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    Anyone with a Gigabyte Aorus 30XX card with LCD display

    I'm having issues with the LCD display on my 3090 Aorus Master. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just emits a grey panel, sometimes it just corrupts. Some other users have reported issues, and RGB Fusion seems to be a buggy POS, but I'm reluctant to RMA as the card itself works great and if it's...
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    4k 4:2:2 from a 1080 to a Samsung JS9500 4k TV?

    I play games on my HTPC using a 1080 connected to my 4k TV (Samsung JS9500) It outputs 4k 8 bit fine however if I turn the HDMI UHD Color on so I can watch 4K UHD discs with HDR via a UHD Blu Ray player or my PS4 Pro with HDR then the 1080 only outputs 1080p. Any idea why the 1080 won't output...
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    Weird problem with r280 and LG TV monitor

    I have a MSI R280 GPU and a LG27M93V TV monitor connected by HDMI and keep getting flashing and lines on the screen at random intervals. The LG screen is a PC monitor with a TV tuner and smart features built in. I didn't have this problem with my old card (a 6970) and the monitor, and if I...
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    Q9950 + Asus P5Q Turbo = no overclock

    Evening all, I just picked up a Q9550 on Ebay for a reasonable price but i cant seem to get it to overclock at all with my Asus P5Q Turbo board. Im using the Corsair H50 cooler too, my temps are excellent - even under full load stress testing with CPU stability test 6 it doesnt even break...
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    new mobo, spontaneous reboots

    Hi guys Ive just replaced my Dell machine with one ive built myself, but its not behaving properly and i cant work out why. Its the following parts: Asus P5Q Turbo mobo (new) Intel E6600 2.4Ghz dual core from my old Dell XPS420 2 x 2Gb Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 (new) Coolermaster...
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    Upgrading Dell 8400 mobo so i can overclock

    Im looking to tweak my current PC without spending a fortune. I have a Dell 8400 with a P4 630 cpu, 2gb of ddr2 533 and an ATI X800XL. I know you cant throw a new mobo in the Dell case (or can you?) but i was thinking of getting an Abit AA8 mobo and a new case/PSU and swapping everything else...
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    slow speeds on wireless connection

    Im new to wireless networking so was looking for some advice. I have a netgear mr814v2 router and have my main pc hardwired to it, and i have another pc in the bedroom that is using a dell 1450 usb 2.0 wireless adapter (its a dell 8400). My problem is that when it connects, it does so at...
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    Netgear WMB521 wireless router/card kit - FREE w/MIR ($9 shipping) $33.95 - $35.00 MIR from netgear (rebate value will not exceed purchase price so $33.95) ground shipping was $9, though next day was only $15, good reseller ratings too. Even without rebate...
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    weird problems with X800XTPE

    I have a couple of things going on with my new X800. First, i cant seem to able to get the screen on my Dell 2001FP to scale when you run lower rez benches and so on. It runs full screen on boot, and i set up the control panel to scale rather than center, but when i run AM3 or 3d05 i get the...
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    XP64 pro RC1 free download

    If you want the RC1 version of XP64 pro you can download it for free from MS -
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    Nforce 6.14 beta drivers Audio driver version 4.56 Audio utility version 4.50 Win2K ethernet driver version 4.58 WinXP ethernet driver version 4.58 Network management tools version 4.58 GART driver version...
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    Excellent tool for using cool and quiet Disable C&Q in the bios and use this instead, it works great on overclocked machines. The original C&Q has a bug that means if you lower the multi to overclock your CPU, C&Q uses the default multi when working @ 100%, meaning your machine may...
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    rebate isnt quite what it seems :)
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    site blocked by Nvidia firewall

    I just installed the software to run the nvidia nforce3 hardware firewall on my system and for some reason it blocks access to If i try to ping it, it just comes back timed out. If i drop the firewall i get access fine, and if i just use the XP firewall thats ok too. Any ideas why...
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    GMX 5.1s and no EAX

    I ordered a set of Klipsch GMX 5.1s for $99 (too good a deal to pass up) but have found out that my Audigy 2 doesnt send EAX through the digital out, so my games will be 2.1. I have an Onkyo DS777 as my home theater amp and that has 6 channel in and optical out - can i route the sound from...
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    blank page under XP

    I suddenly get a blank page when going to on WinXP but if i use my XP64 edition i can see the forum fine. Regular XP was working ok earlier tonight. Its just a white page with done at the bottom, no error message or anything. Any ideas whats wrong?
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    Over 7100Mb/sec on a MSI Neo2 939

    Not too shabby at all :)
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    Phase 4 of HL2 being downloaded on Steam

    Go get it!
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    Does your boxen need a graphics card?

    Ok, heres the deal. I have a Geforce2 GTS AGP sitting in my drawer that i dont use, so id like to donate it to a folder that needs a card to get a boxen up and running. Im fairly sure it works, i upgraded a long time ago and havent used it since. Heres the rules to get this : Whoever wants it...
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    Prime95 and DEP

    Just a heads up that if you have DEP enabled for all software it blocks prime95 from running. I set DEP to windows essential programs only and all was ok then.
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    Well, i switched over to the console, and I just realised that for the last few days ive been folding under the name "y" rather than summoner[H] :o . I wondered why my stats hadnt changed :confused: Oh well, at least the points went to 33, i got that right, and have filled in my name correctly...
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    crash problem

    New folder for the [H] here and im having a problem with the program crashing at the end of a WU if i leave the display up. It doesnt happen if i leave it minimized though. The error i get is : Faulting application winfah.exe version, fault address 0x00003987. That pops up in the...
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    macromedia crashing xp

    Anyone else have problems with macromedia ads in the forums crashing XP? Every now and then ive had an error box pop up saying there was a problem with macromedia and it needs to close, then XP errors out. Its only since SP2 but that could be a coincidence. I uninstalled macromedia (i have...
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    New bios for MSI NEO2 939

    Version 1.2 is on liveupdate now. Documented changes are : 1. This is Award BIOS release. 2. This BIOS fixes the following problem of the previous version: - Support FSB to 450MHz. - Support K8 CPU Rev. D 939-Pin 128-bit. 3. 2004/08/30 undocumented : 0.5 multis now available Temps...
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    MSI Neo2 boards and BH5 memory

    If you have BH5 memory and use the NEO2 board, please can you post on this thread : Thanks :)
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    Calling all Mushkin PC3500 level II users!

    If you have an MSI K8N Neo2 939 board will your mushkin level II do 2-2-2 timings on this board? Mine wont, it does 2-3-2 ok though. Post here if you can do 2-2-2 please :) Or, if you have memory thats BH5 and can do 2-2-2 on this board too, please post.
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    No AMD PCIe till Q1 2005 Not a surprise really. I wonder if PCIe might not be all Intel make it out to be?
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    Best place for a temp probe

    I have a probe attached to my Orbital Matrix and i want it to monitor CPU temps. The probe end isnt flat, its about 2mm wide, so wheres the best place to get a fairly accurate temp? So far, i tucked it under the heatsink resting next to the CPU socket and am getting 40C idle. Thanks in...