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    Anyone with a Gigabyte Aorus 30XX card with LCD display

    I'm in the UK but heard similar things.
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    Anyone with a Gigabyte Aorus 30XX card with LCD display

    I'm having issues with the LCD display on my 3090 Aorus Master. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just emits a grey panel, sometimes it just corrupts. Some other users have reported issues, and RGB Fusion seems to be a buggy POS, but I'm reluctant to RMA as the card itself works great and if it's...
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    "Targeted" Ransomware Hits LA Times and Tribune Publishing

    This. Malware would stop overnight if some people weren't so fucking stupid. It ought to be the case that if you ever download malware you will be banned from the internet for life.
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    98$ - 512GB XPG NVME SSD

    Asus Z170S First BIOS 12/24/15. Current BIOS 04/20/18.
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    South Korea to Shut Off Computers to Stop People Working Late

    What kind of job has you working 22 hours a day 7 days a week? Sounds like BS to me. I work hard in the hours I am paid to be at my job but I value my home life to not work 50 hours a week when I am paid for 35. What is the point of working long hours if you never have any time off to enjoy the...
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    Teen Shot in Head after New Internet Challenge Goes Wrong

    I want to know who starts this shit off? It must be someone with significant social media presence as it wouldn't spread. Is it possible to work backwards to trace the instigators?
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    Life Saving Drone in Australia Saving Lives

    I'd rather have Alexandra Daddario rescue me :love:
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    2 of the Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Experiencing Issues

    If i had (I don't!) 1000 bit coins from ages ago and wanted to cash them out into $US or another currency, is that possible at the moment? Would you actually get $10m in to your bank account? I can completely admit that I don't really understand Bit Coin and why people are obsessive about it...
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    I have a PC in my cinema room and use my 65" Samsung JS9500 as the monitor. The TV and PC are connected to my AV Receiver and it passes through the signals fine. With UHD color 'off', it works @ 4k 60Hz no problem at all. To watch UHD blu rays or HDR PC content, I have to turn UHD color 'on' in...
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    4k 4:2:2 from a 1080 to a Samsung JS9500 4k TV?

    I play games on my HTPC using a 1080 connected to my 4k TV (Samsung JS9500) It outputs 4k 8 bit fine however if I turn the HDMI UHD Color on so I can watch 4K UHD discs with HDR via a UHD Blu Ray player or my PS4 Pro with HDR then the 1080 only outputs 1080p. Any idea why the 1080 won't output...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Features "Full Nudity," Is "Totally Softcore Space Porn"

    I doubt it will be anything like Witcher 3.
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    LG’s Wallpaper-Thin OLED TV Starts At $8,000

    I'd imagine it's to do with the manufacturing process to make a screen that large. Plus, I don't imagine that many people buy such a big screen, hence you can't get economy of scale like on the smaller ones. Of course, they could just be charging that much because they can :)
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    Microsoft Says Edge Beats All Browsers In Battery Life

    I've found Chrome uses a lot more resource on my desktop than Edge, especially watching video.
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    Netflix To Block Proxy Access To Content Not Available Locally

    I use a DNS service for Netflix as the selection in the UK isn't great - you get many more recent films in some of the other markets. It's a shame if we will all lose access - it will be interesting how Netflix implement it if they do close DNS access down. I seem to recall they threatened this...
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    295x2 not showing Crossfire in CCC

    My 295x2 is showing using 15.11 beta. I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64
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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

    Thanks for sending it through - it worked! So, safe to say 84.04.2F.00.1F has a bug. Appreciate your help Killer K. :)
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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

    Hi, thanks for the offer. I'm happy to try it, I'll reply to your PM with my email address for the file. Cheers
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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

    When you cold boot the screen remains blank. If I hit the reset button it then boots fine. I'm on BIOS 84.04.2F.00.1F. They are connected to an Asus PB287Q 4k monitor. If I connect via HDMI it works fine, so its definitely a display port issue. There are some thoughts it might be a driver...
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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

    Any update on the displayport issue? Running 2 identical MSI 970's and both have the problem if I just install one so its quite clearly a hardware bug.
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    Amazon Sellers Threatening Customers With Collections Over Pricing Error

