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    Tax Collectors Eye Buying Names Of Web Shoppers

    But the taxes that dont get collected from illegal workers?
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    cod4 on console or pc?

    +1 console are good for racing in my mind
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    Hidden windows folder help ???

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    A8N32 SLI deluxe buzzing/poping in speakers

    I get a very weird buzzing and crackling noise in my speakers and headphones. I have unplugged each the headphones and the speakers still have the noise. I unplugged all the usb devices and still have it. I updated the drivers for the sound same thing. The "noise" changes when the hdd is active...
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    Project: Beast III

    you sir are the beast :)
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    SLI and dual monitors

    Will dual monitors and SLI working together? If not can you use a pci card to get it to work? other ways to get it to work?
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    Project: Beast III

    what is the diameter of a .40 cal casing? the holes he drilled are .4375
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    cornelious0_0 I think I found out why you could get a digi cam for so long. You keep giving your 2 cents out and its making you broke :) nice lian li's everyone
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    How do you know when ur heatsink needs lapping?

    what sean said and AS 5 will void your AMD warranty I get better temps with ceramique
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    Dumpster Diving!

    you missed out if this thread would be left alone it would be over 400 pages long :)
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    Show off your best pics!

    nope I was trying to take a picture of the core this is the pic I ended up with
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    My first little unfinished mode :)

    are you a redneck I heard rednecks like shiney things.....j/k
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    Would 2 resevoirs lower temps??

    I didnt say how big the res would have to be either :)
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    Would 2 resevoirs lower temps??

    2 resevoirs will give you larger volume of water and give you more that wont move as much it will give a little lower temps too
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    Good Socket 939 block

    cathars cascade :)
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    HELP! MY LIAN-LI! *missing parts*

    you need to go to and for your lian li needs
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    Need advice for modding a lian-li pc75

    do you have pictures of the scratches after the tape was removed?
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    Once you go Lian Li never go back...

    I drive both fords and chevys :) FORD Fix of Repair Daily FORD At least they circle the problem
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    Printable 120mm Paper Cut-out?

    if your using windows xp then open the pictures in paint and print them there
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    Printable 120mm Paper Cut-out?

    here use these they are from hitechmods but the site is down so I can link them
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    Need advice for modding a lian-li pc75

    my pc75 has a 120mm hole in it and I dont want it want to trade tops? ill pay shipping both ways I also have holesaws for 60,80,92,and 120mm if ya need some help doing that
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    Once you go Lian Li never go back...

    For any of you guys who just got in on the excailberpc pc75 deal that want a 120mm whole in the top let me know I want to get rid of the top of my case for one without any holes ill pay shipping both ways if need be
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    What makes Lian-Li so wonderful?

    Dont really know what why you think steel is much better my pc75 I pick up mine by the 120 mm hole in the top without bending any thing and the case is full.Your case may be HALF the cost however I will bet its at least twice the weight of my case. Your case is 35 pounds empty my case is 20...
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    Can't Break 218FSB on Abit NF7-S Rev2

    you need to get a modded bio's a tictac bios with cpc off this should help you
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    Hidden windows folder help ???

    I checked the gp editor and i found nothing
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    Hidden windows folder help ???

    My windows folder has some how become hidden. The only way I can see the folder is too uncheck the "hide protected operating system files [recommended]". I cannot uncheck the hidden box under its properties. I also tried creating another admin account this was uneffective. Do you guys/girls have...
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    Free Brain Stress Toy ???
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    How Do You Pronounce "Lian Li"

    Lee an Lie
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    x800xt and x800xt pe difference?

    can someone please tell me what the differences are between these 2 cards?
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    How much should I ask for my case?

    I paid 160 for my pc75 with 6 4led fans, a window, 120mm blowhole, and a slk900u
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    ever thought about a shroud on your thermalright HS?(ghetto warning)

    I did this awhile back on my slk900u this is my 948 the spacer I used was a 10 or 15 mm fan with the 25 mm fan that works it works of to be about the size of a 38mm fan and you can use the fan clips without a issue also you can screw the 2 parts together
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    Broke out Quake I last night.

    i played quake 1 mega tf for 6 or so years (looks for quake cd)
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    Watercooling videos ?

    damn man you got a sick fetish or somthing :)
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    Need (tw) hose clamps on each elbow joint?

    did know it was 10 lines at 800x600 thanks
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    Need (tw) hose clamps on each elbow joint?

    i think its best to leave them unclamped and then you can let us know how long until it leaks j/k clamp every fitting
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    Get a FREE Black Friday wakeup call from CheechHeidi KlumIce TLord Vader& others!

    Metallica_Band I thought you had gone away for good
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    Dual Display Questions

    I use my right monitor as my primary I keep my right monitor centered to the keyboard and the secondary to the left As for moving the mouse to the other monitor accidently only way I can think to fix it would be to go into your display properties and switch the displays ie if it says [2] [1]...
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    Final Watercooling Purchase

    with the pc71 you can just mod the stock psu mounting plate to accept another psu or just order the redundant psu bracket