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    Humble Bundle - Cities:Skyline bundle ($18 for full unlock)

    Supposedly a better Sim City than the latest SimCity.
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    Isolating network performance issues

    Hi all, I am wanting to learn more about what tools to use for isolating network issues across a network. My current problem revolves around performance taking a hit when my kids are on their tablets streaming, but I have also wanted to identify where the slow downs are in my network and...
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    Gaming laptop help (rethinking purchase)

    So in a fit of rushed judgement, I purchased this HP Omen . It had the full RTX 2080(since Max-Q seems to be more for lowered power usage), an I7 9750, and from what I read the machine is pretty easily maintainable/upgradeable. The screen is reportedly also very nice as well (though, as with...
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    Panic button options for non-profit

    I am putting this here, as it seems the best fit. I am trying to see if anyone has any suggestions on solutions for a "panic button". I have started volunteering at a non-profit and they have a need for some sort of system that can alert others in their small office to a potential violent...
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    Help with Switching and VLANs

    Hi all, I need help understanding switching and how to get VLAN IDs passed through to my router successfully. Current State - I have a wired router (Mikrotik hEX) that has a wireless access point connected to it. That access point has 5 SSIDs, each assigned their own VLAN ID. On the router, I...
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    Linux Distro Suggestions

    I have a second desktop I am wanting to turn into a personal server. It is an i7 930, with 8GB RAM and a GTX 460. The primary usage would be running PLEX server so I can stream my movie and music, which I already have saved to a storage drive currently formatted as ExFAT. I currently have all...
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    Games you have found that minimize the P2W

    Since getting a tablet, I have been trying out more and more mobile games. I enjoy not being stuck at a desk tethered to my desktop, or managing my laptop, which is more mobile, but far less so than the tablet (and phone, since you can play on both). While I have bought a number of paid games...