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    4850 - crashes on new games

    Hey guys, I have the following system: Q6600 (stock) Abit IB9 8 gigs memory ATi 4850 (newest drivers) Windows 7 Ever since I've started playing newer games I've had huge problems in those games. Arkham Asylum, Just Cause 2, and Borderlands are a few examples. I can play them...
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    New processor, now I have problems

    Hi all, I just got a q6600 for my Abit IB9 motherboard, the best processor that can fit in it. About a week ago I put in 8 gigs of RAM and an ATi 4850 card, both which worked great. But with this new processor, I can't get Windows 7 (build 7100, the RC) to be stable at all; it freezes...
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    Squeezing the last out of my IB9

    For graduation my parents gave me a budget of < $600 for a computer upgrade. I would go for i7 but to get the processor, mboard, memory, and vid card, it would far exceed that, plus I also REALLY need a new case, as I have lost the door to this one, so therefore I need to get the last bit out of...
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    Trying to remember name of a game

    Back in high school (~7 years ago) we played this game in CS class. It was a browser based RPG with magic and swords and crap where basically you just clicked a button until the thing died, autolooted gold and items, and from a dropdown box selected a harder monster or clicked a button and got...
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    Back in the game - memory has becoming confusing

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading a pretty old computer in the way that I'm throwing out everything but the case and harddrives. I am going for this processor: and Newegg says that this RAM is compatible...
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    Want to get a TEC?

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    is comcast slow for anyone else?

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    Force ALL links to be in Firefox

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    Almost broken PS2; any ideas?

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    Almost broken PS2; any ideas?

    I got a PS2 from my friend that has a strange problem. It plays PS1 games perfectly, but does not read PS2 games at just spins them up, slows it to a stop, spins up, slows back down, until I just eject the disc and give up. If anyone has any ideas how to fix it tell me. I am going...
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    PalmOrb just lost at life oh yes..color, good looking PDA's acting as an extra monitor.
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    Recommend me a mini ATX case

    Well I downgraded from a dual processor board to a single microATX because, well, i wasnt using the power, didnt need the heat and noise. Anyway now I need a case as my mini ATX case is horrible for cooling,a nd is really struggling with two harddrives, a 2400+ (which is only at 1 ghz due to the...
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    Valve, you are pathetic

    All the time you took to write the game...all the publicity you've put into it...and I cant load a game without getting "AI Disabled'...Ive had to cheat to reload a level because you decided to only keep the last few autosaves (because you know, those 10k files are a real space killer)...and...
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    CSS + HTML + textarea = doh

    Ja. OK I have this here text area: <div id="notes"> <form name="notes"> <h1>Notes</h1> <textarea rows="8" cols="29" name="notepad" onBlur="this.filters.alpha.Opacity='50'" onChange="writeFile('e:\\notes.txt', this.value)"></textarea> </form> </div> the div notes is...
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    Force ALL links to be in Firefox

    OK I have windows (dur). Sometimes, links run in Mozilla, my default browser, the only browser I want to ever run. Other times, IE is the one opening things. How can I force windows to ONLY use Firefox? I cant uninstall IE because I need it for windows update, and it might impact ActiveDesktop...
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    a7n8x deluxe: USB2.0 where have you gone to?

    I have an A7N8X deluxe and it seems despite my efforts I cant get USB2.0 on it. every time I plug my Zen Xtra in (2.0 device) it complains its a high speed device in a low speed port. I have service pack 1 installed, every driver on asus's site installed (except for the extra ethernet), and the...
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    media speed test?

    I know HDTach is the accepted harddrive testing solution, but what am I to use to test the speed of other devices, such as solid state media? I ask because I want to compare the speeds of some brands of SD cards. Thanks!
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    a7n8x computer to computer w/o crossover?

    I read somewhere that this board doesnt need a crossover cable to connect directly to another computer, as in you can use a regular cable, on the 3com port, and connect to another computer. anyone know how to do this or if it has any merit?
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    standard computer problem

    my wc system went belly up so a few days ago I removed my mobo on its tray, replaced the block with a HSF, and took the drives out in their rack, and set up a temporary "base" on my desk. that worked splendly. today I put it all back in my case. now it wont boot. it spins the fans for a...
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    any good, new socketA heatsinks?

    well, my watercooling system went berzerker and killed itself and i really dont feel like fixing it, so i'm back to the world of aircooling. i dont care much about temps, since my chip only gets to 2.3 (from 2400+) stable, but I do want quiet. Whats new, whats good? Zalman 7000AlCu still kind of...
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    Opinions on Ground Control 2?

