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    Cleaning to convert loop from silver+copper to all nickle?

    Hey folks, I have an idea here, tell me if i'm being to paranoid. I currently have a Dangerden monsoon reservoir with a silver plug in it, and all copper blocks, running distilled water. I'm looking at current production watercooling stuff, and most of it seems to be nickel and pure copper...
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    Good 7/16 ID tubing these days?

    Hey friends, I have myself a pickle here. I've been using masterkleer clear 7/16" ID 5/8 OD" tubing, friction fit over DD fatboy 1/2" barbs for years now and I want to rebuild. Problem is that nobody carries this tubing in clear anymore. I want to use this tubing as its worked fantastically...
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    Low Profile Vandal Switch?

    Hey guys, I have a case where my bay reservoir interferes with my current 22mm vandal switch. Even with the prongs bent to the side, it still sticks about 1/4 inch out the top of the case. Anybody know of shorter ones? Or should I just cut a new hole? Thanks
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    Anybody here have a 290x with a XSPC Razor on it?

    Heres my dilemma. I have about 10.55 inches between my case backpanel, and my intake radiator. My GTX480, stock, fits in just fine. I want to get a 290x and put the razor on it, but I'm afraid it wont fit because measurements of the cards are all over the map on the internet. Anybody...
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    Phanteks is going to make a Case Clean look, excessive space behind the motherboard tray for tubes and cabling, mobile HDD cages so you can fil lthe thing with rads, and a light up spine reminiscent of...
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    Speculation: Haswell upgrade for Folding

    Sup gents! My X58 rig is getting quite long in the tooth, and all of these tantalizing declarations of increased IPC and efficiency are rustling my jimmies! I'm folding in windows, using and F@H GPU tracker, got the spicy e5649 running at 3.8ghz with a gtx480 running stock, and...
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    Switching OP-AMPs in an Auzentech card

    Have Audio Technica AD-900X headphones, Auzentech Bravura. Love it, want more. Anybody played with opamps in one of these? Any recommendations for a different opamp in the headphone output? My internet reading has only really pointed me towards switching the 7.1 opamps and not the...
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    choice brand of Quick Disconnect fittings?

    Sup guise. I'm working out loop details, figured I'll need a QDC for drainage. From what i can tell, out there, theres Koolance, Phobya, Aquatuning and Bitspower. Looking for good flow above all, followed by smallest size. I'm going to be screwing one side directly into a radiator, and the...
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    Tritton AX Pro vs Razer Tiamat vs anything

    Hey guys, my Tritton's have just bit the bullet after 23 months of hearty service. I loved them. They will get a warrior's burial. Whole thing was my fault really, twisted a cup too much and the whole thing fell apart. Before you try suggesting a nice pair of stereo headphones, I already...
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    Thermaltake Level 10 reissue - only 300 units made - why is nobody talking?

    Its white (or is it silver?), USB 3.0 front panel, whats not to love? Goddamn if only mine was this pretty.
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    PhysX in Borderlands 2! YAAAAY!
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    EVGA Supernova 1500w PSU teased an hour ago From what I've gathered: 1. It has a HANDLE! :p 2. Fully modular 3. Individually sleeved cables come stock. Also has fancy power cable. 4. Has usb interface for real time desktop monitoring of voltages, current draw, temperature, fan speed...
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    ppd declining this month! Can I fix it?

    Soup guise? last month had a great 18k ppd. 4-6 wu's a day, lots of points. 425k points for the month of march. This month, its grinding down to 1 wu every 2 days. My ppd is reportedly bouncing between 7-13k (says the smp client). I'm halfway through this month and only at 125k ppd - i should...
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    Feser Triebwerks 123 vs. Scythe AP-15 for Quiet Operation

    I will be using a Black Ice Pro (120mm) rad, and a Black Ice Pro II X Flow (240mm) rad. Looking for lowest noise at highest cooling performance fans - which is a funny thing with these high fpi rads. So theres the triebwerks 122 (mid speed 1800rpm), treibwerks 123 (ludicrous speed 3000rpm)...
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    Upgrade path for a [H]orde folder.

    Hey guys, looking to pick some brains here. Short of it: Ivy is coming out, I'm tempted to upgrade. Current system in sig. I see 2 upgrade paths, and I'm curious which one will net me the best gains in both gaming and folding. It will cost virtually the same to swap my mobo and processor...
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    The new EVGA Precision fixed my bottleneck? Sort of....

    So this solved my "bottleneck" problem. Basically, in bf3, at my settings, i was getting 70 fps averages and 85% usage averages using the 295 drivers and the old precision. Even when I turned down the settings, I'd keep the same 70fps averages and low GPU usage averages. My goal has always...
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    GTX 480 SLI not doing it's job. Any advice?

    Rig in sig. GPU utilization never really breaks 85% on either of them. Just spun up BFBC2 and i was hitting 50% usage. Frame rate hovered around 80, with occasional jumps between 60 and 200. I wanted a consistent 120fps+ in bfbc2, and it just wasnt doing it. I know when i run it as a single...
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    High QPI voltage causing instability?

