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    Need advice on wet sanding a powder coated finish

    I just had my Lian Li PC-A05N powder coated and it's got some orange peel visible. I want to wet sand the panels to get a smoother finish. The case panels were originally anodized and I think there was 3 coats of powder applied. I've got 400, 800, 1000, and 2000 grit 3M wet/dry sand paper and a...
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    Has anyone ever coated/painted Lian Li aluminum drive covers?

    Hi All, I'm getting ready to send my case to get powder coated and was wondering if adding a powder coat finish will make it too thick to be usable in the case. If so I was thinking about sanding and painting them, and then realized that painting may also add the same thickness. Has anyone had...
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    Does anybody have a close-up image of HX1000 24 pin?

    I just finished uni-sleeving my 24 pin connector and want to make sure I've got all the right colors back in their right spot. I numbered everything, but I just wanna double check. If you have one of the 24 pin power connector where you can see the color of the wires it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Heads up, Heatkillers at PPC's

    CU LT LC...
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    Anyone have opinion on BFG Tech Water Cooled Video Card?

    A friend on mine may get this from Newegg and was wondering if anyone has an opinion and/or experience of video cards coming from the manufacturer with the water block installed. My initial reaction is a great deal, but don't have any real world experience with them Newegg Comments /...
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    Where can I find 3 pin fan splitter for 3 fans?

    I've got 3 fans on radiator and 3 fans in my case and I need to hook these two groups up to my fan controller. I thought I saw had a Y splitter for 3 fans but now I can't find them. Does anyone know where to find them. I was hoping to not daisy-chain a bunch of wires together...
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    Advice on setup for first time WC'er

    First of all, this forum rocks. I've spent the better part of 4 hours today reading all I can and absorbing as much knowledge here as I can. I've spec'd out the cooling for my system and was hoping someone else much smarter than I to give it a glance. I haven't overclocked anything so extreme...