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    Best 120mm fans

    Fans last forever, what's $12.99 when you can have the peace of mind that it'll be silently reducing your temps and increasing reliability for years to come :D
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    Frank's 2011 Upgrade

    Wow... really impressive attention to detail!
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    Modular PSU under 400w...

    Just buy the cheapest reliable PSU you can find and cut off the wires you don't need, then solder the ends or seal with plastic caps or electrical tape.
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    Ended up going with the Fractal Design Mini instead. Might try the Temjin if I need something smaller in the future.
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    My first mATX build: Silverstone TJ-08E

    Very nice! :D
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    Silverstone FT03... matx

    Was going to get one of these until I saw the build quality issues. Fractal Design Mini here I come!
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    My Thermaltake Armor A30 Review

    Thanks for the review... your post made me choose the Fractal Mini over this
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    Is it always the best idea to choose Microcenter over Newegg?

    I would say Micro Center. The money you save over having to pay for shipping (especially on large items like cases and power supplies) really makes a difference. And even if item X is the same price @ Newegg and Microcenter after you factor in tax and shipping, would you rather pay $15 to UPS or...
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    Recommendation for a gaming monitor

    Not sure if they already deleted your other thread or not, but Samsung is the king of sub-$200 widescreens. I think you can even get an IPS in your price range for the size
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    Thor V2 or HAF X?

    I vote for the Thor, it just looks more elegant.
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    The Temjin is flimsier? I would be looking at the Silverstone FT03 as well but it's pretty pricey and I've heard a lot about build quality issues Thanks!
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    Thanks. I just picked up my 2500k from Micro Center with a Maximus IV Gene-Z so it looks like I'll be running pretty much the same setup you are. I don't really care about size, I guess I just like the novelty of mATX. The Core 1000 is tempting as I'm on a budget but no front panel...
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    Where's the cheapest place to pick one of these up? Looks like Newegg is out of stock. Also, why would one choose the Temjin over a Fractal Define or Arc Mini?
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    decently quiet gaming FT03 rig, suggestions?

    Get the Maximus IV Gene-Z.
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    3DMark11 Score

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    3DMark11 Score

    Up to 3447 with the new beta drivers! Woot!
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    New NVIDIA 275.27 Beta drivers posted

    Hole bejeezus. My 3dmark11 score jumped nearly 10% with these drivers. 3108-3447 with no other changes!
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    PCMark 7 results?

    4037 on my trusty ol' e8400
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    67 C in the cores under max load too hot for E8400?

    Are you using the stock cooler? I've never seen mine over 60c, and I run it at 4.1ghz.
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    Nvidia Driver settings

    1) enable triple buffering 2) force disable vsync
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    So who else is staying up all night tomorrow.

    First reviews out now
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    First VZW iPhone review out

    Engadget ftw! ‎ Edit: Another one just popped up
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    Netbook hard drive.

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    3DMark11 Score

    P3108 with an E8400 @ 4ghz and a stock GTX460 :\ Time to upgrade to SB, methinks
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    Core i5 with 8-hour battery life?
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    Why would anyone by a Core i7 2600 (non-K)?

    I'm assuming you mis-typed and are wondering why I compared MC prices vs. Newegg. MC is out of the 2600k's and Newegg's 2600 price is way high. So I compared the best available price for each and took the difference to show the K is more than "just a few dollars" more
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    Why would anyone by a Core i7 2600 (non-K)?

    The standard 2600 is $250 @ MC... $80 less than Newegg's 2600k (MC no longer has the K in stock) - so it's quite a bit cheaper. Also, none of the matx boards are P67 (meaning none currently support overclocking) - so if one wants to build a SB HTPC they have no use for an unlocked processor...
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    Sandy Bridge Processors

    Dude, you rock. Is posting this stuff going to get you in trouble? How much is the 2400 gonna cost when it comes out?
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    Fallout New Vegas with 4870X2

    My e8400 @ 4ghz with a GTX460 runs fallout 3 brilliantly at max settings 1680x1050, and it's pretty much exacly the same as new vegas
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    New X25-M model number?

    thank you!!
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    New X25-M model number?

    Anyone know the difference between the "old" SSDSA2MH080G2R5 and the "new" SSDSA2MH080G2K5 ? I was just about to pull the trigger on the 80G2R5 when it went out...
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    260.63 via Nvidia are up!

    That's an issue with the game, I used to get it a bunch on my 4850
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    e8400 Overclock

    You'll be fine. I've been running my e8400 at 4ghz (1.4v in bios) for ~1.5 years now, 24 hours a day. I turn it off maybe once a week
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    matx x58 board options and experiances

    evga makes a nice one. same with the asus gene
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    Which software to download for stability testing?

    Aquamark is a joke. If I'm testing new oc settings I'll do Hyperpi 1M first, then prime95, then orthos, then 3dmark 06 and vantage. I wouldn't leave any of these running for more than about an hour like some of these guys are doing. If it hasn't failed in an hour it's probably not going to, and...
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    Your CPU progression

    I can't remember all of mine but here are the highlights Intel 386 ? AMD 333mhz something or other AMD 3200+ Barton - first OC AMD FX-55 - big disappointment Intel E8400@4.1ghz (current) Needless to say, I don't upgrade very often, I usually skip a generation and overclock to make up for it...
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    260.52 forceware Vista/Win7-64bit....

    Weren't these supposed to be released this morning on the nVidia website??
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    Will the Intel e6420 bottleneck my GTX 460?

    definitely oc that shit! my 460 would be bottlenecked by my e8400 if it was stock. But at 4.1ghz it's pretty well balanced