    Been having a hell of a time getting my overclock stable on my i7 930, and i think its either my QPI or my ram, just want to verify with the crowd here. Basics are: Goal: 4.0ghz cpu, 2000mhz cas10 ram. with 200 blck, x20 cpu multi, x10 ram multi - if i have to i'll do it with 191 bclk on a...
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    In light of Hawken and Mechwarrior Online - Joystick (for mechs) thread

    I want a joystick, throttle, and pedals. I'm looking into the ~$300 range, or maybe a bit higher for the set. Since its a mech, dual throttles are excessive. Joystick will be for aiming/shooting, pedals for turning, throttle for speed and movement things like jumping. Force feedback is...
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    What happened to the Ultra X4 power supplies?

    I went looking for them recently and everything above 750 watts seems to be gone. The x4 series has been removed from the website, and tigerdirect does not offer them anymore. I was hoping to pick up their new 1000 watter for the ultra lifetime warranty, but they're nowhere to be found...
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    Got my C4 ngen today

    Holy crap this thing is slick. Yes, easily fastest mouse surface i have ever fathomed. The corsair software for my M60 rates it a 5/5 for tracking, compared to the steelseries SX which was 4/5, and the QCK+ which was 3/5. Its cool, i got the 16x16". Its a dark metallic brown or dirty copper...
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    Corsair M60 mini review + G9X comparison

    Picked up one of these today as a replacement for my very well loved G9X. Weight: With all weights removed, the M60 is lighter than the G9X equipped with the "wide load" grip and no weights. A definite improvement for me as I have been experiencing arm pain using my G9X for very extended gaming...
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    Keys sticking over p/s2

    I have a KBC poker, works great over USB, but not so much over ps/2. Basically, sometimes i'll be playing bf3 or whatever, and my directional buttons will act as if they are being pressed, and i will be stuck running in one direction until i tap the button again. It has lead to me crashing...
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    Asrock z68 extreme3 headache

    So my friend bought one of these motherboards, and it wont boot. It keeps cycling power like there's a short, so I had him put on the stock HSF, and put the motherboard on an antistatic bag to rule this out, and it still wont boot. error goes like this: press power, fans spin up, error code 15...
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    Need quick cosmetic advice - Sleeved cables

    Specs: Black case, Asus Rampage 3 Formula motherboard, xigmatek 140mm black w/white LED fans, and some other stuff in there. Should i go for the mod smart BLACK or mod smart CARBON FIBRE sleeving? Black:
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    need a more comfortable mouse

    Good morning, As a raging BFBC2 addict, I love my mice. However, I'm currently having issues... arm pain... with the mice that i have. Please note, i am using a steelseries SX surface- the aluminum one G9X: love it to death, its the perfect weight (with no weights, very nice and light), love...
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    Dirty Front panel connectors interfering with sound?

    Hi all, Heres the situation. Occasionally, my sound will intermittently cut out. Originally, i just blamed it on creative's drivers on my Auzentech Bravura. However, I have opened up my windows sound properties to watch what happens, and I dont think its the card. Basically, whenever my sound...
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    Hot: Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 - 99.95 after rebate.

    hoping im the first to post this :)
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    sata hotswap plugs/pcb's/things?

    Would anybody know where i can get Sata hotswap pcb's or plugs? Heres the situation. I have a thermaltake level 10, and it has 6 drive bays, but only 2 have hot swap plugs. The rest have mounting holes to screw in more plugs, but i have no idea where to buy such a thing. The only other place...
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    Linx/prime95 not doing their job?

    Good afternoon everybody, I have a question regarding linx and prime95. I just started overclocking my i7930 a few days ago, and i've done all the proper tests (6~ish hours prime95 to check initially, followed by 20 runs in linx for heavy stress), and both of these have never raised my...
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    To 3D, or not to 3D - That is the question

    So my beloved dell 2408wfp died on monday. Inverter blew, and I do not have the technology to repair it for at least a month. So in this case, i have considered buying a new 24-ish inch screen, and i cannot decide if i want to go with a 3d capable screen or not. My most important use for my...
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    Nice GPU roundup here, includes Crossfire and SLI (Techreport) I quite enjoyed it :) Even has the newer 460's in there as well.
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    Thermaltake Level 10 mini review (more to come)

    So i just finished building it, and after reading every review on the internet about this thing, i have a few initial comments. 1. Cable management is a breeze (duh). It comes with 3 super long sata cables so you can reach 2 HDD's and your estata port on the front. However, for the cd drive...
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    Dell 2408 issue?

    Alright, so my dell 2408 WFP turns 1 year old today, and yesterday it went nuts. I was playing battlefield BC2 last night, and i got the black screen glitch thing, and then i heard a click. Instead of my screen being on and black, it was blank - as in no power making it to the LCD, but the...
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    When are the rest of the GTX460's coming out?

    Being the fanboi that i am, i want the Asus 1GB GTX460. Anybody know when its coming out? It has 1 more heatpipe than the 758 :p. THAT MUST MEAN ITS BETTER!:D