and mame PS4

    Nah. The NX will find itself in the same spot as the Wii U. Nintendo is stuck in the past. Its online services are archaic still. On top of that it still suffers from third party support issues. You can not exist without third party support. Its just not doable. Unless Nintendo wants to try VR...
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    Sony closes 'Driveclub' creator Evolution Studios

    I couldn't agree more with this statement. Beautiful racer but as stale as moldy bread. Its just a vapid and completely dead world. Regretted buying it utterly.
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    Dark Souls 3

    Man isn't an asshole at all. He's had to deal with addiction among other personal issues so actually its pretty interesting that he's hanging in there. He was doing so many 24 hour streams that its begun to effect his health (he was addicted to speed basically) and had to dial back his marathon...
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    Well I meant no interest in a 4k gaming monitor. A 4k TV is a different matter really. I'm going to use the TV for desktop stuff but mostly for 4k Blu Ray's and really just going hardcore for picture quality. The thought of having to spend absurd amounts of money on video cards just to hit 4k...
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    DirectX 12 Adoption “Huge” Among Developers; HDR Support Coming in 2017 as Microsoft Shares New Info

    Yep. Desperately trying to keep you upgrading when upgrading becomes less and less of an issue. I just went some 6 years without upgrading components. Moore's Law was a real big boon for them but its dead now.
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    A solid point. Especially considering both Nvidia and AMD will be offering GDDR5X cards and that will strain production big time. People have been waiting almost two years to upgrade so the influx will be huge as well. Its probably going to be a pretty solid sell through for a long time. Plus...
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    NVIDIA makes source code for select GameWorks libraries available to developers via GitHub

    It makes me giggle to think that "Hair" physics is what the argument has boiled down too. Look if some developer wants to pay and offer preference for Team Green or Team Red then that should be up to them. However .. in doing so they should also suffer the backlash from either team if they...
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    AMD Dual Fiji Announced? AMD Pro Duo!

    I've had similar experiences with multi GPU setups. But 3 GPU's is probably a nightmare with the drivers. This is a cool card but I don't see it legit being anything but a show piece that few can afford (among us at least not concerning professional usage).
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    Alright so my GTX 980 won't arrive until Monday but my friend lent me his 390x (its a Sapphire Nitro edition) and I've some interesting and disappointing experiences with it. First off the drivers seem MUCH better than AMD drivers were years ago. More frequent updates and it shows they've really...
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    I don't think there is a really good way that's DIY without proper equipment. The AVSforum guys generally are all over stuff like this so I'm going to pose my question there since there are tons of OLED owners and maybe a few who have had to purchase a DP to HDMI 2.0 adapter. Again appreciate...
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    Well my friend actually just bought a Sapphire 390X and we are both going to switch cards on and off for the next week and make up our minds. That way we both get to try them out (he is also using a GTX 780). So now I can see how the grass is on both side of the fence. Also my 780 was...
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    Wow awesome. Its nice that AMD tackled this issue and it seems it FULLY supports 4k as well with UHD. Downside however is that it adds input latency to the connection (being an active adapter) and OLED TV's already have some hefty input latency to deal with. Do you by chance know how much input...
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    By the way Newegg has GTX 980 Gigabyte WINDFORCE 3X for $439 with a $20 rebate and The Division for free. That makes it $419 after the rebate. Pretty great deal. GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 980 4GB WINDFORCE 3X 450W OC EDITION -
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    Thanks for all the replies guys , much appreciated for sure. I've decided to get a 980 and overclock the living shit out of it. It doesn't sound like Pascal or Polaris are going to be quite the leaps we've all been wanting from what I've read. HBM2 seems to be not even in full production so...
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    So I've done some recent upgrades (6700K overclocked to 4.6Ghz , 16GB DDR4 3000mhz) to my well aged i7 930 setup (wow night and day difference!). My GTX 780 is next on the chopping block but I'm conflicted. I haven't really been following much of the past few years of GPU's and based on what...
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    Netduma R1 router for gaming questions.

    Here is the site : The Geo filtering looks amazingly useful and very simple to setup. From what I've read only the Wifi is really the glaring issue but I've got an AC router I can set to be an AP. They support quite a few games and it seems to work on the fly and even...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Matchmaking in Destiny for all modes would be terrible. It takes like 5-10 minutes to assemble a team via Reddit or any social platform. Randoms would just sit afk at the entrance or inside or they would just die non-stop. Just like they all do in Strikes. No Matchmaking for Raids ever. Bad idea.
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    Earn The Respect Of Your Co-Workers With These Classic Steve Jobs Quotes

    And they will need it. Unless they have another winner like the iPhone or iPad they are going to be living off that cash for the next decade without continual steady flow.
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    Destiny: The Taken King Question

    Nope. They could sell shaders , emblems and other useless junk and make a fortune. More than enough for dedicated servers. Certainly works great for MOBA's and many free to play type games. As long as it isn't a gun or game altering item then its fine. Bungie knows this. Its not like they don't...