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    ASUS GTX 680 for $197 at Amazon

    Don't know if it's a price mistake or a mis-marking of the GTX 660, but Amazon has the Asus GTX 680 for $197 right now: Everything on the site says...
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    Galaxy Nexus inductive charging mod

    I know this isn't the traditional computer case mod, but modern smartphones are just small, mobile computers and this is a case mod of one, so... I really like my new Galaxy Nexus, but one of the big problems I had with my original Droid was the micro USB plug had started to wear out after a...
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    HTPC rebuild

    I just wanted to let everyone here know my experience with rebuilding my HTPC. I had been running a BE-2300 on an Albatron KI-690 ITX motherboard with a 5450 PCI card. It ran very well overall, but had a few recurring issues. The ethernet controller would just drop for no apparent reason...
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    How much will a PCI card restrict performance?

    I'm looking to upgrade my HTPC video card. I just upgraded to Windows 7 and am having a ton of issues with the onboard video. The specs: Albatron KI-690 mini-ITX mobo (AMD 690G/SB600) (yes it's old, if you want me to buy a newer one you can paypal me the money) 2 GB DDR2 BE-2300 CPU Visio...
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    Project: BabyPuter

    Well, to start off, my baby girl Eliana was born was born a month ago. While waiting for her to come home I had some free time so I started thinking about her room and came up with an idea. I decided to build a small media PC for music and paintings using mostly old stuff I had laying around...
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    One meeeeelion points!

    OK, I have to toot my own horn here. After about 8 years of folding, I finally hit the 1,000,000 point mark today! Of course my Q6600 is responsible for 1/3 of that and it's only been running 4 months. Only 10 more months to the 2 million point mark!
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    Project: Truckputer

    Well, I'm finally getting around to building my carputer (truckputer actually). I got about halfway through before I started documenting, so I'll try to catch everyone up. The goal: Easy to use single purpose computer that takes the place of the car stereo. Must be able to perform GPS...
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    I need to get rid of my farm - please help!

    Well guys, I found out today that Uncle Sam is sending me somewhere hot and sandy for the next few months. I've got about a week or two before I go so I still have time to finish up some stuff. Rather than let my farm sit idle for that time, I'd like to sell/give most of it away to good homes...
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    Help changing versions of XP

    I have a friend who has been running the cracked edition of XP Pro Corp that he bought overseas and now wants to go legit. He asked me if there was any way to keep his settings, programs, games, etc. intact without having to do a fresh install and wiping his drive. Since all my copies are...
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    Free stuff

    EDIT - I'm gone now, so I can't send anything off. OK, here's the boxen for sale/giveaway (pics soon) Athlon XP @ 1700, Alpha heatsink, 512 MB PC133, 40 GB (?) HD $100 2 x Dualie P3 933, Intel server board, 512 MB reg ecc PC133, 4 GB HD $100 each Duron 1200, 256 MB RAM, 4 GB HD...
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    I made the front page!

    Just wanted to let the rest of the [H]orde know that one of the boxen in the Fenris Farm made the front page: Project NeXT Cube Folding 24/7 on overclocked XP mobiles, one at 2 GHz and one at 2.2 GHz (will get bumped up when temperatures drop below the mid 80's)
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    Project: NeXT Cube

    A few years ago I came into possession of an old (circa 1988) NeXT Cube. It was only the case not the cutting edge 25 MHz, 256K computer. I've been skulling for about a year now on how to properly mod this thing and I think I've come up with a plan. I've been wanting to do a tribute to my...
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    AW CRAP!

    I just looked at the Stanford site and counted the processors in my farm and realized that I was one off. :confused: So I looked at similar names and found I put an extra underline in the config of one box. :o Unfortunately for my stats it was perhaps my best performer with almost 5800...