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    Are there any Bluetooth replacement technologies on the horizon?

    Tec don't like users that sets the rules. BT is better now, but still. I need 4 or 5 devices connected at the same time, and it is a mess. Disconnecting, connects to wrong thingy, reconnect fail, plundering with audio menu (press 4 for BT, 5 for settings, 6 for quit this menu)...
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    Advice on new PC speakers

    Buy a set of used Logitech Z5500 for 50$ ... I got 4 in use of theese sets and they are solid. I also use them in garage :-)
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    PC located in garage.. 50cm from screen

    Haha .. good observation... I didn't notice .. my CPU is 9700K ... Speccy seems to report it as 7700 Edit: updated Speccy:
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    120mm fan used as ventilation :-)

    I got a small room for nerding and gaming, and it gets hot. Small PSU (could also be from PC), powers Clock and ventilation 120mm fan from PC.
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    PC located in garage.. 50cm from screen

    8°C in garage... 17°C usual CPU temp, GPU holds 17°C..... Drilled hole in wall to have this solution.
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    What Paste Application Method do You Use in 2020?

    The best comparison I've seen: A couple of things to observe: 1. blobs dont leave bubbles 2. They didn't use big enough blob 3. There were no Ryzen cpu's there Properly done blob/strip will be best.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I see nothing there :) Happy New Year ... It's 2021 over here :) Edit: Copy paste from rules: PMs have also been TURNED OFF for low post members to prevent scamming of our community members. WARNING: Do not spam the forums to reach the required minimum, your posts will be deleted or your...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Registered at [H] in 2006, but I don't know how to PM. I've been searching for that option now for 10min.. my email: tortur ... at googles mail service :)
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Highly apperciated if I get one :-)
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    Asus P5B-E, Kingston HyperX 750MHz, e6300.. Help me OC

    My card is 1.01 :-( Highest Memory volt is 2.1 The values you mention is not on my card.. i kept them in my doc for reference... They are marked with * ... I should have commented it I guess. I run FSB at 420MHz now. Orthos (stess test) tells me there is an error, and it's brobably the...
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    Asus P5B-E, Kingston HyperX 750MHz, e6300.. Help me OC

    Thanks a lot :-) I'm now running 3080MHz with 440HMz FSB... I'd like to thighten the ram later.. :-) Bios settings are much like yours: PS: Printed on CPU: L629B162 Advanced Settings AI Tuning: Manual DRAM Frequency: 880 PCI-E Frequency: 100 PCI Clock Synchronization Mode: lock...
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    Asus P5B-E, Kingston HyperX 750MHz, e6300.. Help me OC

    I can use FSB 320, but there is problems getting higher.. Basically I don't really know for sure what the settings in BIOS should be. OC of Ram only should tell me what to expect from ram... The Kingston 2GB HyperX PC6000 should run at 750Mhz or FSB:RAM = 1:1 = 375MHz but that seems...
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    Hate ASUS Fail to verify EEPROM with new BIOS image

    I've got the same "fail to verify EEPROM" message om my ASUS P5B-VM. Does this have any consequenses? I would like to verify the EEPROM before i shut down. Is there any experiences with shutdown/restart after this situation?