    I do feel sorry for the suppliers in all this. Yes, they should not use third party software unless they fully accept the risk of things going wrong however people were ordering dozens of items for no reason other than they were 1p each. People are so quick to screw over companies but will...
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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

    Have you even asked your question in this thread? I don't see one anywhere. If you could read, you would see I did ask a question and got an answer. With your attitude, its not a surprise you don't have the answer you seek.
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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

    Hi Geno, Some links are: Weirdly...
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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

    Hi, thanks for the reply. its Win 8.1. Have tried the CMOS reset and no difference. Some people have suggested its a driver issue, which seems a bit odd since its when the PC is going through its boot sequence!
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    [Introduction] MSI Official Rep

    Hi, I have an MSI Z97-G45 board and MSI 970GTX gaming. Ever since installing the GPU my PC wont boot unless I hit the reset button a couple of times. Reading around the forums it seems like this is a common problem with the 970 cards. Are you aware of this and any suggestions on how to...
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    Still Impossible to Play 4k

    I cant say I have an issue playing games at 4k with my 970GTX *shrug*. Really enjoying DA:I at the moment :)
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    Weird problem with r280 and LG TV monitor

    It might be an EU only product? I'm in the UK. Thanks for the all suggestions so far everyone. It's a decent panel and it wasn't cheap (£349 or around $550) . I've changed the refresh to 50hz from 60hz and will see if that changes anything.
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    Weird problem with r280 and LG TV monitor

    LG refers to my screen as a "monitor with a TV tuner". This is the screen I have done the things you suggested and still have a problem. It really has me baffled!
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    Weird problem with r280 and LG TV monitor

    The monitor is running at 1080p - it's a standard PC monitor with a TV tuner according to LG! Thats a good question about PC mode - I don't know the answer and the manual doesn't explain. It does say to switch PC mode on when using as a monitor via HDMI. It doesn't have DVI or an analogue...
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    Weird problem with r280 and LG TV monitor

    I have a MSI R280 GPU and a LG27M93V TV monitor connected by HDMI and keep getting flashing and lines on the screen at random intervals. The LG screen is a PC monitor with a TV tuner and smart features built in. I didn't have this problem with my old card (a 6970) and the monitor, and if I...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Here's a spare beta key : 6HCKKM7XJ5T7H75X6WTG
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    Silk Road 2.0 Hacked, All Funds Stolen

    You really have to be a grade A moron to put money into anything connected with Silk Road after the first version was closed down.
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    Q9950 + Asus P5Q Turbo = no overclock

    Well, i was right about the board, put a new one in and already im running at 400 x 8.5 = 3.4Ghz with no problems at all. Time to RMA the old one i think, thanks for all the advice everyone :)
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    Q9950 + Asus P5Q Turbo = no overclock

    Im using a Coolermaster Realpower 520. I really do think its the board, if im that much of an idiot i cant get the board past 333 when its capable please shoot me now! :(
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    Q9950 + Asus P5Q Turbo = no overclock

    Ive tried raising the NB volts slightly, i think i went up to around 1.3 but it didnt seem to make any difference, any suggestions on VTT or what the NB should be? Cheers
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    Q9950 + Asus P5Q Turbo = no overclock

    Used some different and known working DDR2-800 ram, works fine @ stock speeds, soon as i tried 400 x 7 with the ram locked at DDR2-800 it rebooted as it was loading windows 7. Pretty sure this confirms a board problem :(
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    Q9950 + Asus P5Q Turbo = no overclock

    I do know my way around most BIOS settings, its just some of the more obscure Asus settings are a bit too cryptic for me! The ram is same with both CPUs, it runs perfectly at 1066Mhz, i even set it to DDR800 when trying to move the FSB up to make sure it wasnt the ram. I tried running 400...
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    Q9950 + Asus P5Q Turbo = no overclock

    Well, some more testing shows the board is unstable past 333, which ties in with my 3.0Ghz OC on my E6600, as that was a 266 CPU and 333 x 9 would have been the most it could do. Anyone know if the P5Q Turbo is meant to do more than 333 ie could i RMA it? Or do i just have one of those boards...
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    Q9950 + Asus P5Q Turbo = no overclock

    Have a feeling it might be the board, it wont even run a 400FSB with the CPU underclocked. Might be time to swap the board out and see if that makes a difference, when i was running my E6600 it wouldnt go much past 350FSB reliably either.