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    Here's what my 850xt gives me when I boot up

    I bought some new items... a gigabyte s939 motherboard, a 3800+ processor and a sapphire 850xt radeon. The picture above is what I see when I boot the computer up... Those colored lines just appear on my screen and move rapidly but nothing ever changes. Is this simply a matter of a bad video...
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    PCI-Express 16x

    Stupid question...finally upgrading to a PCI-Express 16x card. Looking at the Sapphire 850xt. says on product specs pci-express 16x but I'm not getting a board with 16x PCI...just 1xpci-e.... will the card still function or is this card ONLY for pci16x slots?
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    The impossible computer problem - Don't believe me? Read this...

    I have a 5 page thread at another forum and it's becoming confusing for those who are trying to help so I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. I rebooted my PC one day for no reason. I think I was switching mice or something and for some reason it didn't recognize the mouse I plugged in...