    I was looking through the screenshot thread, and it caught my eye. Never heard of it till I saw it, and it looks FANTASTIC! Can I get some opinions on it? I love the C&C series (generals: zh the most, but the old ones are still great), age of XXXX, etc. Just looking for a new RTS :)
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    Doom3 modders, in here

    Anyone whose ever done a mod with id's softwares or is working on doom3 mods, please get in contact with me (info in sig). I am having a hell of a time adding an alt fire to the game. With quake it was really easy to define your own doom3 i cant find ANYTHING on impulses in any of...
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    My opinion is better than yours.

    And here it is. Doom3 looks fantastic, runs a steady 50+ FPS at 1024 with medium detail on my system, which blows away ANY game out. ANY. Farcry canNOT compare at all. The gameplay: blow away demons while having to pay attention to your surroundings and solve some stuff. More killing than...
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    upgrading from mediocre 3200+ to A64

    Ive decided that my current system is...well I hate the A7N8X now. every little thing about it has gotten to me. The lack of overclocking on my processor has gotten to me. Etc, etc etc. I'm thinking about upgrading to an A64 system but I have NO idea where to even begin. Motherboard is the...
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    a7n8x and SATA and windows = :(

    OK, so I am having problems with my normal installation of windows on my IDE drives. So I just got a raptor and decided, reinstall on it. First off, thanks microsoft, for forcing me to put a floppy drive in my computer to load the drivers, since loading off a CD would, you know, make sense and...
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    So the 4.9's crash D3 for me

    Yeh. has happened a few times, with NO change to my system. game completly hard locks wiht distorted screen for a few seconds, then I get the "crashed app" message. dont get ATi's error reporting, strange enough. Again it was working perfectly, tried these drivers (5 more FPS in timedemo), but...
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    anyone have doom3 mods?

    I had a link for a gun + flashlight mod someone wrote on here but I cant remember where the hell it is :rolleyes: can someone point me in the right direction?
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    i think i figured out why d3 is running slow for me

    OK at 800x600 medium detail I was getting 40 fps usual, <20 in a fire fight. well on a whim I checked and... so, um, let that be a lesson to yall
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    mods for doom3?

    I feel like writing one, yet I cant find any info on it. ive seen that there are even some in the works already. anyone have any info or links?
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    anyone want to play classic doom (1)

    If you download JDoom and I get enough people (as in 3 others ;) ) i might host a network game with it sometime. should be fun :)
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    weapons in doom3 , do you like them?

    I think they suck. Pretty much all of them so far (up to rocket launcher) except for the chainsaw. heres my problems flashlight - lights up goddamn next to nothing, effective against zombies but anything that actually moves fast its useless, plus you cant have it at the same time as...
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    The Unoffical Yet Still Cool Doom (1) screenshot thread!

    I dont need fancy graphics, or 5.1 sound, or MP3 music. I NEED GAMEPLAY!
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    Gonna break down and buy D3 I fear

    Yes. As much as I really want to get my, "preview" downloaded so I can see if I really want to buy it, I think I'm going to just pick it up at lunch. $60 of my hardearned cash, gone. Multiplayer better be really damn good, thats all I can say. I never buy games that dont have good...
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    What windows software to use?

    I really dont know.I got it all together, got it working, got XP on it, but what frontend should I use? I'm downloading sagetv now but its not free, and it expires in 15 days. any help is appreciated!
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    This code is FAILURE

    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- This script and many more are available free online at --> <!-- The JavaScript Source!! --> <!-- Original: Andrew Berry ( --> <!-- Web Site: --> <!-- Begin --> var...
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    bondo for large surfaces?

    I will be getting this case but the front vents anger me. such waste. I want to bondo over it and just cut some airflow holes where they put all the failure (left side and bottom). but i heard that bondo isnt great...
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    you have GOT to be kidding me

    I completly didnt catch this, and neither did anyone else when I posted the components I got for my HTPC...MY CASE IS HALF HEIGHT. THE 250 IS NOT. So what now? The case cost me 30 so its not worth returning it but I really, REALLY dont want to spend any more money on this. I got it to a few...
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    Computer to component connections?

    Ive looked on the internet but the only thing I see is expensive boxes. HOWEVER someone on a forum said that you can get a cable for ATi cards that goes DVI to component. Does anyone have any more info on this? Svideo makes me cry. Thanks!